Panera Bread / steak and cheese breakfast sandwich

Saturday 3/11/17 @ 9am Easton MD is where I stopped on the way down to Eastern Shore VA. I always take my Mom bagels and a coffee cake. My Brother got a steak and Egg breakfast sandwich and coffee (added half & half). About time we made it to my parents (2.5hrs) my brother had to rush inside and run to the bathroom. He experienced a terrible bout with nausea, vomiting and diarrhea over the next 18 hrs. His entire trip to visit our 89 yr old parents was ruined. Don't know if it was the sandwich or the half and half but he thought the sandwich and said the chz tasted funny and the egg was undercook . I called the store that the man sound empathetic but didn't say any but thanks and sorry. I felt the need to share this story in hopes it would prevent customer's suffering in the future. I would like Panera Bread to credit my rewards card or send me a refund of the coffee and sandwich.

Panera Bread

Mar 14, 2017

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