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Ocwen Loan Servicing / ocwen forclosure

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Last year I lost my job after 7 years of working as a media and advertising executive. At the time my mortgage loan was being serviced by taylor, bean, and whitaker. They were more than happy to enroll me into their loan retention program. Well after 3 months of consecutive trial payments they out sourced me to a company called sparta. At this point the decision was suppose to be made to re-modify my loan. Well on august 7th taylor, bean, and whitaker announced it's bankruptcy and my loan was sold off. To bank of america. Immediately I contacted bank of america, who I do all my personal banking with and they assured me that they were fully aware of the terms and conditions which I left my previous provider with. I was told to expect contact from them sometime in the near future. On august 12th I received a letter from owen loan servicing that they had purchased my loan from bank of america and that my statement would be mailed out before the sept 1, 2009. And if I had any concerns they would be available to discuss them at the 1-800 provided. Now when I called them I got an automated message for customers who's loans were recently transfered to ocwen. On august 18th I received my first mortgage statement that said my payment would be due in full september 1st, 2009 in the sum of 8, 000 dollars judging from the outstanding payments that I didn't make while I was working with taylor, bean, and whitaker. Immediately I called ocwen to inform them of my situation. They told me that I needed to resubmit my application for hardship only I had to fill out their paper work instead. They told me to submit all paper work in full and my application would be considered. They said if for some reason that I wasn't approved for the application I would be contacted via email or best contact method. Well surprise, surprise 2 months go by and no contact has been made. I get a foreclosure papers in the mail from ocwen telling me my home is now being moved to foreclosure status. I call back in to ocwen and they tell me my application was denied 45 days ago because they would not consider unemployment a source of income. Now it's 30 days before the sell of my property and they tell me the only way I can save it is to get a job and submit the offer letter. Just 5 days before the sell date I land a full-time job working for a cell phone provider. They push the sale date back another 30 days and tell me that I have to submit at least two paycheck stubs. On december 23rd, 2009 they send a notice that they are waiting for 2 more documents with my signature they tell me that I must have the documents signed and turned in along with it's original email no later than january, 22nd, 2010. I turn the paper work into them by january 14th. On january 18th, 2010 I got a new mortgage statement and I see where they have reset my loans and started me on a trial payment plan. On tuesday february 2nd, 2010 ocwen auctioned off my home and it was sold. Hello! How can they foreclose when I have already made the first payment. Now I have notices coming to the house saying I must vacate my home and ocwen has my money, won't answer the phone, and won't answer my emails. Meanwhile i'm trying the stop the real estate agents from forcing their way into my home. Why is ocwen doing this to their customers? I can assure you one thing is true, they have outsourced business to india and you get the same voicemail every time you call and never a live person. Ocwen must be stopped.

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  • Jo
      15th of Feb, 2010
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    I am going through the same thing. They have not forsclosed on me yet---looks like it is coming. Is there not anything anyone can do. When I finally got to speak with a woman, who actually spoke english, I was so frustrated I was in tears. She stated, I don't know why you are so upset--its only a house. I have actually spoken to a couple of people, no one has given me the same answer. I have submitted paperwork on 4 occassions, still don't know anything. She said they would not consider a modification unless I was 3-4 months without making a payment. This has been a living nightmare!!!

  • Rh
      20th of Feb, 2010
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    I can totally relate to all these complaints against Ocwen. THEY ARE TAKING MY HOME that i have lived in for 20 yrs!!! Tried working out modifications with these scam artists for several years that were fair and reasonable and not upside down!!! I have suffered sever anxiety and sleepless nights due to this predatory lender!!! They were supposed to be working on another BETTER loan mod. for me and said not to contact them for 30 days while they were reviewing my financial documents i didn't. Then on Feb.18th i receive the notice of the sheriff's sale that is set for 4 DAYS LATER!!! Faxed in all paperwork they requested on Jan. 18th and i didn't contact them and 1 month later to the day i receive the sheriff's auction papers!!! I have so many other complaints with this co. that it is too much to type. I did also receive another person's loan modification from a different state that was sent to me via email. So i have all this mans' personal and confidential business such as the terms of his loan mod., his address, the bank where his checking accct is all hsi acct. Numbers, etc!!! I felt horrible about this!!!Not to mention the fact that how do i know my information isn't out there sent to other people. That is one instance of their bad business ethics!! I don't wanna lose my home!!! Can someone help me????? I live in Ohio

  • Tb
      23rd of Feb, 2010
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    Arghhh...This is what I had to email Cenlar since I can not speak to a human for either company.
    I have paperwork and have spoken with multiple account representatives that stated my account would not be negatively affected because Taylor, Bean and Whitaker owe my $18, 887l.53. I recently made TWO months payments and called to make another two TODAY to get caught up, but now my loan is with a debt collector? I tried to contact a CENLAR person in person (phone), but each que kept hanging up on me since my account was transferred.

    I tried to call OCWEN (it would really help if that name and website were spelled out on the phone). I couldn't even speak to a real person at OCWEN...each que there hung up on me after stating I owe "zero dollars" and my last payment due was "January 2010". I would REALLY like to pay my loan.

    Before TB&W lost my loan modification paper work twice and then went bankrupt, I used to be 3 months ahead on my mortgage. Now I can't even PAY my mortgage?

  • Be
      6th of May, 2010
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    OHIO person your State Attorney General has filed a class action suit.

    My husband has a mortgage he took out before we were married. He always paid early with an automatic bank draft and for more than what was due. He had never been on government assistance in his life and had perfect credit. After unexpectedly loosing his job in June of 2009, we found out that we qualified for HAMP. We started out with TB&W and sent in “verified” information to qualify for HAMP. 3 trial period payments were sent in to TB&W who shut down during the trial period process. At the advice of Freddie Mac, my husband put his credit on the line and was told that it would be cleaned up in a few months once the payments were capitalized on and the final was complete. Cenlar took over TB&W’s loans and held our file for 6 months. During this time, they cashed our trial period checks and claimed they never received the money. They would not return phone calls. They threatened foreclosure even when we were paid up on the trial period payments. Cenlar lost all of TB&W’s paperwork. Cenlar asked us to send our copies of the paperwork 5 times (documented). Freddie Mac told us they would escalate the matter and sent paperwork to Cenlar on our behalf.

    Freddie Mac finally told us to ignore Cenlar and that Cenlar did not handle HAMP files. Why then would Freddie Mac ask us to send our HAMP paperwork to Freddie Mac to escalate the matter for us? Why would Cenlar ask us to overnight, mail and fax the HAMP paperwork to them 5 times if they did not handle HAMP? Why would CENLAR cash clearly marked HAMP checks? We also sent emails, letters, and made phone calls to all parties involved. We tracked down a skeletal crew for TB&W and got the tracking numbers of the information that TB&W had sent to them.

    Freddie Mac told us not to pay Cenlar that they had found a servicer named OCWEN to take over our loan. We were told by Freddie Mac that OCWEN agreed to capitalize on the payments and bring us current in January of 2010. There was just the legality of sending over our file from CENLAR. It is May and no one has our file. I again sent copies of our paperwork to an onsite Freddie Mac rep at OCWEN who did not give our paperwork to the correct parties. This new Freddie Mac rep also lied to us stating the our file we sent was being looked at by underwriters in India. Then when we checked back with him the file was being reviewed by the Treasury. Then the file was up the chain at Freddie Mac. He lied and is now working for a bank in California. When we called Ocwen, Ocwen said that this was all up to Freddie Mac to decide. Freddie Mac claims it is all up to Ocwen to decide.

    Here is the long and short of it. Any chance of my husband finding a job in the line of work he had performed in the last 26 – 27 years is over due to following the advice of Freddie Mac. In his line of work he had to have great credit. Freddie Mac reps knew this all along. We would have not chose this path had we not been guided this way. My husband has a 401K that does not come into consideration when applying for HAMP because it is his retirement. We could have bought some time and put the house on the market by using this money. We did not want to lose our home, which is what HAMP is made for. We used my small salary which would be enough to pay the modified payments on the home. Remember, I am not on the loan and they all knew this. According to HAMP guidelines, I can contribute part or all of my income.

    First Ocwen states that we did not send in the proper documentation. This I proved not to be true. I also showed them that the person making the decision is confused as to who is on the loan and who is not since I, a female, continually am addressed as “he” in their interoffice memos.

    They then tried to blame Taylor Bean and Whitaker saying TB&W signed people up illegally only using “stated” income and that was how we got signed up. I then had to prove that TB&W went overboard with me and made me send in “7” pay stubs as opposed to the “2” that is standard and my pay was “verified”. By the way, at the time we qualified, “stated” income was allowed and really should not matter until we do the final mod just to verify my income is still the same. I also told them TB&W used 2 negotiators instead of one to come up with our payments. I then asked where all of the original paperwork was at to clarify the issues since TB&W used Freddie Macs worksheets to come up with our payments and to qualify us. Our paperwork is still lost.

    Now all of a sudden, Ocwen is saying that I can not contribute but 50% of my income and that is not enough money to pay the payments they claim. They did not alter the loan to the 2%, they did not stretch the loan out for 40 years, and they did not do the NPV to adjust the principal. These are all listed as steps they are supposed to do. We had to tell Ocwen and Freddie Mac what the guidelines stated because they have no clue or they are playing dumb very well.

    From what I have gathered, all of these loan servicers are conveniently losing files. I wished there was a way to file a class action law suit for missing files. I know that there is a protocol that has to be taken for the storage and care of people’s financial information and I have been told there are 100’s of thousands of files missing! People are being disqualified after being qualified for HAMP for trumped up reasons like all of a sudden “not enough income” or “missing paperwork”. A lot of people are giving up and walking away. Others are taking stands. The Urban Justice Center in NY 646-602-5600 has filed suit against a large bank JP Morgan or Chase I think, for 3 people who were lied to. The National Consumer Law Center in Boston has filed a Class Action Lawsuit also.

    If you are going through the same issue, here are some things you can do:

    File a complaint with your State Attorney General (states are gathering complaints)

    Contact your representatives and congressman

    Contact your States Financial Regulations department and file a complaint (states are gathering complaints)

    Keep documentation – I have recorded phone calls and emails from Freddie Mac with their guidance

    There are a few lawsuits going on across the Country

    Go to and do research to see what fits your criteria.

    Read the directives at the HAMP website. Q1222-01 is a great one!

    Call Freddie Mac’s corporate number and when it asks for a person’s name, ask for the CEO.
    File a complaint.

    Send a complaint letter to Freddie’s Mac’s CEO

    Address complaints to the loan servicer on your loan’s President of the Company (in some instances these are the only ones that get through)

    Ohio’s Attorney General is filing a class action lawsuit against some servicer regarding HAMP (maybe your state will follow soon if enough complaints are made)

    Go to YouTube and check out the videos by attorney Englett from Orlando.

    Go to the HUD website and look at some of their videos to get help.

    Contact HUD for help

    Get a free consultation from the attorneys KEL (Kaufman, Englett & Lynd) from Orlando 407-513-1901 ext 7120 (Greg Pull client counselor) So far, to us, this was the greatest hope we got through out the process.

    Remember, you are not alone.

  • Ht
      3rd of Nov, 2010
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    Ocwen is as dirty as they get.

    First off I want the make people aware that we have many of the most important conversations with Ocwen recorded so there is no we say/they say.

    We were offered and agreed to a loan modification from Ocwen signed and dated in June 29, 2010. We sent in the down payment/first payment at the end of June per our modification agreement.

    On july 16 we received a letter from a local attorney stating that Ocwen had referred our home loan to them for foreclosure for a default on the loan. My Husband called Ocwen and asked them why they started foreclosure and they said that the modification would be entered into their system and the correct information would reflect in our account soon. We replied to Ocwen's attorneys office and sent them all the information needed to dispute this error made by Ocwen. We them called the attorneys office to see if they had received all the information and they had. The attorney's office told us that they could not reach Ocwen and asked us to try to have Ocwen contact them. My husband even made a conference call between Ocwen and their attorney's office and was told by Ocwen that they could see that a mistake was made and they would get it resolved.

    We have a screen shot of our account online taken on July, 19, 2010 showing a message that our modification and payment had been received. The screen shot shows the information about our loan before the modification but shows the next payment due according to our modification.

    We made our Aug. mortgage payment over the phone in Aug. 2010 and it was accepted. We made our payment in the form of a personal check for the amount due according to the modification in September. They sent the check back claiming it wasn't enough to satisfy the default. We called Ocwen and the claimed that we did not have a loan modification with them. My husband again told them that we have in our possession a loan modification agreement with them. They conveniently found our modification agreement in a matter of seconds after we gave them that information. The home retention specialist told us to wait a few days before sending the September payment back so that the same thing wouldn't happen. He called my husband back like he said he would in a couple of days and said that everything had been straightened out.

    About two weeks later, my husband received a call from their collections department stating that they were trying to collect a debt and that the September payment had been rejected again. It was the collections department again having no knowledge of the modification. He asked to be transferred to the home retention specialist. The specialist then said he didn't know why the payment was rejected again and that he would again call back after he had figured out why this was still happening. Again, he called my husband back a day or so later and said that he could then send in the payment again, but that it needed to be certified funds. He also advised that my husband wait a week or two before sending in the October payment so that it wouldn't be confused with the September one.

    On November 1, 2010 I found a Notice of Trustee's Sales set for December 1, 2010 taped to my front door. We haven't received any payments back, yet as of today, November 2, the September (certified funds) payment has still not been accepted/cashed nor has October's payment. We have been calling Ocwen all day and so far we can not reach our loan specialist.

    Ocwen has left us no choice but to get an attorney and fight them.

  • Ht
      15th of Nov, 2010
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    Update... So Ocwen LLC is now claiming that they have not entered our Loan Modification into there systems yet.

    Are you kidding me!!! It's been over 4 months. OCWEN offered US the modification which WE signed, dated, had notarized and sent in our payments. To which they accepted and makes it a legal binding contract, yet they are still going forward with the auction of our house Dec. 1, 2010 because OCWEN has not entered it in their systems... They even ADMIT on record that it is their mistake...Oh Ocwen... What are you doing

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