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Petland / poor care of small animals in store

1 Southpark MallStrongsville, OH, United States Review updated:

Regarding the care of the rats they sell as pets..
In the store this evening, they have 30 plus rats in a glass enclosure approximatley 3 ft by 3ft...They are all sizes and ages and BOTH SEXES in the same cage!!
When this was pointed out to the employee, she said "oh yes, they know that".."that's how they get more rats".
When it was pointed out that the rats would start having babies at a very early age, which isn't really in the best interest of the rat, she replied that was how it worked "in the wild".
When it was pointed out that this was an unhealthy situation, and poor animal husbandry, she said, "well you're entitled to your opinion."

I do not know who to contact about this situation, but it is totally unacceptable to treat animals in this way...totally ignorant about proper care of these animals.
Just because they are rats, does not mean they should be mistreated. One would hope that people who work there, would have some idea about how to care for these creatures..

I have owned pet rats for many years, and it is horrifying to see them treated like this...if I had room, there were a few there I would have brought home with me, just to save them from this situation...

Please, if you see unhealthy situations in these pet stores, make it known.
I have been in other pet stores and they at least have the sense to separate the males from the females...

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  • Jo
      14th of Mar, 2010
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    i think this is a good place but with somehow a bad employees. they are nice and would be accomodating -- TOO ACCOMMODATING that they have to ask their customers to hold a bag for them when it breaks. and yeah, too accomodating that they push you to buy something... And they act too knowledgable about fishes that they put plastic bioballs in a sack with water -- treating it like it's living! and when i said, this is the type of catfish we have --- she said "no that is a shark" but it was really a catfish breed though it is called iridescent shark which is a CATFISH SHARK! She also said "i love fish, i have gallons and gallons of fish tank at home for 12 years!" who cares? esp if she says "i like platties, i recommend you have that too to make your aquarium colorful" then i said, "we don't like it" then she said with an ugly face "whuuutt???? you don't like it? they are pretty! how could you not like them?" oh well i said, to tell you honestly, they look like they have mouth problems! and they are considered fish food at home! they multiply so easy that they become so annoying! then she said "duh! this gold fish are the fish feeder" (and she sounded pissed that we don't want to buy what she is RECOMMENDING" she thinks she knows so much that she wants us to buy those only that doesn't have colors and that are weakling fishes! she recommends a chinese algae eater than a wonderful pleco! we don't understand why she would insult some customers by thinking she KNOWS IT ALL and by saying "there is nothing that i dont know about fish" but hey, she really doesn't know about BIOBALLS!!! and plus, they just scoop the poor fishes carelessly and pour them on the bags CARELESSLY! we were doubtful if the fish survive long enough even when they are cheap they look so unhealthy! we will never buy fish there anymore --- but i will go back and tell her it is really a type of catfish, and that bioballs need not to be in a bag of water when you buy it! when i asked her what it was for, she said it helps with oxygen, then i said, how does it do that? does it have something inside it or what? she said "yeah"... i think she is really dumb because bioballs are just piece of intricate plastic that roll on the water close to the aerator to bring in some bubbles that carry oxygen!. if she didn't intervene and started catching the fishes we really don't like (we got them for the sake that she wanted to catch them herself and she had a hard time getting it -- she was taking all the decors out the tanks!) we would have got chichilid and other nicer fish! hence, they would have sell much more money! she got blond hair, built big and have a bit big eyes and dirty blonde hair! beware she thinks she knows too much and keeps talking you out of what you want and keep insisting that what she wants is better and before you say yes or no she would start putting them on your bag! --- why can't she just leave people alone and buy what we really want? and anyway, bettas don't aged 12 years!!! she said she have one for 12 years! they only last 2-3 years so that she will know..

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