Pizza Hutmanagement of roswell n. m.

I am a delivery driver in roswell n.m.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Roswell, GAevery Itime go to your establishment I get stopped by the clerk's, harass to know where I'm going to call the customers arouse them as if they ordered pizza if it was Domino's if it's alright to come up and then I have to deal with all the cigarette smoke in the building and everything else and then I come back down and I drive back to my business and they have called and filed a complaint and usually it's a lie so I started recording them as just carrying my phone and recording the conversations and interactions . I delivered there last night and they filled another complaint online on Facebook and now it's got me my manager in trouble and I did record the interaction last night and there was nothing like what she said on Facebook and I'm to the point now where I would like to just file a freaking lawsuit be done with this because they don't stop Papa John's . Pizza Hut don't stop Schlotzsky's don't stop Papa John's because I know people in every one of these restaurants.

May 19, 2017

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