Olive Garden / treated unfairly, excessive wait times, food cold-horrible experience

I visited your restaurant in River City Jacksonville last night (1-29-18). My 11 year old son and myself sat at the bar (because he wanted to sit in high bar chairs). The bar area was not busy when we got there (1 other person in the area). We ordered our drinks and food at the same time. While we were waiting for our food the bar area including booths in the area filled up, customers placed their orders, got there food, ate, and left. We were still waiting on our food. I inquired about our food waitress said they ran out of chicken and had to cook some. However people sitting behind us had chicken. From the time I ordered until we received our food was 55 minutes. This is unacceptable especially when everyone else is receiving their food in a timely fashion. This was a school night I never imagined we would be there that long and then the food was barely warm. I purchased the never ending classics (lasagna), so I only got to eat one serving. I did order a second serving (Chicken Alfredo) but I had to take it with me because we had been there entirely too long. I asked if I could get something off the bill for my inconvenience and not being able to enjoy my endless meal. She came back and took my son's kid dinner off. Which I am grateful for but I feel like it should of been more than that, considering the experience we had. My son can don't stop talking about the horrible experience we had at your restaurant. I couldn't get a refill of my water either. Then I went to pay the bill instead of 11.99 as advertised everywhere for the endless classics it was 15.99 which really upset me. So apparently if I would of said chicken Alfredo first and got lasagna second I could of paid 11.99. How stupid is that. Needless to say this just made my experience even worse and to top it off once I paid the bill we weren't offered any chocolate mints. I have never had such a humiliating experience in a restaurant. Check # 41656 total was $29.42 Table B at bar with Jolene C. on 1-29-18. I normally don't complain because I understand things happen but this was simply ridiculous ! Thank you for listening,
Becky Liddell 96088 Confederate Oaks Drive, Yulee, FL 32097 I can be reached at [protected].

Jan 30, 2018

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