Pizza Hut / online order

Kihei, HI, United States

On 5/13/17 I went online to make an order as I usually do. For some reason before I was able to checkout the system charged my credit card three times for the same order. I called the Kihei office on Maui to rectify the situation and spoke to the manager, Bryan. He said he saw the 3 charges and one of them was voided but that my funds were on hold and he could not rectify the error and told me to call my bank to dispute the amounts of $30.51. He refused to void them!!! I have been a very good customer and I was livid!!! When I called my bank I was told to get a refund or release of funds from Pizza Hut!!! I called Pizza Hut back and was put in touch again with Manager Bryan at the Kihei branch. He would not help me!!! He said i would have to wait 4-5 days!!! Unbelieveable!!! I had to fight with my bank to get the charges reversed!!! Apparently your company does not care about it's good customers. I even told him I would come down to the store if I had to!!! I am so upset!!! He said he would have the police meet me there!!! What a slap in the face!!! I told him to go ahead and call them so that I could tell them what a thief he is!!! I will never order from Pizza Hut again!!! You have lost a good customer. I have always enjoyed the delivery people. I will miss that.

Thanks for nothing

Charlene Doby

May 13, 2017

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