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Charlotte, MI, United States
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On Sat 7- 1- 2017, my family and I arrived at the Charlotte franchise at 9:50 pm, the door said they were open until 11:00 pm. We walked in, and right away the server had an attitude, and was unhappy we came in. As soon as we were setter, my daughter proceeded to order 2 large pan style pizzas with pork topping and mushrooms, PLUS a large hand tossed supreme. She also ordered a family size garlic cheese bread with ranch dressing and maI nara sauce. The server stated the marinara sauce would be COLD, when my daughter enquired why the sauce was cold, the server commented they were closing when we walked in. My daughter said the sign says 11:00, the server replied, THEY WERE GOING HOME EARLY, but she would make sure the sauce was hot. When the pizzas arrived, there was only the large pork topping, and one large Supreme, in a sarcastical voice the server asked if we needed anything else, when we asked about the second large pork topping, the girl infaticly stated, we had only ONE PORK TOPPING, AND ONE SUPREME. The server started arguing we neve ordered 2 large pork topping. When told other wise, she started to turn around, and said, she would go place the order. The servers name was Kendra, I do not know the managers name, not once did she come out to check on the problems. While waiting for our food, other people came to the door at 10:05, and were turned away because they had already locked the door so they didn't have to wait on any other customers.
Not Google management skill, and very poor server training. Very unhappy overall with my experience. We frequently go to this establishment, but it will be a while before I go back. Instead of thinking about going home early, they should thought about doing somecleaning

Jul 2, 2017

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