Panera Bread / 12300 biscayne blvd, miami fl location

North Miami, FL, United States
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We luv panera bread! But the location in miami, fl 12300 biscayne blvd, has a homeless guy living in the restaurant. He's there at opening 6am, leaves his bags & personal items in the booth, next to an outlet, they let him bathe in the bathrooms and take out trash at closing. He leaves his items in the same spot/booth everyday / all day! He sits there, same spot, same dirty guy, on wifi. Then he will leave to grocery store using his food stamps, returns and puts his grocery foods in the microwave at panera. He sits & hides behind the standing signs as you walk in the restaurant. He tells people to meet him there (As if it's his home) and makes "under the table" dealings with shady people. Then sits at front tables to smoke for hours as if it's his personal balcony; watching movies all day on his phone. He hates if anyone sits in "his" area. He has bad body odor and sleeps in back of panera/outside by the dumpsters after closing. They dont employ him or pay him. He turns down the outside table umbrellas at closing at takes out the trash & trash cans... Returns each morning to grab his spot. They dont pay him. He's been living there for several years. Customers complain all the time! Panera gets free work... Are there are labor laws? This is unsanitary! All these years, why hasnt panera hired him? He's there all day and no job?!!! Stinking up the area and running away customers. And what are these "shady" under-the-table transactions?

Jan 16, 2017

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