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I am (was) a regular customer, likely no more. Today, I went through the drive-thru instead of walking in (which I normally do). I waited over 10 minutes in line before giving my order. After another 5 minutes, I was then was given a bag with two bowls and a small container. When I tried to say this is not what I ordered, the girl at the window (Olyvya) rolled her eyes and said: "We made a mistake, but you get the same amount of stuff." As I tried to respond, she shut the window and walked away. I honked my horn and asked her for my correct order, she proceeded to say "everything's in there, " and did not offer to comply with my request as a paying customer. I asked her if the manager was in, she said "no." I asked her name, then said this was "unacceptable, and I will speak with the manager." She again rolled her eyes and raised her voice, "yea, well he's not here, thank you!!" I drove away immediately, after such disrespect from this young woman. I am 55 years old, and this has to be one of the most atrocious experiences I've ever had or witnessed, and I was a regular customer! When I got home, I discovered missing items-as I knew I paid for food I did not get, not to mention that grease was leaking all over the inside of the bag and got on my clothes. I called the store and the same employee (Olyvya) answered. I asked for the manager, she stated "not in." I proceeded to ask when he would be in (of course NOT identifying myself as the customer from the drive-thru) and she replied, "not today." I asked "when will he be in?" She then became silent for several seconds, then stated tomorrow at noon." Two things: 1. I payed for items I did not receive, and 2. I was treated in a rude, dismissive way, that basically spoke volumes that this store does not care whether or not they serve their customers and offend them. In an age of social media, this is incredibly naive in a field where competition is heavy. I am willing to speak via phone call, but if that does not happen, I will never patronize this business again, and share this experience with everyone.

May 19, 2017

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