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reynoldsbburg, ohio, United States

I volunteer for Faithful Forgotten Best Friends, a non profit group in Columbus Ohio who help provide free veterinary medical care for the pets of the Homeless and low income of Columbus. They have one fundraiser each year. I stopped at the Olive Garden in Reynoldsburg a month ago and spoke to the manager John about this group. I presented him with three pieces of information, 1. information about this organization, 2. information about the annual fundraiser, 3, a copy of a donation receipt. He shared with me, " Do you know how many requests we get per week?". I asked if he would consider reading the information and if they could give, it would be appreciated. He told me he would call the following week. It never happened.
This past Saturday night, June 10, we were eating at the restaurant and once again I asked to see the manager. He came to the table. I explained to him the above situation. His response was the same, " do you know how many requests we get per week?" I shared with him that a telephone call would be appreciated when I was told I would get one. He shared with me that he knew of this non profit group. He told me he would go and look for the information and come back to the table to give me an answer if Olive Garden could contribute to the fundraiser. He never came back to the table. In fact when we left he was at the front desk talking to the staff. Both managers could have taken the time to tell me no but instead give me a response such as Do you know how many requests we get.? Other restaurants have been much easier to deal with. This experience has been a big disappointment in Olive Garden's management behaver told their customers.

Jun 12, 2017

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