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After visiting several Olive Garden Restaurants, I cannot believe how you want customers to pay with credit cards. Half the time the machines do not work, and the server needs to transfer everything over which I feel is more time consuming than it is worth. When the restaurant is busy and this happens, which is quite often, it becomes a nuisance. Also, if you are predominately in a senior community, how do you expect them to use this machine when they can't even know where to begin. Whoever thought this was an ingenious idea, I must tell you it that it is definitely not! Think about your customers and the frustration it causes. We should have the choice to have the server check us out, not only is it more personal, but much more likely to not create havoc when they are trying to wait tables and then have to deal with people with problems with these stupid machine.

Thank you,

A concerned and loyal customer

May 28, 2018
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  • Ma
      May 30, 2018

    Granted, something new can often be confusing. ( I'm unfamiliar with the term ziosk.) Are you talking about the device that lets servers take credit card payment at the table? If so, it may worth your while to learn. When your card it taken away to make the payment--out of your sight and control--there can be a risk that someone will copy off your card number and ID. Keeping the card under your control is a very good idea.

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