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I went to pep boys & spoke to the service manager Rodney Robinson. I told him i needed an oil pump installed in a 1996 jeep grand cherokee limited 4x4 5.2L. A three hour job. He agreed and instructed me to have the truck towed in. I did. Then he had all kinds of excuses why he didn't want to do it. This particular truck is the easiest oil pump to ever have to install. You don't have to raise the engine or anything. Needless to say i had to have it towed again and installed elsewhere. It took 3 hrs. Very simple. I want my tow money refunded & they refuse

Apr 19, 2014
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  • Ed
      30th of May, 2014

    Shop Fee $35.00 to change Alternator. + 51.50 Fee to remove & replace.+ $277. 19 for part.
    I also paid for $62.98 belt - NEVER Put On. (refunded in cash)
    (10% discount was given.)

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  • Pa
      9th of Feb, 2016

    I have a few small problems with your complaint. One, in most vehicles the oil pump is the most difficult part to replace. Second, you mentioned not having to lift the engine or anything, at a shop where OSHA rules exist, they would still be required to do it the way the service manual details it. And third, how did you blow out an oil pump in the first place. I have owned 20+ vehicles over the years, most of them beater cars with half million miles on them, but none of them ever needed an oil pump

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  • Se
      13th of Feb, 2016

    hi I am currently a customer of Pep Boys I have had my car and Pep Boys for about a week and a half when I brought my car in that it was in bad shape I told them to fix whatever needed to be fixed so it would be safe for me and my family to you stay and move to another state they did roughly $2, 000 worth of work to my vehicle $300 in parts and $600 for labor an moreI left my house last night believing that there was no problem with my vehicle because Pep Boys is a multi-million dollar company that has the tools to tell you what is wrong with your vehicle well I guess if they do not but they are able to take all this money from us but not by the tools they need to take care of the cars well I left last night with me and my family I am a family of five with two animals I am on the Turnpike in Florida driving to my destination up in Indiana 3 hours and my trip my transmission went now why did they not tell me there was something wrong with my transmission why did they not fix it I pay them $2, 000 they should fix what needs to be fixed to make sure that me and my family a safe now me and my family are in a hotel in the middle of Florida not really knowing anywhere walking around spent $500 for two nights in this hotelroom now I am basically homeless I had a place to go if my car was able to make it what they told me it would so when all my money is going on me and my family are homeless and it is basically because of pep boys not doing the job that they promised not keeping me or my family safe it was ok that I was on the side of the highway at 1:30 this morning with me and my family cold not knowing if we were going to be safe I am safe now but I have no vehicle and they don't know if they are able to fix it so one person serves you tell me how its right that a company can do this to a person knowing they are leaving why would they not have made it safe my name is Seth estep and I'm not ashamed of anything this is the truth Pep Boys do the right thing fix my car the way that it needed to be fixed the first time don't make me and my family homeless please

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