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1 CA, United States Review updated:

Orbitz Price Assurance is extremely misleading. Their site states that if you find a lower price on any other website on if the price drops, they will refund the difference. I had booked a flight and hotel package for 2 people from San Francisco to Honolulu and the price was $801 per person. When I went back to the site 2 weeks later, the same exact package had dropped it's price to $699 per person. I called the Orbitz customer service department, and they told me that I was not getting a refund because the Price Assurance is only if you booked the flight and hotel SEPARATELY and not in a package deal. I asked if there was any way they would honor the lower price, and their answer was NO!! There is nowhere on their site that states this price assurance is only for flights or hotels booked solo. Their policy is misleading and not good business. I will never book from this site again! Buyer Beware!!

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  • Vq
      5th of Apr, 2009
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    I booked 5 tickets from San Fran to Istanbul for $1578.89 each thinking Orbiz would refund the difference if the price is lower. The website has a logo that just says "Price Assurance: Get our lowest fare or an automatic refund". I did not research about it. Now the exact same ticket is $1304.69 or $274.20 less. Once I found out the same ticket cost less, I also found out the major restriction: another Orbitz customer must buy the exact same ticket for less. I am now very skeptical that I would ever receive any refund. I do admit that I have nothing to prove that there is an Orbit customer buying the exact same ticket for less. With all the scandalls about companies stealing people's money now a day, e.g. Madoff, think about it, why would any companies would want to refund me $1250 ($250/per ticket)? They probably give examples that they refund mostly $5-10 and occassionally $200. I would speculate that this is mostly a marketing ploy.

  • Ji
      16th of Apr, 2009
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    Just got off the phone with a second customer service rep in a week. ### Scammers White collar crooks ! I am surprised that they are still able to conduct business here in the US.

    I booked 3 tickets for over $1100 with them even though I was getting it cheaper else where bcoz of the price assurance. Later our aunt decides to join us for the trip and her daughter books the same flight for around $250, so the difference Orbitz owes me is well over $100 per ticket, but the lying SOG Orbitz tracker still says that I have the lowest price. First time I called, they asked me to give 48 hours, I said fine, I will give you a week, 2 weeks later, still the same. Today, I was told that she is going to write to the back office folks as to why the lowest price has not been reflected yet.

    This one, I have all the proof, screen-shots, videos, printouts, their Price Assurance policy, everything and am willing to take it all the way. First I will complete the flight, then dispute the entire CC charge with Amex and send them the entire information. I will make sure that not only I get the price difference which is by all means mine but I also get reimbursed for all the pain and anxiety caused by their criminal intent.

  • Un
      1st of May, 2009
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    If you buy airplane tickets from Orbitz becasue of "Price Assurance", here are a few things to consider:

    1- How do you know there is not another traveler who has booked the exact same flight? The answer is there is noway for you as a consumer to find out unless someone you know is on the same flight just like jigs in the posting above. So should you trust a company that you cannot verify its claim? The difference between "Price guaranty" and "Price Assurance" is you are at the mercy of the company to deliver its promise on the later.

    2- If you have positive proof that there is another traveler paying less for the exact same flight and Orbitz still does not pay you, what options do you have?
    - Call customer service: have you tried to talk to customer service in India? good luck! They will make you even more frustrated!
    - Sue them? it's not worth it.

  • Ht
      3rd of May, 2009
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    The Price Assurance program is misleading and manipulative. Orbitz knows that consumers cannot verify its compliance. There are also no other independent agencies to verify its compliance. I presume Orbitz can also choose to exclude a certain flight if it has to refund money.

    Price Assurance only makes traveler believe they will pay the lowest prices so they buy tickets but Orbitz never intends to make such an offer.

  • No
      13th of May, 2009
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    Per WSJ on 5/7/09:

    - Orbitz posted a loss of $336 million.
    - In the past year, through 5/5/09, Orbitz stock had fallen more than 70%.
    - Revenue decreased 14% to $188 million.
    - Gross bookings declined 17% to $2.38 billion

    When a company is not doing well, I assume it has to try improving the profits. I would say refunding money to customers does not stop the bleeding.

  • Zi
      15th of May, 2009
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    OK guys this is my story……so I bought 2 r/t fares through Orbitz for 708 from SFO to Geneva on Apr/30 and two weeks later the same fare, same departure, same arrival, same everything is now 677…..i emailed Orbitz requesting the credit for the difference (for 2 tickets is about $60) and their response was

    Dear Orbitz Customer,

    Thank you for contacting Orbitz.

    I understand you would like to claim price guarantee for you flight reservation.

    Airfares change throughout the day, based on demand for the flight and the airlines’ right to change them at any time.

    We monitor these changes closely and make every effort to keep our fare displays as current as possible. At the time of your fare search and when you bought your ticket, our display showed the lowest fare available for purchase for the time and dates you requested.

    If you should find a lower fare after purchasing a non-refundable ticket, we will not be able to issue a credit for the difference in price. If you wish to take advantage of a lower price you see on the website, you may cancel the ticket and re-book. You will be subject to the refundability policy associated with your current ticket and may be charged any fees listed in that policy.


    Peter Emanuel
    OrbitzTLC Team

    So basically, they lie, mislead and do not stand behind their promise just so they can make a sale. BEWARE!!!

  • Jr
      17th of May, 2009
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    Same situation...exact same canned response. How can they continue to advertise "price assurance"? It's no assurance at all...just a false come-on. I only wish there was something constructive (or destructive) one could do about it other than saying "I won't use them again".

  • Jo
      21st of May, 2009
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    I filed a complain with American Express (AE) about this misleading advertisement. AE forwarded my complain to the airlines. The airlines sent it to Orbitz. Orbitz responded to airlines which in turn responded to AE. AE sent me a letter which basically said

    - If you can provide us with the proof that lower prices were offered to someone else, we will glad to re-investigate!

  • Be
      8th of Sep, 2010
    0 Votes

    I am in the same situation now. This isna fraud

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