Panera Bread / accuracy policy

We enjoy your food. Have eaten at different locations and have given gift cards.
Stores are VERY well designed and clean.

Went to Cafe, 1441 in Williston, VT on 3/12/17. Time : 1:05:12 PM

We had a very nice associate take our order (Kevin?). Super d sharp guy.

Anyway, 1 order for water went in as a soda. I notice at the end of the meal.
Took it to him and he was great. Called Mgr to the register. She offered soda or refund. We took refund. No problem or attitude.

Never did refund before, but noticed the accuracy policy. Wasn't offered anything other than solving the problem very professionally.

You may want to refresh your front end/managers on policy or change your "Accuracy Matters" note.

No big issue, but as a business owner, I try to follow my policies and liked to hear how employees are doing.

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Trans #: 5814

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Trans #: 5828

Len Boston

Mar 12, 2017

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