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I went to panera at around 9pm... The cashier who was very friendly took my order... I ordered a tuna salad sandwich with a modern greek salad with quinoa... Oh and a large green tea (I love the green tea) anyway i'm standing at the counter enjoy my tea waiting for my food and the person behind the counter yells anthony! So anthony gets up grabs his bag and dips... So i'm just standing there waiting for my dinner (Whistling-drinking my tea)... And everyone start leaving... Looking at me like we're closing... Ummm excuse me?! Where is my food... Wellllll apparently anthony has my damn food... So the young lady behind the counter starts to remake my food... So i'm like thank you... I refill my tea and come back... My food is waiting on me... So fast forward 20 minutes and i'm sitting here in my living pulling out my sandwich and my bread is rock hard! Like damn near broke my tooth scrapped my gums and damn near popped my jaw out the socket to get some tuna... So I put it back in the bag and I pull my salad... I started eating it and it was good until I started biting into walnuts... Now I know for a fact modern greek salad with quinoa is supposed to have almonds not walnuts because then the taste will be of... So now it's saturday night and the snow is falling and panera is closed and I paid $12.76 for dinner that is absolutely inedible and disgusting... I'm so upset!

Jan 14, 2017
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