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Optimum / resolution with high bill

Bethpage, NY, United States
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I am the case manager for an individual who has intellectual disabilities, but lives on his own. He managed to rack of over $1500 in on demand orders through his TV before cutting him off, not allowing anymore to be ordered. I've live chatted, emailed and been on the phone with representatives only to be told that nothing could be done other than to create a PIN that locks out that content. I'm not discrediting Optimum or there service. I am however disappointed that 1) my client was able to order up over $1500 worth of features before it locked him out. Why did it have to get so high? 2) That there is no way to remove the feature of even having on demand. My concern is that my client can tamper with the PIN and unlock it since he is the account holder and primarily uses the service. 3) Why isn't there a minimum payment to be paid to keep the service on? I know it's a lot to ask but they want the full payment by the due date or the cable is cut. With such a high bill, the situation with my client and is challenges and his standing a long time customer (5+ years) I would think some kind of accommodation could be worked out.

Sep 14, 2017

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