Optimum cablevisionservice shut off for no reason

This past Monday cable guy shut off our service and flagged the pole for "leakage". Said someone would be back on Wed to fix the problem at the pole and restore service. We have a sick elderly relative with us with no cell phone. He just got back from hosp with resp. issues. Had no access to call for help if needed as we work during the day 12 hrs shifts. When I called Mon.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Monroe, CT night to see if the problem could be fixed sooner Rep very rude and even said we could get satellite service if we are unhappy. Today Thursday I called a supervisor to get credited the 3 days. He states nothing he could do. REALLY? This is crazy. Tech who fixed the problem on Wed said the first guy didn't have to shut off our service for this problem. YOU CAN"T MAKE THIS STUFF UP !!!

Jul 19, 2018

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