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R Nov 20, 2017 Review updated:

The Orange Park location allowed a teenage patron enter their establishment with their underwear exposed. I lost my appetite when I saw that. How tasteless is that to do in a restaurant. No home training. I lost all respect for this company, by them not enforcing a dress code. Scared of hurting feelings, and afraid of being picketed, or afraid of the few who would claim they are being harassed. Letting them change what is socially excepted and what is not. Shame on you Olive Garden. You just lost a good customer of 35 plus years, because the management team allowed this punk to parade around in his underwear, where people are trying to enjoy a decent mail.


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      Nov 21, 2017

    Your complaint is hard to read due to your poor grammar and spelling. You are also awfully judgmental and come off as quite a rude and unpleasant person. Olive Garden is a chain restaurant and is not considered fine dining. Most chain and/or non-fine dining restaurants do not have dress codes. They are not necessarily "scared of hurting feelings." They do not want to lose business. As far as you are aware, the other customer could be someone who eats regularly and is polite to the staff. The individual may be a much more valuable customer than you. Everyone should be treated with respect.

    You may want to eat in the safety of your own home if such a small issue ruins your appetite.

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