Panera Bread / panera restaurant on hyde park drive in oakville, ontario

Oakville, ON, Canada

I was in this Panera meeting a friend for lunch on January 2nd at 12:00 noon. When I got there I went up and ordered my food. It was freezing but I thought it was because the front door kept opening. After ordering my food I went to get a table and wait for my friend. The whole restaurant was freezing cold. The temperature outside was -24 degrees Celsius and almost as cold inside. Everyone had their coats on while eating. When my food was brought to my table I asked to speak to the manager. I complained to the manager about the freezing temperatures inside the restaurant. I was told the heat had been broken for a week and someone was coming in to fix it. She then apologized again and said there was nothing she could do. I suggested that she put a sign up on the door alerting customers that the heat was not working! At least then customers could decide if they wanted to eat in the cold or not. I also suggested that she offer all patrons free coffee or tea as a goodwill gesture. She didn't! She then asked me if I wanted a coffee. I accepted a coffee and my friend came over, having just ordered her food. I explained what was going on and suggested she keep her coat on because it wasn't going to get any warmer. The manager really did not handle this situation well at all.

I love your food and was looking forward to having a nice time with my friend but it was ruined because it was too cold to relax and hard to eat. My hands were very cold and so we cut our lunch short.

I was shocked at this situation from a company such as yours. Your food is so good. I am disappointed in how this situation was handled and hope that you can do something to gain my business back.

Thank you.

Julie Wilson-Clements

Jan 03, 2018

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