Pizza Hutoffensive behavior sunday night approximately 9:00 pm

Pizza was great and received it very fast. We were very offended that a worker in the kitchen that was on/off at the checkout counter was allowed to wear a shirt into a family restaurant that had the words "Savage as F??K" in bold print but correctly spelled out. I have 2 small children and did not expect that. We spoke to the manager on duty and when we told her we were offended she told us it was his right and that it was a very popular shirt.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Mobile, ALShe did say that he was officially off duty but he was in the kitchen doing paperwork. Any manager that cares about their restaurant would have immediately sent the worker home or made him wear the shirt inside out. We told her that we would no longer be a guest at this restaurant. She seemed surprised that we would be offended.
I suggest you investigate and hand out some pink slips. Who wants to expose their family to offensive employees behavior at a restaurant and then witness a total lack of management skills.

  • Updated by ML4 · May 15, 2017

    We don't watch this kind of crap on TV and we send them to a private school where what they see and hear and learn is much more positive that what I see you have been exposed to. Maybe your parents should have kept you from watching crap Tv shows. The outcome would have been much better. When anything goes like the liberals want is that they turn out like you, no decency, no morals, criminals, like of respect for anyone including themselves, judge mental condescending attitude jerk.

May 14, 2017

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