Olive Gardencrab linguine with shells in it

I visited olive garden in Orlando Florida.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Orlando, FL On sandlake rd I ordered a dinner size crab linguine upon eating it I had pulled a sharp piece of shell out my mouth I waved for the waitress explained her response to me was yea I've had that happen to me here before I was appalled she didn't offer to replace it so I asked for the manager the manager insisted I try the lobster linguine but i told him I don't like lobster me and my family just left the resteraunt I have never felt so humiliated before in my life i have been a fan of olive garden since my teenage years in 42 now I'm having a hard time with this its just unbelievable. Thank you my name is sherry brown. My address is 4212 south Nashville ave Orlando Florida 32839

Nov 26, 2018

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