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Hi I have been in too your store quit a few times and the times I have been in I have dealt with the same hostess girl and she always has an aditude and she's has made so racial slurs toward us and I have filed a complaint multiple times about her I really enjoy coming to your restaurant to eat but I don't wanna come any more since last time I was in their your hostess named betta like a fish was very up tight with us and had an aditude with me and then used a racial slur on my wife that was very uncalled for I even told her that and she said what do you expect from me to be seated right away you n word she said to me then seated a white couple immediately both times I'm sorry but that is very racist to me I will not be returning to your Olive Garden again

Jun 07, 2018
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      Jun 07, 2018

    Why do people who have the spelling and grammar skills of a nine year old child call grown women girls? Most likely the white couple was there before you and or made a reservation. Something you are forgetting to mention.

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  •   Jun 07, 2018

    She used the N word. Yah, right. Betta is not a fish; beta is. It's a Greek alphabet letter. The rest of your complaint is too hard to decipher

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