Olive Garden / take out

I placed a take out order of one large salad on saturday, june 2, 2018 at the pittsburgh mills olive garden. I called ahead and gave my order and what time I wanted to pick it up. When I arrived the girl had already placed most of the order in the bag and told me she had everything in it except the plates and silverware which she then put in. She also put in a small bag with the cheese and mints. When I was removing the items from the bag the girl did not put in the 12 breadsticks which came with the salad. I called and spoke with the manager who asked several questions and proceeded to inform me he would send out a gift card on monday. It is now one week later and I have not received anything. This was my first and will be my last time to do takeout. If you did not plan keeping your word, don't tell the person you are giving them something and dont send it.

Jun 09, 2018

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