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I ordered some desserts from our panera Bread in (30655) we ordered some cheese danish, chocolate chip cookies, and a few other things. We went to pick them up and no one said they had to substitute the cheese danish to a pecan rolled danish and they didn't have the chocolate chip cookies so they gave me some with peanuts in them. They never told me. Thank God my mom had ate a cookie before I did. I have a peanut allergy. There was no note of change on my receipt. We went back up there and 2 employees argured with us. They said they didn't have the items I ordered and said they tried to call me, but they NEVER called. I told them I had a nut allergy and thank God my mom noticed it before I did. This restaurant is the most heartless and mean Panera Bread we have ever eaten in. They offered a gift card to come back later. I told them to keep the $10 gift card. It's like the were valuing my life for just $10.

It was the PB in Monroe, Ga. 30655
Not sure of the address. This is not the first time we have had problems with this the past problems with them giving wheat bread and not the white we ordered. Giving us watered down chili with no beans and watered down broccoli cheese soup. Ordered a salad with turkey and got chicken. This place needs to be closed.

Spending times in the ER with my children after eating there with friends who immediately started throwing up. Due to food making them sick.

We have eaten at other PBs in the Georgia area and NEVER had problems. This is the only store that wr had problems with.

Sep 24, 2018

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