Pep Boys / tire repair - road hazard

I you bought pep boys tires with road hazard warranty, good luck in getting repairs. I bought my tires in Georgia and am now in Wesgt Va. Ran over a large wire which pentrated the tire. It only needs a patch. There are no Pep Boys in Wva, the closest is in NC. I called Pep boy and you win't beleive what I have to go tghru to get paid for a repair. I must go to any tire shop get the repair for which I pay. I must get a statement from the repair shop as to why a repir was necessary, show car mileage and tire depth gage reading and submit all this along with my sales receit/invoice to Corporate hdq, The lady tryed to doscourage me by saying the repair would only be about ten dollars and that wasalot of hoops to jump through for ten dollars

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