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I ordered a foam mattress pad form Overstock. Com. Then, just a short time later found a similar one, basically identical except for product company name it at Target for half the price.

So I went back to Overstock.Com and checked my order status being as I had only just made it. It said the order was accepted. I checked for cancellation policies. All I could find was a statement basically saying that due to the speed in which the process orders one has to cancel soon after the order is made. And the only time reference I saw was that if I emailed my cancellation request, to expect an answer within 24 hours. No other time frame was anywhere to be seen, so I would have assumed 24 hours, of course unless it had already shipped. Silly me. So , I checked my order status on line, it still said accepted , but not shipped. So I contacted online customer service. After only a 3 minute wait ( very good I must say) it took another 3 minutes just to get Jimmy to check the status. There was plenty of stall tactics. He then told me the order was in the warehouse and shipping, it couldn’t be stopped. While still in chat with Jimmy I checked order status again. Nothing about shipping , nothing about warehouse, just said, accepted. After being stalled by Jimmy for 5 more minutes I ask for the super visor. And even though the whole conversation was typed out for all to see, I had to explain every single thing again to Bennett, the person claiming to be the super visor. Then I was told that the item had shipped. So I checked again. Remember now, I had only just made the order. And as I suspected, the order status had not changed. Then after a short conversation with Bennett, I was told that he could send a request to Research, and then Research could see if they could find the order and stop it in time.

Sounded like yet another stall to me. Bennett then went on about how I would probably have to wait until the item shipped, then get a refund confirmation and permission to send it back. Once they had it back and checked in, I would be issued a refund with a couple days. Several times I requested just how long that might take. Bennett finally said ONCE it ships, it may take 10 days or more to get to me. I said, so it hasn’t shipped. He said no. I ask why they couldn’t pull it then. He said because its been processed to ship. I went and checked status again. No ship status yet. I ask to speak with Bennett’s supervisor. He said he was the only one , but he would be happy to have someone contact me with the next day or so. After really ships I am sure. Now, if there is a no cancel policy, I would like them to state it up front. That would be nice to know. But to make is so vague , and then spend 30 minutes stalling is just un called for. Oh and just for FYI several hours after the order was supposedly so ready to ship it couldn’t be stopped, it still showed as only accepted. I would really think there should it should be clearly stated, and in a place where you would easily find it, if not right out in the open, that just don’t bother trying to cancel, cause they wont. With the volume of orders and I am sure the volume of returns and cancellations , they intentionally stall all request of refunds so they can sit on the money for a couple weeks to at least draw the interest. Banks use to sit on checks for weeks just for the same reason, and the Feds put a stop to that. But in this new world of E commerce, the same old scams are making the rounds again. So beware and just plan on getting the item no matter what the circumstances are. They will make something out of you no matter what. And apparently , they can make up the rules as they go. So all the cards are stacked in their favor, with no chance of recourse on your behalf.


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