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On Thursday, May 24th, I had no internet or phone. I called for an appt. and was told that I could only schedule from 10 AM - 8 PM on Friday. All day. If I missed the appointment (had to go to the bathroom???) I would be charged $80. I had to take the day off work to do this.

On Friday morning the phone & internet were working. So, I cancelled the appt. so I didn't have to wait all day (unreasonable on any level). That afternoon, the service was gone again.

I called Saturday & was told no one could come until Monday - again - all day appointment from 10 AM to 8 PM. I gave 2 cell numbers & asked for a courtesy call ahead before coming. It was Memorial Day. I had to spend the entire day waiting for Optimum instead of going to the BBQ. A tech, "Mark" came at 3 pm (no call before), replaced the wire to the pole & the splitter but told me that the problem was the box on the pole & he would report it to his supervisor. He said it was working but when he left, there was no phone & no internet.

I tried calling on Tuesday but could not get through to the company. I left my number 5 times "due to high call volume" for call-backs & no one EVER CALLED BACK. Now, I have no phone, no internet and no TV. NO SERVICES AT ALL.

I finally got through yesterday, Wednesday, May 30th to be told that I had to request for a supervisor to call me back. I was told that was all I could do. Which I did but when I was skeptical - I was promised "within 24 hours guaranteed". No one ever called me. My son had to call on Wednesday night (because no one was helping me). He was told by "Gregory" that no one could come to my house until Friday. At least this time they told him from 8 AM - 11 PM instead of all day. I again need to take time off work.

So, this entire week so far I am without any services, which I have paid as if in a third-world country. And it still isn't fixed. I have been a customer for approximately 20 years. And I am so disappointed to realize that there is no customer service anymore. There is no accountability for anyone at Optimum. You must excuse the use of caps but honestly, there is only so much any human being can take. When I tell people this sad story, they just don't believe any company would behave this way. And neither do I.

May 31, 2018
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  • He
      Jun 05, 2018

    Omg ur without internet and tv...THIS IS A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY HUH?! Prissy [censored]. Some people out there don't have the luxury to afford cable and internet and have to use over the air antenna lines. Quit your [censored] and deal with it!

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