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Return scam!!

I bought a suit from and ordered the wrong size. Immediately recognizing this I contacted their customer service and was told they were unable to cancel the order. I recieved the order in damaged packing and processed the return and sent it back. A week later I received a partial refund of $30 which was a fraction of the purchase price. They claimed the suit contained a hair and took about 2 hours of my time and complaining to get my partial refund and they still refused to cover shipping as a courtesy to me for the hassle they created. OVERSTOCK.COM has the worst customer service I've experienced in ages and they tried to scam me on a basic return!! Never again will I even consider giving them my business.

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    buttassanal Jan 21, 2010

    constipated people don't give a ###.

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    overstockponzi Sep 01, 2010
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    Verified customer

    This is the [censor] to do business with. I am an affiliated partner with Overstock. They just scam you big time each and every step. They use scary tactics that don't work!!

    I would urge all the overstock affiliates pull out from this company full of dumb head [censor].

    Do NOT ever shop on their mediocre web site. You will never get good deals from these @$$#@les. They always cheat you on returns.

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    holli_80_79 Feb 10, 2011

    I also returned an item to overstock and was charged half of the item's price because they said it had a hair on had never been taken out of the box or plastic--Also...returning another item I went on the website to initiate a return because the website claims it is easy ..all you have to do is log into your account and select the items you want to return and I found that nothing in my 450.00 order was returnable..none of the item descriptions said that they were not returnable..also there is nothing on the site that states that if there is a hair on your item then you will not receive a return..this is unfair and unlawful...I am looking into legal action because it seems to be a big scam..just google unfair returns and you will read hundreds of advice is to stay away from this company no matter the deal offered

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[Resolved] Returns

I ordered a mens jacket from a size 2x for $25.00 (free shipping). When my jacket came it was freakin huge, a size 2x is really more like a size 4x. I then decided to return the jacket and shipped it back. My refund was $5.00????? wtf??? If I knew that I would of just kept the jacket and gave it too someone for Christmas or donated it to the Salvation Army. I WILL NEVER ORDER FROM OVERSTOCK.COM. My wife ordered a pair of boots for her mother for Christmas when we got our package and opened it, it was an empty box?? wtf is up with these people??? I wonder what our refund would be if we returned an empty box??? Ha! DO NOT ORDER FROM OVERSTOCK.COM UNLESS YOU LIKE BEING SCREWED!!!


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  •'s response · Dec 29, 2009


    My name is James Hofheins and I work for

    First, I want to tell you how very sorry I am that this happened to you! I'd really like to help you if you'll allow me to. Would you mind emailng your order number and contact phone number to me? My email is:

    [email protected]

    I look forward to hearing from you.


    James Hofheins
    Social Media Customer Service

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    langard Jan 06, 2011

    Ordered a comforter set from NEVER took it out of the packaging. Didn't like the color and returned it. Paid $119.00 for it. Overstock claimed it was returned "frayed" andndeducted $54.00 from my return. This is why they ship for $2.95. Don't try to return. They scam you.

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    overstock sucks May 23, 2011
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    Verified customer

    Do not buy from there customer service is terrable 2 months waiting for camera keep getting run around platnum plus is so sorry!!!They lost my return yeah right.

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Returning jewelry

Beware that charges an inspection fee of $10.00 for returned jewelry. This is a consumer...

[Resolved] Platinum protection plan issues

Ok, so here it goes... I bought a TV from overstock and it had audio issues. Luckily I purchased the...

Poor service

Overstock. com has proven their inability to provide any kind of quality service or follow-up with their customers over and over again.

I bought a blender from them that soon stopped working, emitting smoke. I returned it as directed by them, never heard from them again. Called 6 weeks later and was told another would be sent and that a refund would not be provided.

2 months go by, still no blender, so I contacted them again and still no blender has been shipped to me. 3 months go by I called again and since the agent had no idea what they were doing, they assured me I would be contacted by someone else in 1 - 2 days.

Naturally, no-one else calls me back, so I called back today, and magically, there is a 'credit' to my account. No e-mails, no phone calls, no follow up from them, and only 'i don't know what happened?'

With the state of the economy as it is, I don't expect this company to be around much longer, and good riddance. Buyers beware!!!

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Beware of returns!

Ordered Mens XL snow bibs on 1/21/09 for $31.99 and $2.95 shipping. Item arrived and I did not open it. I had found out that the person I bought them for wore an XXL and knew they wouldn't fit. I used the "return" link off of my account and received a USPS Parcel post return label on 2/9/09 with an email telling me that it would be $8.62 to return the item which would be deducted from my account.

Today, 2/18/09 I recieve an email telling me that I was receiving a refund in the amount of $20.17 because of the deduction in return postage and $3.20 for "repackaging and restocking".

I contacted the Live Chat customer support and was told they also deducted $.25 because they found a hair in the package. When I told them that the package had never been opened and it was not only returned as received but with the original invoice included as well they told me that they would refund the quarter to me. I told him that must be in worse financial shape than the rest of America and that they could keep the quarter.

The customer service rep, Gunnar, offered me a $5.00 in store credit because of my dissatisfaction and I told him that I didn't want it because I was never shopping with them again.

The customer service rep then pointed out that the item had to be returned within 30 days to be eligible for a full refund. I pointed out that the item was ordered on 1/21/09, label printed and mailed 2/9/09 and that I was informed of the "refund" today 2/18/09...that certainly fell within return guidelines from ORDER date and not even delivery date.

After pointing that out he said that he would offer me a $5.00 refund to my credit card or a $10.00 in store credit. I again told him that I was never shopping with them again and to just put the $5.00 on my card.

If you order ANYTHING from please be aware that retuning it is a gigantic headache that will not only cost you time but up to half the value of the item you are returning. I lost $14.77 for an item I never opened. Just do a little research and you will see that there are many other people that this has happened to as well.


  • At
    Athomecareermom Feb 25, 2009

    I feel you 100% on the "Beware of returns!" I returned two items on 2/3, and as of today, 2/25, I still have not received my credit.

    Their customer service department really needs a make-over. With my experience, once I grew tired of the condescending and arrogant attitude of the agent, I asked to speak to a supervisor. I just knew the level of customer service would escalate...WRONG...he was even more arrogant and more condescending. A FORK IN ME, MY FAMILY, MY FRIENDS, OR ANYONE THAT WILL LISTEN..WE'RE DONE..YOU GETS NO MORE OF OUR MONEY!!

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Never had a problem has been the main place I shop online for three years. I have never had a bad product or a wrongful charge. Sure, the couch I ordered isn't made quite the way most couches are, and there was a broken connecter that we had to weld back together during assembly, but who else will deliver a couch without sales tax (I live in TX) for only a $2.95 shipping charge - upstairs! And ok, I don't really understand the policy of if you uncrate the furniture, you can't send it back, because the only way to know if it is messed up is to uncrate it! Yes, I compromised on my silicone skins for the phone and the mp3 players, they have both since been ripped, but they gave me a few months. I probably would have torn up the ones on the other sites that were twice as much. I have also bought mp3 chargers there. They have been awesome. The only complaint I have about them was the new shipping method. The USPS is extemely slow in delivering anything...except bills..I wonder if they get a commission on those? Anyway, I would recommend this store, just a little buyer be advised. Check the ratings of the products you are ordering. I have gone against them a few times, but they always seem to be right.

  • Al
    AlexH123456 May 06, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You stated you never had a problem then described a broken and poor quality item you received?

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Bad service

Sept 2nd: I called the platinum protection services and was told that I had to send in my xbox360 to Microsoft because it's a manufacture recall.

Sept 26th: I get my xbox back from Microsoft along with a note that says the repairs were not made because they do not work on refurbished xboxes.

Sept 26th: Called overstocks platinum protection services again and was told that she was sorry for the mistake and that they didn't know. She then told me "it's written right here" that they (Microsoft) doesn't fix refurbs and that I have to send it to them (Overstock). She told me that they'd be sending me a box with instructions in 5 to 7 days.

Sept 30th: I called to check up on this because I want to make sure the wheels are in motion for this repair. I was told that my LABEL should arrive in 5 to 7 days. I then asked about the box and she was ADAMANT that they do not send boxes and that was my responsibility.

WORST customer service and will not be using them again, that's for sure.

What I'd really like is for them to just take this defective unit back and just give me my money so I can purchase it somewhere else.

Stay away

I ordered a mattress, cost $549, at 15:45 or so. Spoke and called a few places, and could save a lot of money, @ 16:15 called Overstock to cancel, they refused. Claim to charge me from $100 to $649..if they cancel; first I need to speak with a special representative; then will decide if they accept the cancellation. I am desperate at this time...I don't know what to do...I have spoken with other people since this afternoon, everyone that has had a dis-order with has a horrendous story to tell. Our company has 10, 000 employees we will be sure they do not have a bad experience by not ordering through Thank You

Will not exchange!

Do not buy from overstock. com! I purchased an ipod for my husband for christmas. Of course, I purchased it well in time for him to be surprised on christmas day. The first time he plugged it in, it didn't work! When I contacted overstock. com about the error, they refused an exchange! Their reason was that their return policy had expired. It's not a return! You sent me a bad product! Exchange it for one that works! They flat out refused and then had the audacity to offer me $10.00 toward the purchase of another $200 ipod!

Bad business!

  • Lo
    Lofthouse Mar 05, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am a former Customer Service Escalation Specialist for That's a fancy name for a Supervisors Supervisor (they deleted my position since, resulting in my leaving the company in April 07). What you do need to do is write a letter to [email protected] This issue will be handled by a specialized team. Their main goal is to resolve these kind of situations, where CS is unwilling to bend the rules. My position, I would have been able to over ride the term of the return policy, depending on the situation and just how upset you were. Email the CEO dept... I'm sure they'll get it resolved and get you an iPod that works.

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  • An
    AnastasiaBeaverhausen Dec 23, 2010

    Overstock deletes bad reviews. I received an item completely different from what was listed, size, color were completely different than what was listed, so I gave it a poor review. A few days later, there it was and I was happy to save someone else the headache of a bad purchase. 4 months later, it's gone and replaced with a glowing review. I had no idea they did that until a I contacted customer service on a different matter and in conversation the rep confirmed they only post positive reviews.

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Rip off and sadistic customer service! offered me a 5% off, on the page I was ordering from, said it would apply at check-out - it didn't. I did a live-chat, which lasted 25 mins. - for $1.32 - I offered to send them a copy of the page - 'Brett' should be fired for keeping me in a chat so long just to tell me 'sorry, can't give you the $1.32, 5% discount', I have spent a couple of thousand $ - and that's how they treat me? That was the last straw - they have disappointed me before.

  • Pe
    Petet Speers Jan 12, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I ordered item # 10580176 - "Glass Top Desk with Side Magazine Rack" from . The item came with many paint drips on the fake wood looking veneer, many holes in the metal and wood were not properly drilled or drilled at all and the customer service response I got when I called to get assistance was awful. The directions were terrible and uninformative! Based on the poor quality and lack of skilled customer service, I would not buy from them again. I paid $189.00 for this desk and realistically speaking, it is an $80.00 - $100.00 value. Poor value, super POOR Quality and poor response to the low quality construction have me saying - buyer beware - I do not trust I also bought sheets from them two weeks prior and they were spotted with pink faulty dye spots. has been a terrible shopping experience for me from start to finish an I feel the value and quality of their products is extremely poor.

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  • Ke
    Keelea Dec 09, 2009

    I placed a holiday order and paid through PayPal. Overstock immediately canceled my order and would not explain why. I did live chat with a customer rep and he claimed PayPal probably closed my account and I should call them. Meanwhile, I got an email from customer support stating that indeed PayPal had canceled the order and they weren't responsible for what another company does. So I called PayPal and they checked and found that Overstock canceled the order and did not give a reason why. I was assured by PayPal that my acount (which I've had a decade) is in good standing and not closed. I had always heard that Overstock is fine until you have a problem and then customer service disappears instantly. Now I know that this is true and that Overstock customer reps will not hesitate to lie to customers and pass the blame onto innocent parties. This disgusts me and I told Overstock so. I no longer plan to spend any money at all with them. There are too many great websites where I can purchase and get much better customer service. Buyers be warned: I will now heed the warnings of others that Overstock is not to be trusted. Others told me they had been burned, but I chose to rely on my experiences. Now I know. If I had read between the lines of reviews on Overstock, I would have realized that something wasn't right. So many reviewers stated they received damaged merchandise but would just keep it. This made no sense to me. I thought Overstock had a great return policy, but now I see that Overstock has one policy only: Looking out for themselves!

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  • Ov
    overstockponzi Sep 01, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This is the [censor] to do business with. I am an affiliated partner with Overstock. They just scam you big time each and every step. They use scary tactics that don't work!!

    I would urge all the overstock affiliates pull out from this company full of dumb head [censor].

    Do NOT ever shop on their mediocre web site. You will never get good deals from these @$$#@les. They always cheat you on returns.

    If they can scam SEC and the shareholders, why not you?

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  • Ph
    phillysodone Sep 29, 2010

    i will never shop there again i purchase a refurbish computer and not even a week it was acting crazyy had a mind of it own screen was blacking out ...i purchase the insurance but they kept telling me to call this person and that person ...and they finally agree to send someone out to look at the computer it been over a year and no one still aint come i purchase a new computer and will NEVER SHOP THERE AGAIN

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Terrible service!

Do not buy from them or deal with their so called customer service agents. After ordering a lawnchair/cooler on Aug 28th it was supposedly shipped and was sitting in Los Angeles.. After numerous phone calls and emails trying to locate I kept getting the same answer. "If is not there by Sept 11 call us back. Well since it didn't arrive I called them and guess where my package was, your right, Los Angeles! I explained that SINCE it is still there and you helped miss the birthday that is was intended for just refund my credit card. Get this, they can't until it it ships back to them. I refused and asked to speak to a supervisor after a woman with very broken english that was hard to understand still couldn't satisfy me I finally came to my senses and said FINE I'll spend my money elsewhere and will no longer ever do business with them again and rest assured none of my family or friends will either.

  • Cl
    C.L. Fleming Nov 04, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    DO NOT BUY FROM OVERSTOCK.COM - if you need to return an item you will be charged a re-stocking fee - even if you never tried the item on. This is a rip-off - I will never shop with them again and they will never have control of my MONEY!

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  • Ca
    Catey Feb 12, 2010

    You're lucky they didn't take 1/2 your money and say the item was "damaged, " simply by trying it on like they did me!

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Illegal business practices!

First off, when you go to order you get a box that says something about entering a promotional code. Worthless. There are dozens of sites that list $30 off $300 or more, 7% off first time customers, etc, but they don’t tell you that only applies to a very VERY small amount of items there.

When you place an order the first thing they do is take your money out of the account right away. Do they ship it right away? No. The next day? No. The day after that?! No. Mind you they got your money but they don’t even bother getting around to sending it out until five days later. After that when it gets there is dependent on how fast the lowest priority delivery service gets it there.

But allows you to pay extra to expedite your item, right? Wrong again. Just like with the coupon savings, the “live support” people will promise you one thing then look again at your order and inform you what you are buying doesn’t qualify. From people I have talked to, to date no one has ever bought anything that qualified for savings or expedited shipping.

So with all that frustration you’d think you could cancel the whole thing and get your money back, right? Again, no. In my younger days I worked for a couple distributors and in the warehouse at one, and I know for a fact as long as the product isn’t on the truck going down the road, you can cancel the order before it ships out. I have seen and myself grabbed boxes heading into the delivery truck because the order was canceled. Their policy is such that even though they won’t get around to sending it out for two more days they “can’t” cancel your order, which is a huge lie. They don’t want to because they know at a certain point you’ll realize that it wasn’t worth the discount to shop from them and you are better off elsewhere. No, you have to wait until it comes to your home so you can send it back to get your money.

THAT has to be illegal.

When a company says something *may* take up to a certain time period to deliver that should be a fallback, a worst case scenario, not the status quo. If you are considering buying from them don’t. If you have to pay an extra $5-$15 dollars elsewhere it’s worth it. If they don’t change the way they operate they are going to go out of business and they deserve it.

Reading similar problems people have had and the fact some are a few years old really scares me. I know I am going to get screwed further and it's going to be a nightmare to return my defective product but I will not let them get away with it.

  • Th
    The Big O-No Aug 28, 2009 is not selling you the product, one of 798 vendors they call warehouses are. Beware. When you order something the vendor may be out-of-stock, substitute a refurbished product, or simply fail to ship and communicate with you.

    How It Works
    Overstock's warehouses (vendors scattered all over the US), are free to enter the description and quantity into the Overstock website with no faxct checking. They may not even have what they are selling in inventory and that is where the shipping lie begins.

    Shipping & Overstock
    You order something on Overstock and the source (80% of the sources are) a third-party vendor not part of Overstock, Inc. The vendor waits two days after receiving the order (Overstock lets them do this) before entering into the UPS tracking system. You might now get a Tracking Number with the status set to "Billing Information Received" or BIR. BIR means that someone told UPS to expect a package - nothing more. So now the vendor orders your item from another warehouse. You look at the shipping status for three days and call OVerstock. They tell you it shipped even thought the status is still BIR. This is a lie. 99% of the time UPS tracking is correct. The moment the truck with your product arrives at the local UPS depot, your package is scanned. So even if the pickup driver missed it, it gets scanned and the status changes to "In Transit". Overstock will tell you the warehouse forgot to scan it - remember UPS scans the box at the depot. Now, five days after you place your order, the third-party vendor receives the product they ordered to fill your order. Now it gets put on a truck, and the shipping status changes to "In-Transit Rescheduled". You just learned that the vendor was lying about something all along and Overstock had no idea. If you raised enough of a stink at Overstock, magically the product you ordered will go out-of-stock.

    Overstock talks a good game about customer service, but as far as we can tell, they will partner with any vendor no matter their reputation on other sites - is about moving product, and as the buyer, you are just another transaction.

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Highest price guaranteed

I just made the mistake of buying form overstock myself. I bought a JVC GPS system for $338. The next day a co-worker laughed at me and said the same system was $179 at CompUSa. Sure enough he was right. I put in a request for refund under their "best price gurantee" and was told no can do since the CompUSA price was a "sales promotion". Never mind that CompUSA's regular price for this same unit is $199--$140 lower the Oversotck's price. They did give me a $104 in store credit basded on Amazon's regular price of $229 but of course this credit isn't worth $104 since I know ralize how overpriced is. Never again.

Make up the rules as they go!

I ordered a foam mattress pad form Overstock. Com. Then, just a short time later found a similar one, basically identical except for product company name it at Target for half the price.

So I went back to Overstock.Com and checked my order status being as I had only just made it. It said the order was accepted. I checked for cancellation policies. All I could find was a statement basically saying that due to the speed in which the process orders one has to cancel soon after the order is made. And the only time reference I saw was that if I emailed my cancellation request, to expect an answer within 24 hours. No other time frame was anywhere to be seen, so I would have assumed 24 hours, of course unless it had already shipped. Silly me. So , I checked my order status on line, it still said accepted , but not shipped. So I contacted online customer service. After only a 3 minute wait ( very good I must say) it took another 3 minutes just to get Jimmy to check the status. There was plenty of stall tactics. He then told me the order was in the warehouse and shipping, it couldn’t be stopped. While still in chat with Jimmy I checked order status again. Nothing about shipping , nothing about warehouse, just said, accepted. After being stalled by Jimmy for 5 more minutes I ask for the super visor. And even though the whole conversation was typed out for all to see, I had to explain every single thing again to Bennett, the person claiming to be the super visor. Then I was told that the item had shipped. So I checked again. Remember now, I had only just made the order. And as I suspected, the order status had not changed. Then after a short conversation with Bennett, I was told that he could send a request to Research, and then Research could see if they could find the order and stop it in time.

Sounded like yet another stall to me. Bennett then went on about how I would probably have to wait until the item shipped, then get a refund confirmation and permission to send it back. Once they had it back and checked in, I would be issued a refund with a couple days. Several times I requested just how long that might take. Bennett finally said ONCE it ships, it may take 10 days or more to get to me. I said, so it hasn’t shipped. He said no. I ask why they couldn’t pull it then. He said because its been processed to ship. I went and checked status again. No ship status yet. I ask to speak with Bennett’s supervisor. He said he was the only one , but he would be happy to have someone contact me with the next day or so. After really ships I am sure. Now, if there is a no cancel policy, I would like them to state it up front. That would be nice to know. But to make is so vague , and then spend 30 minutes stalling is just un called for. Oh and just for FYI several hours after the order was supposedly so ready to ship it couldn’t be stopped, it still showed as only accepted. I would really think there should it should be clearly stated, and in a place where you would easily find it, if not right out in the open, that just don’t bother trying to cancel, cause they wont. With the volume of orders and I am sure the volume of returns and cancellations , they intentionally stall all request of refunds so they can sit on the money for a couple weeks to at least draw the interest. Banks use to sit on checks for weeks just for the same reason, and the Feds put a stop to that. But in this new world of E commerce, the same old scams are making the rounds again. So beware and just plan on getting the item no matter what the circumstances are. They will make something out of you no matter what. And apparently , they can make up the rules as they go. So all the cards are stacked in their favor, with no chance of recourse on your behalf.

I am thinking I may have to take them to small claims court

I purchased a Seiko watch in May, which quit working in June. I paid over $300 for this watch, now they are saying I must have the original packaging in order to return the watch for a service guarantee repair. Since I have owned several Seiko watches and none of them quit working in a couple of months, it never occured to me to save the box.

If you cannot handle this complaint, who should I go to? I am thinking I may have to take them to small claims court or perhaps report them to the Federal Trade Commission.

Thank you.

  • Ki
    Kitchen Table Aug 16, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Received 6-12-18 Tuesday. Box is all torn up pieces are falling out. This is a table for my kitchen. I have taken pictures after UPS delivered it to my home. If it is chipped or broken, cracked, pieces missing I will return this in a heart beat. I am very disappointed to receive my order in this type of condition.

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  • Er
    Erica Gamble Oct 31, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I order a 8 Piece Queen Chic Comforter Set 2 weeks ago I just got it on Monday here it's Saturday I noticed 2 big rips in the comforter

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