Pizza Hut Larkin Sentrallate service

On 9 december 2014, I went to pizza hut larkin sentral with my daughter and ordered rscp super supreme personal, chs baked rice, warm water, iced lemon tea and molten cake. The worker (A lady) who took the order repeated the order and soon brought a printed receipt with a wrong order for the pizza. We asked for personal and she had keyed in regular. When we told her about the mistake she tried to persuade us to settle for the wrong order. We refused and she made an amendment with pen. After waiting for about half an hour the pizza came but my baked rice did not come until waiting almost an hour. The workers neither apologies for the delay nor inform about what was happening. Anyway when the rice came I was totally disappointed to find it was mere rice with a layer of cheese on top. The only ingredient I found in the rice was onion. Finally the bill was given for rm 62.75 without the correction although I paid only 40 plus. I am upset about the service and would like the management to make necessary improvements.

Jan 08, 2015

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