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fraudulent activity

I almost lost my home due to loosing my job and at the same time my loan went from 8% to 11.25% in a years time. They were nice enough to offer me to enter into a forbearance agreement to reinstate my loan with agreeing I would be refinancing with them with on-time payments during my forbearance agreement which was for 6 months. The payments had gone up from $806 to $1551 a month. Right away I contacted a Realtor to put the home up for sale and she refused to touch it because the county had a red-flag marking my property up for sale. After long drawn research with the county and Ocwen turns out Ocwen had put up the property for sale/foreclosed, without even a notice to me. So now, I find out that my original loan of $108K is now a total of $121K. Time and time again requesting detailed charges from them they finally send me a spreadsheet with a tremendous amount of charges such as appraisals, certified mail, property inspection fees etc. All which they refuse to furnish me proof. They have two to four appraisals and inspection fees and over 5 certified mail fees posted to my account. This is outrageous. Seems they want me to loose the property.

  • Bo
    Bobbi Looney Mar 23, 2010

    I truly feel your pain I am going through the same thing, with Ocwen I have on my statements the same bogus fees, I have sent them certified mail with signature acceptance containing my bank statements of every single payment, still nothing when I make a payment now they will post it for march 2009, I can call them and they say we received nothing, we have no bank statements I have been fighting them since june 2009. This is truly a fraudulent company, It consumes my life, the worry, I stay aggrevated, I truly want to just give up. I hate that anyone would have to go through anything like this. but I see its not just happening to me, .

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  • Is
    ismashdishes Mar 10, 2011

    Boy, does this sound familiar. Actually, every single person who has posted complaints about Ocwen is right on the money. Ocwen is not a bank; they service loan payments which, in truth, means they are debt collectors. They have NO authority to modify loans, nor do they intend to; they just pretend to. They are playing the waiting game, giving homeowners the run-around, all the while leading us to foreclosure. I was one of their victims in 2010. I did some research and found a report by the National Consumer Law Center that suggests there is good reasons so many consumers seem to be getting the run-around when they try to modify their mortgages. The report (Why Servicers Foreclose, When They Should Modify, and Other Puzzles of Servicer Behavior) says "loan servicers, who do not own the loans, actually stand to profit if the troubled property goes to foreclosure." Loan servicers don't generally risk losing money on foreclosures, unlike investors or homeowners. " Check out the report for yourself. Oboma is well aware of what is and has gone on. Do you think he's REALLY going to do anything about it? His own 'plans' to assist homeowners in saving their homes are a scam. I have witnessed homeowners testify before the CA State Legislature about Ocwen, specifically. Their story was the same as all of ours. If you are in distress over your mortgage, my advise is to go to a REAL bank and try to save your home that way. With Ocwen, it will only be a matter of time until they foreclose on you, WITHOUT warning! And to add insult to injury, four months AFTER I was out of my home, Ocwen filed an Unlawful Detainer with the court and had a warrant out for my arrest. Niiiiice...

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  • Dl
    D.L.H. Jul 04, 2011

    I was notified by Ocwen that my loan was 3 mos. past due which was not true. I tried for several months to traighten this out with no luck. They filed foreclosure proceedings against me so I filed for a modification, big joke. After several months of them losing documents I sent and resent I was told that I didn't qualify for a modification and the foreclosure proceeded. I then received a call stating. I was probably eligible for an in-house modifcation. After 30 days I received a letter stating I was approved and my interest rate would drop from 11.25% to 3.31%. Sounds good huh? When I started the process I owed about $52, 000. after the so called modification I owe almost $68, 000. with no explanation. I've been paying the payment because I don't want to lose my house and I don't know what to do. My payment is the same as it was with the higher interest because of the extra money they added to my loan. I can't really afford a lawyer. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Oc
    Ocwen Helper Aug 04, 2011

    When I was Ocwen's Supervisor I've seen the fraudy inhouse modifications ruin many customers. Now I'm outside Ocwen and helping homeowners against them, I can tell you something: only believe in Maths and documents, not in what you've told over the phone. They are very poorly trained and poorer paid. That's all.
    Ocwen's biggest failure is in efficiently communicate with customers.
    Should you need any more specific assistance with any mortgage inquiries, please don't hesitate to submit your case to [email protected], and we'll gladly review it to find a potential solution.

    Best Regards,

    Ocwen Helper

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morgage rip off

My story reads just like most of the others that I have read. My husband got caught cheating, threw him out;...


This company tried to bill us for Certified letters that don't even exist!! We filed bankruptcy (Chapter 13) and after filing they changed the terms of our loan without contacting us or our attorney... now they are giving us a higher payment. Long hold times when calling customer service, never being able to speak with the same person and not being able to understand the person you are talking with are very frustrating concerns I have with this company. This is the worst company I have ever dealt with.

  • Da
    dap Aug 19, 2009

    OCWEN is now supposed to be taking over for Taylor, Bean & Whitaker. Bad to Worse.

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  • Ma
    MARKTAM Aug 22, 2009


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conflicting information

Have been trying to work with ocwen since april of this year to do a kre-finance. They keep giving me a different answer each time I call and the things I am told will occur do not; i. E. You wil receive papers by the 18th etc; they nexzt time I call they tell me no such rewrites have been approved yet. This has been going on for 6 months and I have now received forclosure papers and they are returning my payments. It's nearly impossible to talk to a real person and the recording goes in a circle. I have to adnwer that I don't have ss or loan# available to talk to a real person.

mortgage payments

Our mortgage sold to ocwen by peoples bank which I had a 10.25 mortgage and when ocwen got it demanded monies inarears which already had been paid through a federal bankruptcy court and payments raised as well to a barely payable point. Something was definitly not right but we wanted to keep our home and kept paying and paying to do so. Finally we were able to get money to pay them off in one payment.

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Help! My home is going to sheriff's sale today. I'm alone, 64 and have been trying to reach a real person who...

fraud and cheating

After reading many of the reports filed on this site, it has come to my attention that it is time the home owners should file a class action suit against this company. I too have had the same problems as many of you that have already reported. We were given to Ocwen when Aegis Mortgage Company filed Bankruptcy. We were on a forbearance program and then in November were sent a letter to bring the account current, that we would longer be on the forbearance program. The first certified letter came November 16 with a demand payment by December 16. Then we get a second certified letter dated November 19 with a demand payment for 1/2 the payment of the November 16 letter to be made by December 16. Then we get a third certified Demand letter December 17 demanding payment by January 17 with the same amount of money due (adding $5.21 more to the payment) that was due in the November Letter. We are current with our payments. We have proof of this. So what they are trying to pull, just does not make sense and to reach them by phone is a nightmare. To email them, you are really lucky if you get a reply of which they claim they will replay to you within 15 days. Whoop tee doo!! According to the Government Pamphlet on Fair Credit Practices, Section 805, clearly states that frequent calling (of which no one is on the other line either) is a form of Harassment and is illegal. Well, with reading all the reports that have been given on this web site, maybe it is time that a class action lawsuit be filed to wake the company up. Oh, by the way, when they outsource to third world companies, and then ask for my social security number, are they crazy!!! There is no way in 'Gods Green Earth' I am going to give anyone outside the United States my Social Security Number. I contacted my attorney and she said we have a great case. Maybe someone should put their money where their mouths are and prove to others that they honor what they say on their Web site. Do I have any takers. If you are interested in going with me in a class action law suit, please contact me through this web site and I will find a way that we can all communicate to get one started. I will watch this site daily to see how many people are really serious about starting the procedure. Without you there will be no relief for so many of us and more in the future.

  • Li
    Liz May 30, 2009

    I can agree with you 200%... something needs to be done... I have a list a mile long of the crap this company has done to me... please keep me updated and add me to your list...

    Thank You.

    email: [email protected]

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  • Ca
    catirrusia111 Oct 16, 2010



    FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME AT: [email protected]

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  • Eb
    EBILL Jan 24, 2011


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  • Ma
    maryletsmakeitright Apr 07, 2015

    Mother of God.. today I received a call from them requesting that I provide a copy of my social security card with my signature on the document and have it motorized. I said, are you crazy!! why would you need that from me ..their reply... because we want to know and have on record who you really are and the IRS needs it. I said you have my name address, social security number date of birth ..every piece of identify info already since the inception of my loan with my first loan company. My loan was sold and passed down eventually to your loan company because other mortgage companies sold it and banks went bankrupt. You have all my info and so does rhe IRS as every year I get a document that is filed by you with the IRS regarding real estate taxes that are paid from the escrow again required to be paid to you monthly included in my monthly payment.
    They were also telling me they were going to reclassify the type of home that I have... they can't do that I am part of a condo association townhome community. It was legally built and classified as such...they can't just decide to classify it differently so that it is insured differently. Trying to tell me they have no proof of insurance since last fall... huh???? Well my association makes the payments on the property and I make the payment for the interior content... so..explain that??? They want my personal insurance to be classified differently than a condominium policy.. ahh no.. that can't be done .a.not legally.
    Their calls are ridiculous if the mortgage payment isn't there on the first of the month even though there is 15 day grace they are calling and hounding for the payment. It's outrageous. No one is in the US.
    I'm in on a class action.

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refuse to work with us

Our home is with Ocwen Mortgage. We are having financial difficulties at this time. We are going on 90 days past due with them. Previous to this, we have faxed, e-mailed and mailed "financial difficulty" packet and everytime I have called to find out if they have received it, they advise that they have not. We have called "hope now" (hope alliance) they have e-mailed information to get the process going for help and everytime I call the same story. They have not received it. One time the man I was talking to said he didn't know who "hope alliance", but could refer me to hope now. I told him that was the same thing. He advised me I should really consider renting my home out to someone. Everytime I call them I have to re-explain everything to them. Today I am calling to make a pmt., which yes it is late and they advised me that they cannot take my pmt. that foreclosure starts tomorrow and they cannot accept my pmt. I told him "it's not tomorrow" I need to make my pmt. He advised me he cannot accept it. He told me I could western union it, but it still does not guarantee that it will stop foreclosure. If you are with Ocwen and experiencing the same problems, or if you are dealing with them and have had a resolution, please e-mail me. I cannot believe this is happening. Now they are saying they cannot help me because their system is down call back in one hour.

  • De
    Dewey Nov 11, 2008

    I have a mortgage held by Ocwen. This is the most ridiculous company i've ever dealt with. I had to do what was called a loan modification due to being a couple months behind on mortgage. I've ended up sending several months worth of payments at one time, basically keeping my bank account empty most of the time sending them every penny i have for over a year and somehow, according to them, my payments have increased by $300 a month and i am still 6 months behind on my payments, which is absolutely not correct. if anything, I should be 6 months ahead. I have tried to refinace through an FHA loan, but since Ocwen shows me in forclosure and late on my payments, no one will touch it. I've heard from several mortgage lenders that my only option is an attorney. any class actions or free attorneys out there?

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  • Ey
    eykon May 24, 2009

    Ocwen would not work with me either. Tried to do a loan modification and they wanted $11, 600 up front and then they would decide if they would do a loan modification. If I had that kind of money, I would not be asking for a loan modification. Then I put my home up for sale and had 4 short sale offers with one being cash. Ocwen refused to look at any of them. One person claim they didn't receive the offers and another person said they did. However on the first person, they did have part of the original package so in fact they had received the information. My original loan was not with Ocwen, they bought my mortgage. Everytime I called, my call was directed to India...They company should NOT be in business!!! So I lost my property because of their unwilling to work with me on a reasonable level.

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  • Ta
    Taken in KC Feb 16, 2011

    I agree this is the worst company I have ever had to deal with. My loan was transfer to them in 2001 and I have been miserable since day one. They have you fill out the loan modification papers over and over again to no prevail. I tried to call the person who handles the loan modification to only get a recording stating he will return my call. I am still waiting and that's been over a year ago. They said they did an apprasial on my property and past the charges to me, so now I owe them an additional $385.00. I called and told them I don't think the cost should be pass to me for something they want done. I asked them are they trying to foresclose on me. The rep. told me no. If this is so why are you doing a apprasial. I am not 60 days behind and they are asking me to send in X amount of money to money gram, which includes the 2 payments and the apprasial cost. If I don't send in the whole amt they are going to start forescloser. Something needs to be done with this company, if only I could re finance...

    Taken in KC

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  • Ca
    Carrie Hicks Nov 19, 2011

    my loan was transferred to ocwen in August, however, I was not notified by my previous company, when I went to make a payment they told me it was transferred. I called ocwen and I told them I just got out of foreclosure with the other company and was on a payment plan, they told me that they don't honor the prior companies records. Through yelling and telling them a few choice words, they told me that I had to do their modification, I wrote to them, telling them if you brought the prior loan you must honor the prior agreements. They are fighting back and forth in the mean time, I tried their loan modification and I still sent in the payment that was on the prior loan, I received the letter on a Monday, telling me they will honor the prior companies documents, then two days latter, they told me I was heading into a possible foreclosure. I called several times and one does not know what the next department is doing, I am so done with these people. If there is a class action suit out there, please let me know. Carrie Hicks,

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  • Oc
    Ocwen Helper Dec 07, 2011

    Hi Carrie:
    Modification docs/agreement usually aren't transfered to a servicer to the next one, so each time this happens you have to start the process all over again.
    Ocwen's biggest problem is efficiently communicating with customers. Should you have any further inquiry about how to fight/deal with Ocwen, please don't hesitate to contact me to [email protected]
    I was a Supervisor with Ocwen some time ago. Believe me, I know them a lot!

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harassment calls after payments made

In simplest terms, My mother entered in a foreclosure forebearence agreement with Ocwen.
After a large lump sum payment and so far, 3 months of EARLY payments, Ocwen *still*
calls my mother constantly, hounding her for payments that have already been made.

I contacted Ocwen and was told that my mother would continue to be hounded for payments
that have already been made until at least Nov/08 and probably thru Dec/08.

Why? This is a direct quote from the rep:
"Her agreement hasnt made it into the system yet."

They clearly show the history of payments, when asked. They currently show ZERO past due,
yet the calls to my 72 year old mother continue joyfully and apparently will continue.

You would think a subprime company would have better things to do that to waste time and money
hounding a little old lady for payments that HAVE ALREADY BEEN MADE, but apparently not.

  • Ch
    Chevycgc Jul 21, 2009

    I can back up this comment as the same thing happens to me despite my objection to the person when they call. I also get calls that say to call "Tracy" at Ocwen. When I try to call I can't get a live individual on the phone let alone "Tracy" because I have applied for a modification and the phone system/computer knows your phone number and tells you not to call, that they will contact you about your modification. It is just crazy. I have to call from a different phone number to get someone to talk to me. Oh.. and their modification... ya, it modified my loan up over $400. That should help me be able to afford to keep my home?! Ya they pride themselves on customer service... NOT!


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  • Mi
    michael rabino Feb 16, 2010

    A part of the problem with Ocwen is that they have chosen to outsource a large percentage of thier operations overseas to India, These people do not have a clue and this company should be ashamed of what they put their customer through

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terrible experience

I am reading all of your posts. I would post my story, but it would be more of the same. I have been seeing other remedies to our ocwen mortgage nightmare. Ocwen counts on us not having the funds to obtain an attorney when they screw us over. I believe the only way we will get ocwen held accountable for their scandalous behavior is if we all come together.

Pissed consumer seems to be deleting contact information so please try contacting me through This is our business website. Hopefully it will work. I will be happy to give you the direct contact information the the ombudsman we worked with.

  • Di
    Diva50 Nov 01, 2008

    Will there be a class action lawsuit? If so, please contact me soon. I do not trust Ocwen at all.

    Thank you.

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  • It
    ITnavigator Sep 25, 2009

    I'm surprised that the licensing bureau in each state where they do business hasn't shut them down already. We had them for a previous refinance and had nothing but problems. Granted we should have read some of the fine print on the 50 page loan documents, so I accept some responsibility for getting burned the first time. Lesson learned. We swore we would never work with them again.

    Unfortunately, when CountryWide collapsed guess who ended up servicing our loan. Immediately they started breaking laws and violating the terms of our loan agreement.

    When we lost 40% of our household income, we had contacted CountryWide immediately. We setup a documented (signed) modified repayment schedule that allowed us to miss a couple of payments and pay extra to put us back on track within a couple of months. We were on schedule and meeting the terms of the schedule when CountryWide went under. Ocwen took over the loan and completely ignored the modified schedule. They forced us into foreclosure even though we were meeting the terms of the contract. They did offer to refinance our mortgage at a higher rate claiming that, "Obama doesn't want us to lose our home". Give me a break! Under threat of a pending Sheriff's sales we paid the "fine" and pulled the home from foreclosure.

    Under the written terms of the mortgage, we pay all insurance and taxes. Ocwen decided to put them back in escrow, charging us a fee for not having enough escrow and raising our payments by $200/month. By chance, that new payment now required us to purchase PMI (pure profit for them). We are still fighting this latest illegal action.

    They are far too powerful to deal with individually. Frankly, I'm not sure that a class action will get the job done. We need to lobby the state licensing boards to shut them down. If they can't do business in any state, no one else will have to suffer.

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fraudsters and thieves

We had Ocwen from [protected]. The forced place insurance (which we had our own and proved it. Charged us for all kinds of things from property evaluations to legal fees. We had gotten behind in our payments but would make them up thousands of dollars at a time only to find out a month later they added thousands more in fees. We finally sold the house to my parents so we didn't loose it in foreclosure. They got almost 40 grand from equity. Days after the sale to my parents we started receiving refund checks... small but at least something back. One stating our interest was figured wrong. Which was one of my complaints to them. One for insurance refunds ha! They are thieves! Run if you have them. go to for help.

  • Ht
    HTNeves Nov 03, 2010

    We were told at the beginning of our trying to modify that they would not help us because our home was worth more to them at auction and yes we have them recorded saying that.

    Ocwen has our home set to sell at auction on Dec. 1, 2010. We have a legal loan modification with them that they are not honoring and are trying to foreclose based on our prior to modification loan. We have so much evidence to support our case against them that it is not even funny. Ocwen basically tells you want you want to hear and before you know it your house is up for auction. Make sure you record your conversations with Ocwen, it's hard to deny thing said when it's there on a recording for the world to see. There is a massive class action lawsuit.
    Here is the website

    We need to all ban together and put this company in their places. My husband and I have a strong solid case against them. So it can be done, and I will let the anyone who wants to know the out come. Email me at [email protected]

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fraud and scam

I had a mortgage with ocwen and refinanced with chase. I was so happy to be rid of ocwen. 60 days later I found out that chase sent me back to ocwen for servicing. I called chase and they told me that my mortgage was with them and that ocwen was only servicing my account. I am pissed. I just cannot get away from ocwen. The people in india are so rude. I had one to tell me shut and listen to what he was saying. The woman that I spoke to at chase asked, "what's wrong with ocwen. " I explained to her why I did not like ocwen but I know there is nothing she can do.

  • Ca
    CANRSIEGRL3415 Oct 03, 2009


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  • Ju
    juliet.d.taylor Mar 21, 2010

    I've losing my home of 33 years due to Ocwen. I'm not giving up though and I'm not giving in to that den of theives.
    I will fight with every breath until I win MY home.

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lies, poor communication and poor customer service

We have been trying for going on 2 years to get someone to work with us and do a refinance or a loan modification. Two years!!!

You never speak to the same person, always a person in India and no two computer systems have the same information on it. No documentation of what you spoke about, and if I did not have sense enough to keep up with taking names, dates of conversations and good notes of what was told to me, you would think I was a complete lunatic.

Each time I send in a payment we first started out with the payment going towards June. But each month I send in a payment the payment goes backwards. This month our payment goes towards APRIL 2008. Amazing, I was under the impression that after June came July, how it goes backward is...I cannot even put into words. I do have records of payments and when and how much was sent.

It would appear that when you have a telephone conversation that Ocwen never documents anything. You cannot even make payments online.

During the two year stint, we have experienced 45 minute waiting period on the phone, a person that is reading from a script that has no relevance to what you are speaking about and ending the conversation with a false hope that someone finally understood what you were trying to convey or a continuance of transferring, transferring, transferring only ending up to the number that you initially called in the beginning.

Trust me...there is no difference from the loan modification department than the payment department, than the payment arrangement department than the collection department. They are all in the same room. India.

If you start a class action suit, please count us in.

  • Mz
    mztre Oct 06, 2008

    Yes - I agree totally. My experience is similar. I would be happy to participate in a class action lawsuit against Ocwen. They are disgusting people to work with. They don't return phone calls if you can put one in their voicemail. Most of the time the box was full and we couldn't leave messages. I sent emails with a return receipt on it, most of them were not returned. Ocwen needs to be shut down.

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  • Ne
    neoblueyes Dec 06, 2010

    My experience with Ocwen is similar. Voicemail hell and the right hand not having a clue what the left is doing. I would consult a realtor you can trust. They will have the ability to verify what the status of your account is with the courts. I got plenty of scary bogus letters and varified via same plus other resources that most of it was not: Find the best applicable lawyer near you for INITIAL FREE counsel regarding your rights. Trust me, it will amaze you what you will learn. MAY WANT TO REFER TO THIS SITE AND ALSO DISCUSS PROBABILITY OF A CLASS ACTION SUIT. COUNT ME IN IF THAT IS THE CASE! [email protected]
    It took me a year of due diligence via phone, repeat applications, a journal documenting all of my efforts, and emails to get my HAMP agreement after I was refused once and sent an in-house bad deal which I refused. My orignal loan was sold 3x in 6 months! I talked to an ombudsman along with several different alleged Ocwen departments, 2 lawyers, and several realtors to aquire info regarding MY rights. I finally got my agreement, it is noted as rec'd (certified and on web) but all other info is skewed. So good. DO NOT LET THEM SCARE YOU. Defend yourself in all ways imaginable! Best Wishes, Britt

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harassing phone calls

Ocwen is by far the worst company I have dealt with in my life. My home mortgage loan was sold to ocwen about two years ago and I am hopeful to get rid of this company asap.
Because I paid my mortgage late (But also paid their late fee) they have called me daily beginning the 1st of the month and ask why the payment isn't there. They are calling from india, are difficult to understand, and insist on knowing every detail as to why the payment hasn't been paid yet, when it will be paid, etc. However, once it 's paid late they will call daily even when it's not late.
I received a certified letter today from ocwen stating that they did not have proof of my homeower's policy and had now signed my up for a policy that is nearly 4 times the amount of the policy that I already have. How can they do this? I will now have to spend my time next week trying to clear this matter up including sending a certified letter to them proving my insurance company. And I am concerned now after reading what ocwen has done to other people that they will come after me for an insurance policy I did not need in the first place.
My dealings with ocwen haven't been as severe as other people have had to deal with, but next year my loan will reset and I have to get away from this company before I lose my house with their unethical, seemingly illegal practices.

  • Jm
    jmartin123 Sep 23, 2008

    We here you loud and clear. And totally understand your frustrations! We too have Ocwen as our lovely mortgage company and our mortgage was sold to them two years ago as well. I can tell you that we have had the same problems and aren't even late usually.

    My advice to you is to contact an attorney because we finally had when we started noticing that our mortgage payments were not being applied and fees were being charged to us falsely. I can almost bet if you really sit down and go over every statement that you have received from Ocwen you will find out that they have done some pretty illegal things with your mortgage as well! We didn't really start to catch their illegal practices and predatory lending practices until the beginning of this year, but when we did we didn't waste any time taking it to an attorney to review and to see if we could do anything about it. Lucky for us we have an extremely strong case against this company and are sueing them to the full extent!

    Good Luck To You!

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  • Da
    David LULU Mar 05, 2011

    I never speak to people calling from Ocwen . When they ask me to verify my SSN, I say "OK go head" and then I go to silence and they say "sir I need you to verify your SSN" once again I say " sure go ahead". After an awkward pause they usually say "No I need you to give me your last 4 numbers of your SSN. I then tell them " NO you asked me to verify, you tell me the number you have and I'll verify it" . I then go on to ask them where they are calling from. When they say INDIA, I ask them if they have SSN's in INDIA, when they say NO, I explain the sensitivity of the SSN and why I can't release that info to a random caller from another country where I have no reach. This stops the call for a few days. Now remember, be sure you're current on your note as they can do have a right to call. But they don't have a right to harass.

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  • Le
    LeeJM Nov 24, 2014

    Same problem here, phone calls starting sometimes ON the 1st. Ours is a triplex, and depending upon when rents come in and when our paychecks hit, we can be off a week into the GRACE period, but NEVER beyond that. They call from the 1st, then after the 10th, 3-5 times per day on EVERY single phone we have given them. I too have archived all the call logs and will sue!

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  • Ex
    exindymac Jan 07, 2015

    This company just roylally sucks green donkey you know whats... They are just a big hairy sweaty ball of grease! I have never been late, always paid on time, (never any issue with previous mortgage company), but ever since they took over they call and harass and send useless letters making ### up and causing my blood pressure to rise for no reason. i wish upon them the biggest pox man has ever seen on whoever is the master mind of such a dastardly company!! My mortgage will reset this year so I will just simply pay it off, can't wait to be rid of this utter nonsense!! I hope they don't jack up my payoff with some bullsh*t or charge a bunch of exorbitant fees...
    New voicemail from (800) 746-2936...

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x employee noticed fraud

I worked for ocwen for about a year. When I first started I did not notice anything wrong. The longer I worked the more I noticed the fraud that was taking place. The company has a program called real trans / real remit. This is supposed to help the agents they hire get paid through direct payment. Well, I witnessed countless occassions where payment was not made for no reason at all. Ocwen would come up with some sort of excuse to explain the reason, but I know it was all garbage. The agents would do everything right but it would still get rejected. Ocwen outsourced many jobs to india. They are the ones who accept or reject payment. Even when I tried to talk to them I could not understand them. They were hired to cover up all of the fraud that was taking place. If questions were asked the blame would go to miscommunication. Now the company is loosing a lot of money, so I imagine the fraud will only get worse. Be aware.

  • Jo
    JoAnn Gamez Jun 02, 2009

    Nightmare!!!OCWEN, God is watching you!! NO ONE LEAVES this earth without paying for what they have done. I was behind two months and when I sent a payment, OCWEN sent it back because they wanted the previous month, current, and next month's payment. I have not made a payment since November 2008 because they are modifing my payment. My house is now in foreclosure because everytime I try to talk to someone to check on the status of my modification, I get the same recording. "Do not worry about letters that you get for foreclosure, your modification is still in review." I can never talk to a live person, it's always a recording or I get transferred to another recording that tells me to leave a message. Do these people have no soul? I am willing to pay all the months that I owe; however, no one wants to talk to me so now I am afraid to send the money. What bothers me is that we have put so much into this house only to loose it and have to start all over again. This company is a FRAUD! BUT GOD IS NOT, HE IS REAL AND HE SEES EVERYTHING!!!

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  • Bu
    Bulldog1 Apr 05, 2010

    Dude we are living the same exact nightmare! I’m shocked a companies like Ocwen can still exists in this day and age. Their unscrupulous business practices know no bounds. From outright lying to making up fees. Worse still the US movement aka Freddie Mac chooses to do business with them! We had a modification with them and were told there would be no additional fees and subsequently charged 12k multiple in erroneous fees. They will not win my attorney is a bulldog and a close friend. My Dad.

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  • Ed
    ED Ocwen Nov 09, 2010

    OCWEN goes to show you how some Ivy league wall street tycoons can stick Americans into the ground. This company boast on having 3, 000 employees assissiting the American foreclosure mess, while there is only a hundred or so gophers in Florida peddling data for a handful of Wallstreet executives making millions on processing american dollars through Idia! They set up internet links so agents and maintanence crews have to use indian tacticts to get reinbursed for work performed. When you negotiate with ocwen, don't you get the feeling your buying a pair of shoes from the Bangladesh street peddlar?

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  • Nu
    nurseat43 Dec 11, 2010

    I filed for a loan mod with a company named Financial Help for Homeowners. They had me complete all the paperwork and I did. I also paid them and then come to find out you are never to pay for a mod so I turned them in for that. They did nothing for me at all. They kept asking for more and more paperwork which I continued to send in. They even had me complete forms for a totally different bank. I thought they were forms from their company and when I called to check on things a lady Barb told me things about someone elses loan. She didnt even look me up. She finally found my file and I asked her who sun trust was ans she said it was my bank. I told her I was with Ocwen and not by choice. She had no idea what she was doing. She never called or e-mailed me. I had to contact her and then she would say she needs more paperwork. This was dragging on to long so I pulled up the forms on Ocwens site and completed thoose. I was never notified at all. They said they tryed to call to say my info. was incomplete. This was not true. I had sent all the paperwork to Ocwens lawyers, the main load mod e-mail and Barb. Not one of them notified me. Ater they said I was denied due to incompleate paperwork. I said it was sent by certified mail and they did get it on time. After that a man by the name Sebastion said he would speak with his underwriter. They were very detaied in giving me 4% rate and a lower payment that would increase slightly in 6 years and I would have a payment at the end of the loan. They said they needed $757.00 by ec. 6th as a good faith payment so I sent a money gram over night. I was thrilled that they worked with me. Then 2 days ago I got a call from someone in Idia who said my home will be gone on Dec. 22nd. I could not believe this. I went round and round with him telling me the other man told me everything was taken care of and I would recieve the paperwork to sign. This other man said he didnt have the right to tell me that and they sent my check back. I have not seen a check to this day. I asked them how can they be so cruel as to throw one out in the street a couple days before Christmas. He said that I just need to be out by the 22nd. Well I hied a Lawter and she is good. Ocwen could have worked been recieving the $757.00 monthly but I hied a couple lawyers and they are taking car of Ocwe. And she said she would get the payment lower. Ocwen has fraud writen all over them. Why the so called government we have has not stepped in to take care of these evil people is beyond me but the goverment hands them millions in bail outs and they continue to send out or call people at 10:00pm to tell them all the work you did was for nothing because they probably shredded it. When on hold with Ocwen they say they help people and have helped. They say they are their for you and will do everyhing they can to help you stay in your home. This is the biggest load of crap I have heard. Well I am in on a law suit if anyone is still intrested. I have seen so many ccomplaints that they want to get people to join in a law suit. I am with you. If our government cant protect us any better than this but give money to Oc[wen to bail them out and then turn around and steal homes from prople. The goverment needs to ceck into this fraud, why havent they helped? No one cares about anyone but them self these days I want in on the law suit. You van reach me at [email protected] Ocwen is going straight to hell in a hand basket please help me get them the punnished for what they are doing. My next step is th BBB and I am going to contact a radio station to help also. they will pay for what they have done to so maney people. KH

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  • Pi
    PISSED OFF to THE MAX Dec 22, 2010

    Here is my suggestion! GET A LAWYER NOW!!!

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  • No
    No More Mortgage Crooks Jan 25, 2011

    File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission too...they are the big dogs in all this.

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  • De
    DECEIVED and DEFRAUDED Jan 29, 2011

    Extremely agree! I worked Legal Collections for 15 years and Ocwen is nothing more than a glorified Collection Agency. In Indiana, the the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act here on out known as the (FDCPA)states no calls before 8:00 a.m. or after 9:00p.m. Monday through Saturday, No calls on Sunday at all. Ocwen breaks these rules on a regular basis, even the Sunday calls.OCWEN has calls no less than 8 to 10 times in a day, even after leaving detailed messages on our recorder as well as breaking the Privacy Act; and giving out detailed private information about our mortgage to our son as well as my niece whom was caring for me after a Hospital stay. This is blaitant harassment and a violtion of the FDCPA and the FEDERAL PRIVACY ACT. They send people to our home to try and do inspections and property evaluations and charge us repeatedly. We had a fixed rate of 9.25 when we bought our house in January 2007.We started the Obama modification process in mid 2008.That's when the real nightmare began, just like the other complaints OCWEN wanted money up front and for over 3 months they would say they didn't get all documentations;when I would send it overnight requiring signatures as well as;faxing from Kinkos that way we could track and document names and times. After notifying the next OCWEN (collector) calling, of course they knew nothing about it and offered a in house modification. I am WARNING all OCWEN customers not to sign anything no matter how good it sounds unless you show it to an attorney. One example of thir blaitant deciet is they send you a last minute FINALE REMODIFICATION OFFER to save your HOME which would reduce your intrest by about 50% and your payment as well, sounds great!BUT WAIT! Now my mortgaga balance was raised by $7.000.00. they have charges that they can't even explain and you have 3 DAYS to RESPOND. My advise is file complaints with: FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION, the FLORIDA SECRETARY of STATE as well as the STATE in which you live.LASTLY, DOCUMENT EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU SPEAK TO OCWEN and keep all notices in order in a file for court. OCWEN needs to be SHUT DOWN AND PUNISHED.I have detailed billing on my phone, thus making it easier for me to document the calls and the number of attempts to defraud us. I think this is like BAIT an SWITCH but that's for the LAWYERS or PROSECUTORS to to use in a single or a CLASS ACTION SUIT for:FRAUD, MISAPPROPRIATION of FUNDS, HARASSMENT and who knows what else they could be charged with BUT I"M DONE PLAYING this sick sick game.One last thing DISPUTE YOUR ACCOUNT inWRITTING and send requesting signatures and then FAX it as well.They are REQUIRED to RESPOND within 30 days, but they won't and that is to your advantage.

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  • Cr
    C Rivkin Jun 09, 2011

    We are going through the same thing. No foreclosure, however tried the modification three times denied. One representative told us they were looking at an in house modication and another said they didn't see it in the system. We requested 1 month ago all our documents related to the mortgage. Haven't receive that yet! This is a pure mess and you feel pretty hopeless.

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they're about to ruin my life

In july '06, we decided it was time to purchase a home instead of paying rent for someone else’s' house. We picked a home to accommodate our then 3 children. We had american home mortgage with an adj. Rate higher than the federal rate due to our credit.

Our loan was sold to, you guessed it, ocwen. After the loan sale, the rate increased a little.

We are in our second year of our mortgage and have fallen behind in our payments to ocwen. They call incessantly and have gotten our mortgage now more than what we borrowed because each time we are behind, they assess us fees exceeding the mortgage! The house was assessed at $130, 000.00 and now we owe $147, 000.00. We are a young family with now 4 kids and unless we get some divine intervention, will be foreclosed on and paying rent again.

Each time we need to call someone from ocwen we get a horrible-english speaking 'representative', used mildly, who just keeps bumping our payments up to now more than we make in a month... Just for the house!

  • Sh
    Shannon36535 Feb 17, 2011

    This is the lesson. Pay your bills on time . Your mortgage is the first thing you should pay above all else especially with a high interest rate. Perhaps you should seek out a new mortgage lender to buy out your current mortgage from them . Maybe it is best to go back to paying rent until you are in a better situtation. but this is nothing more than you didnt pay your payment on time now this is the result. It sucks but its happening everyday in america to a new family.

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they don't care

I am in the process of foreclosure. A contacted Ocwen several times to lower my rate or try and help in some way so I can keep the home I have worked my life for. They don’t call, nor care for the costumers they have. I want my home, I don’t think they want to pay my mortgage until my house sells. We have 4 houses that have not sold in over 1 year now. If they cared about the me and my son they would try and help me to keep it. I ask to be lowered by 200.00.

  • Be
    BETTY BOOP Feb 24, 2009


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  • Ma
    Mary Apr 12, 2009

    Please get with your State's Attorney General Office to put in your complaint. We did hopefully they will get this taken care of. Go to Ocwen's web site, go to consumer's complaint

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  • Tb
    TBW has my $19,000 Feb 23, 2010

    Arghhh...This is what I had to email Cenlar since I can not speak to a human for either company.
    I have paperwork and have spoken with multiple account representatives that stated my account would not be negatively affected because Taylor, Bean and Whitaker owe my $18, 887l.53. I recently made TWO months payments and called to make another two TODAY to get caught up, but now my loan is with a debt collector? I tried to contact a CENLAR person in person (phone), but each que kept hanging up on me since my account was transferred.

    I tried to call OCWEN (it would really help if that name and website were spelled out on the phone). I couldn't even speak to a real person at OCWEN...each que there hung up on me after stating I owe "zero dollars" and my last payment due was "January 2010". I would REALLY like to pay my loan.

    Before TB&W lost my loan modification paper work twice and then went bankrupt, I used to be 3 months ahead on my mortgage. Now I can't even PAY my mortgage?

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In October 2007 Ocwen said that they would modify my mortgage payments based on my monthly income, so we could keep our home, but I had to be 30 days late to in order for them to even consider it. So I went ahead and didn't make October’s payment. As of today, May 21st, they have not been able to help me. They only adjusted the interested rate. So I have submitted an offer for a short sale, and every time I call to check on the status, they harass me about why I am not keeping the home.

  • Re
    Realty Mediation Services Jun 10, 2008

    I agree with everyone on this comment board and I am so sorry to hear about all the trouble that you are all having. This is the reason I started my company. I have helped several people that have mortgages with ASC, Countrywide, and other mortgage companies that don't seem to care if they harass people or suck them dry. The comments I have heard are along the lines of trying to get blood from a stone or turnip, or something like that.

    I have a service that actually will take you out of the loop of contact with ASC, or Countrywide or whomever you have servicing your loan. All you have to do is tell me how we can help you. By that I mean, tell us what you are looking for us to do for you and we will pursue the help that you want, no matter what. We have all aspects of the mortgage business covered from being a mortgage mediation company, a title company, a real estate company, all the way to having access to attorneys for litigation or help to avoid foreclosure. No aspect of help is turned away.

    Let me tell you, most of the customers that I deal with have told me about the fear and the frustration of working with mortgage companies that don't seem to care or give them the runaround. To be totally fair, mortgage companies have their ways of dealing with people. Some are good, some are horrible. But one thing all mortgage companies love is being vague. When they are vague, they don't have to give you information until you ASK for it. How does that help you? How can you try to save your home if you don't know how to ask the right questions?

    That’s another reason why I created this company. I take your number out of their "system". When they mail you something, it goes to me. I take the burden away from you so you can live your life without the phone calls and the letters. And the rudeness!!! Oh, man, if I told you some of the stories I have heard...let's just say, it’s not pretty.

    I know that some people are going to look at this comment and go, this guy is trying to drum up business. Well, you're right. But here's the kicker. I used to work in mortgage collections. I used to make the phone calls and send the letters. I used to work around the people that make your lives hell. And I kept asking myself, why? Why are these people not being told about the help that’s readily available? Why are these people not being helped to make payment arrangements that are realistic? Why does this company care more about the money than about customer service when that is supposed to be their primary objective?

    That's why I got out. I can not stand collections. Just because they are hiding behind a company name they think that they can say anything or act anyway they like with the customers, being friendly with one and the next 40-50 they can treat like crap. Where is the customer service?

    I take all that frustration away from you and create solutions that work. I know that it may be hard to swallow, but I do. I have done it for several people. And I can do it for you too. If you want more specifics or just want to talk to me, call my office at 888-453-1518 and check out the website, which is being updated with a few new options available. And this isn't just for people facing foreclosure, people that are current and want to pay off their home early, call me. I can and will help as many people as I am able to. What have you got to lose? Website address is if not for you, best of luck. In all your endeavors.

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scam and rip off!

I have been trying to get Ocwen to modify my mortgage which is at 10.65% interest. Every time I call I get...

it's just unbelievable

On april 4, 2008, an agent representing ocwen bank, knocked on the front door of the property I was living and renting, in a very insisting and loud way. Since nobody opened the door, he entered the property through the side door leading to the yard and knocked on the sliding glass door located in the backyard. The door was not opened for this person that started showing documents through the glass door telling my wife and daughter the property was in foreclosure, and the bank, through him could pay an amount of $3500.00 dlls to vacate in short time. Since I was not at the property at that moment, he told them that he was going to come back at a later time the same day. He came back the same day and I explained to this person that I did not receive any notice either from the bank, the owner or the company renting the house that the property was in foreclosure and that my lease agreement was good until april 30, 2008. He then told me that I could stay until the end of my lease agreement or vacate before april 22, 2008 and receive a $3500.00 dlls compensation for early vacate. I started moving some stuff out of the house over the weekend but left some others inside the house. I was away for a couple of days and the locks for the doors to get inside of the house were changed, so I went ahead and called this agent and told me he didn’t know what was going on, and gave me the keys to the house, only to find out all of my things were not there, and that this person would not take responsibility for the things that were inside the house even though he had knowledge that my lease contract was good until april 30, 2008. He told me that I had to talk to the people who changed the locks and that he could not be held accountable for this action. When I spoke to the company who changed the locks I was told my things had been thrown to the trash by orders of the bank owning the property. Then, I spoke to a bank representative and told me the agent had a list of the things that was going to be given to the bank so the bank could pay me the cost of the things thrown to the trash. As of now, nobody has contacted me or received any retribution for the things that were on the property I was still renting, or a retribution for leaving the property early. These people are just scammers, dishonest and they basically stole my stuff. I hope the authorities would investigate this bank, since I am not the only one being affected by these people.