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Good morning,

I am a sales rep that delivers lunches almost daily to veterinarian clinics. 3 out of 5 times, I pick up Panera Bread. I was in Springfield, OH yesterday to pick up a lunch around 11:45 for lunch at a clinic about 2 minutes down the road, which was scheduled to start at noon. Plenty of time. I walked to the side counter, as I usually do, and by-passed the line, as I've been told to do in other Panera locations in the past, and said I have a call in to pick up. The lady kindly took name and looked up the order under the clinic's name, and told the individuals behind the line that the to go was here for pick up. It was just about ready, and was given to me about 3 minutes later. As the lady gave it to me, I assume an assistant manager, she said next time will you please stand at the end of the line to pick up your to go order. I looked at the line, which was to the door, with about 18 people in it, and said absolutely not. I said my clinics call in Panera almost daily, and have always been told to go to the side to pick it up without standing in line. If I have to stand in line for 20 minutes for an order that is already to go every time, I would be late for my lunches, and I will absolutely not do that. The lady said her manager told her to tell me that, so please do so. I again stated that I will not, and if that is expected of me, then I will tell my clinic's that they are not to order from Panera and will go elsewhere. She didn't seem to care. Can you please clarify for me the normal protocol for pick ups when they are called or faxed in. I, under no circumstances, am willing to wait in line for 15-20 minutes to pick up an order that is already ready, and compromise my relationship with my clinics that I have worked with for years. And please do not expect me to get to a Panera 15-20 minutes early to pick up, because I travel extensively and rarely am able to arrive that early to wait in line to pick up my food. I have used Panera for several years multiple times because of the quick and easy access to my order, sometimes serving 20-30 people, if not more. Please let me know what the company policy is, and I will decide if I will continue to do business with your company.

Thank you,

Jenny Ketring

Jan 12, 2017
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  •   Jan 12, 2017

    I don't know why you wouldn't go to the pick up window instead of the ordering line. I would call and speak to the manager and ask him what the deal is.

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