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Pennsylvania Lottery / PA Lottery / odds of winning

1 Wernersville, PA, United States Review updated:

I sent 2 letters in about complaints for odds of winning. You are robbing people. I just played 9 tickets in a row and they were all losers. When on the back of every single ticket says odds of winning are 1 in 3.56 so those odds are wrong again. This is [censored]. This is the 2nd time I sent tickets in to the pa lottery and not so much as a written excuse for why the odds are wrong. And I play a lot of tickets usually 10s or 20s. And no I don't have a gambling problem. Just so we're clear I like playing but not when I lose 9 or even sometimes 10 tickets in a row. You are robbing me blind. So you should not put the odds of winning on the back of the tickets because they are wrong.

Pennsylvania Lottery / PA Lottery

May 21, 2018
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  • Ja
      1st of Jun, 2018
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    I just played 15 of these exact tickets. I bought them all in a row, #'s 000-014, all attached.
    The first 9 were losers, the 10th was a $10 breakeven (I won't call that a "winner", because I gained NOTHING), and the final 5 were losers.
    This is just awful anymore!! I ALWAYS buy 10 tickets in a row, every time I play, and over the past year or so, it's typical to have only ONE be a winner (breakeven prize) and You're lucky if it's $5 more than what you paid!
    After tonight's debacle, I am officially done with Pennsylvania scratch offs. They just aren't worth it anymore.

  • Re
      20th of Jun, 2018
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    They will not listen or care. They pretend the odds are explaines by two to three back-to-back winners, but i call BS. They are banking on not dealing with people who buy a book, like me, whom theu CANT argue odds with because I have the whole roll at that point and will TELL, not ask, that the odds are FALSE ADVERTISING..WHICH to anyone other than the corrupt state of PA...would be considered illegal.

  • Be
      20th of Jun, 2018
    0 Votes

    I don't think any of you understand the laws of probability or how random distribution works. Also, if you are buyin entire rolls of tickets, you have a problem.

    They explain how it works on their website:

    "Overall chances are calculated in this way: the total number of tickets in a game is divided by the total number of prizes in that game. It does not relate to tickets sold per-pack or per-roll."

    You can also find an explanation of how these things work on the Iowa lottery site:

  • Bi
      11th of Aug, 2018
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    I can tell you for a fact that ever since Wolfe became governor the lottery winners have decreased tremendously. The amounts are less and less every time a new ticket comes out. You rarely see 1000 winners anymore. What used to be 500 is now 400. 250 is now 200 and so on and so forth. I went through a whole roll of $10 tickets and got 1 $50 winner. A whole roll of $5 tickets and got $20. And a whole roll of $20 tickets with the highest winner being $40. This state is absolutely robbing everyone blind with no accountability of where all this money is going. I’m a senior citizen. I get absolutely nothing from the pa lottery. They truly need to be investigated as to where all the stolen cash is going

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