Panda Express / payment not received

Azusa, CA, United States
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The date of the incident was 5/9/2017 at around 3:00PM
There is a sign at Panda Express that says somewhere around that if a customer does not receive a receipt, then the meal is on them. I went to order a plate with fried rice and white rice. My items were orange chicken, kung pao chicken and string bean chicken. I gave the man a 50 dollar bill and he gave me his change. When he walked away I said "HA!" and told him that he did not give me my receipt and needed to give me my money back. Even the customer next to me said he walked away and another customer who was sitting at the restaurant saw the entire thing. The worker said that he did give me my receipt and that it did not count and that he would not give me my money back. When I asked if he would give me my money back he said no. So he did not comply with the sign that was clearly on the register.

May 9, 2017

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