Pizza Hut Restaurantpoor service

On 24/1/15, my family and I had dine in on 20:15. After a while, the staf came and ask for the order. He told us an order took the couple of time due to the cramp customers. He came back and bring along the drinks and the mushroom soups. After 30mins waiting, I realised my queue had been cut by next customer. Not only one but three of them. I called another staf and ask her regarding the situation. She's bring me and order receipt and told me that I had just dine in. On the receipt, the time stated on 21:36:31. I had exhausted and left the order. Actually I am derstand due the cramp customers but I wondering why the queue can simply cut by next customers. This shown something should do regarding your ordering system.

Jan 24, 2015

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