Olive Garden / food/cleanliness

Pittsburgh, PA, United States

I went to olive garden last weekend located on saw mill run Blvd. My boyfriend and I both ordered soup, salad, and breadsticks. We only ordered all 3 because we thought you had to. I don't really care for the soup and he doesn't like salad but when the check comes they charged us separately for all 3. So turns out that wasn't the case. My son ordered chicken Alfredo and when that came it had the saddest, driest little piece of chicken on the top. We also ordered cheese fonduetta and there was so much grease on top of it but we couldn't even stir it because it was so stuck to the bottom of the dish. There was hair in my soup and about an inch of dust on the shelves around us. So needless to sat when the bill came and it was 70.00 i wasnt impressed or happy. I WILL NOT BE BACK!

Sep 13, 2017

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