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getting ripped off

Have been dealing with this crap company now for 4 months to get my money from the insurance company to fix...

fraudulent credit reporting

Ocwen has been servicing my mortgage since September 2010. I have not been late on my mortgage since Ocwen took over my loan. I check my credit monthly. In October 2010, I asked Ocwen to refinance my mortgage to get a lower rate and was denied. I applied with another company who requested a pay-off quote from Ocwen. After Ocwen received the payoff quote request, they begin reporting incorrect information to the Equifax, Transunion, and Experian. Today, November 24, Ocwen is reporting that I have been 90 days late once in the last 7 years and I was 120 days late in July of 2010. I would like to reiterate that Ocwen acquired my loan in September 2010 and did not have my loan in July 2010 nor was my loan being serviced by them in the last 7 years. So how is it that Ocwen is reporting that I have made late payment to them during the last 90, and 120 days, or the last 7 years. In addtion to the fraudualant late payments reported to the credit bureaus, Ocwen also is reporting incorrect balances on my account in excess of $590, 00. Upon Ocwen acquiring my loan, my balance was $65, 813. Today, Ocwen is reporting the balance on my loan as 657, 813. When contacted, after several minutes of waitting, Ocwen denies reporting negative or late payments for my account to any of the credit bureaus or that my account has a balance of 657, 813. They claim that the Credit Bureaus are reporting incorrectly and they are reportig my account as positive with no negative history. My credit report shows differently. I believe that Ocwen is responsible for fraudulant reporting. Their efforts have prevented me from refinancing my home to obtain lower interest rates as the negative payments have reduced my credit score significatnly, and rasied my debt to ratio stats. As a result I have been denied credit and my rights have been violated. This company raised my mortgage by 100.00 this month even after I requested that they correct the escrow. I provided proof that taxes for my home decreased as it is Homesteaded, however, Ocwen has ignored my request to correct the Escrow account and continues to charge me at the higher 2010 tax amount, therefore increasing my mortgage. Ocwen practices fraudulant reporting in an effort to prevent customers from refinancing, and esculate foreclosure proceedings. This company is not lawful and I have proof thereof. I believe that Ocwen relies on the fact that most people do not check their credit monthly so they place negative information on credit reports causing problems for those looking to refinance to get relief from their unlawful practices. I welcome a Lawsuit against this company. Something must be done to stop them.

  • St
    Steph Miller Jul 04, 2011

    I am having the same thing happening to me, they have reported me 7 times in this year, and my taxes are not paid until i get called by the tax office or the tax office sends me a letter...what are we gonna do. I can't get another mortage loan because of them and not too many people are going to lend money to a person with this history and they are saying they did NOT report me. As we speak i am sending them all credit reportings of all 3 places of burea's ...THEY NEED TO BE STOPPED. LAWYERS ARE WELCOME TO HELP .

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    WorriedMortgage Dec 13, 2013

    I'm having something similar happening to me. They bought my mortgage from another lender and since then, they have been reporting that my mortgage was included in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. I've not had a Bankruptcy, nor have I been late on a payment. I've written and called more than I care to remember. Also... When you do get someone on the phone you can't understand them because they are outsourced to India. I've asked to speak to a Supervisor and have been denied. When I called the resolution phone number, I told them I was recording the conversation, and the person told me he would not talk with me if I were recording. Obviously Ocwen has shady business practices and needs to be reported. IS THERE ANYONE WHO CAN HELP?

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  • Re
    Rebecca Lynn Dec 26, 2013

    I am currently researching this topic because I just found out they did it to me too! Ocwen has been peppering our credit report with 30 days here and 60 days here but what got our attention today was when we were turned down for an auto loan. We couldn't figure out why we couldn't get financed because we have good credit so we pulled our report and BAM- 180+ days past due for 10/13. Not only was it completely inaccurate but the report shows us as in good standing for over a year (that's when I discovered all the other little 30 and 90 day reports that were not correct).
    After contacting Ocwen and having someone read a screen back to frustrating..I was given a number to fax my bank records, the false credit reports, and what I would like them to do about it to their research department. WTH?? I am doing all the dang research! For anyone else that would like the fax number it is: 407-737-6375. Include your loan number, any proof you have of where they went wrong, and be sure to sign it before you fax it to them ATTN: Research Department.
    So much for my new car for Christmas! I hope this information helps- I know I have my fingers crossed so I don't have to file a dispute with the credit reporting companies.

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  • Ti
    Timothy M. Stull Feb 19, 2014

    I have personally battled Ocwen on hundreds of foreclosure prevention / loan modification cases. Ocwen is nothing more than a glorified collection agency. They are classified as a non bank loan servicer...which for all practical purposes is a collection agency. They purchase distressed mortgage debt for pennies on the dollar and then seek to collect as much money as possible. Since real estate values have been rising quickly, they have a direct motive to foreclose. The only reason that Ocwen will ever modify a delinquent mortgage is if they feel that they can sell the debt for a higher premium in the future. You will need to force Ocwen to modify or restructure your mortgage debt. We block Ocwen's ability to collect on mortgage debt, by stripping down the validity of the debt and enforcing the FDCPA. Since Ocwen is unable to collect or foreclose, eventually they will cave in an offer a loan modification / loan restructure plan. Enforcing action v. Ocwen, requires filing a series of complex complaints & demands on the federal and state level. Please feel free call my office at 877.297.7011 for more information...or visit TheFreshStartFirm (dot) com.

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  • Ga
    Gary Frazier Jun 04, 2015

    I was discharged under a chapter 7 in May 2014. In Oct 2014 Ocwen approved a SAM loan to save my home. I have made every payment on time since the modification. They continued to report to all 3 credit agencies, after it was discharged. A few days ago they told me they reported in error, cause following the chapter 7, they were not allowed to report a balance or my payments. Now my score has dropped 50 points. I called them today and she said they can still foreclose on my home if I fail to make payments, yet they will not be able to report my payments and or a balance to the credit agencies. What can I do? I appreciate your help. Thank you.

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  • On
    Online Shopper68 May 19, 2017

    I am experiencing the same with Ocwen Mortgage. First reporting from Ocwen stated I was late 7 times within a year. I was not late not even once. Due to the incorrect reporting I was denied a refi. I placed the incorrect reporting in dispute with the credit agencies, and now today, I get an updated report that now Ocwen is reporting several years back, which again is incorrect, and my report stares Ocwen stopped reporting in 2013. So now for the last two year, which again my payments always ontime, are not being reported. They suddenly disappeared from Ocwen reporting.

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loan re-modification

Sure sounds like my complaint is very much like the rest of yours. Fought with this company since May 2010, when Cenlar sold us to them (after I put in for a re-modification), about paperwork they supposedly didn't receive on our mortgage re-modification. Of course the same papers were sent 7 times, but every time, a new paper would come up missing. Does anyone know how to piece the papers together...guess not?!?!? Anyway, I left 6 messages on the same idiots voicemail, and 3 emails were sent, but never once received a call back from the idiots. Only thing I ever got was those stupid letters telling me they were missing something different after I would fax all the paperwork. Then I receive a phone call the other day asking if I am in need of any assistance with my mortgage? ASSISTANCE???? So now you want to help me I said. When I sent the papers 7 times, left 6 messages and sent 3 emails, you didn't want to bother with me, but now you want to help me. CLICK, they hang up on me. Haven't heard from them since.

  • Ga
    Gail1189 Dec 20, 2010

    Here is my story, I fell upon financial problems, and I applied for a modification in August was finally approved on October 19, 2010 and I never received the documents to review and sign. I contacted customer service many times and like everyone else was placed on hold, transferred and also hung up on when being transferred. I emailed customer service and they informed me that they had sent the documents on the 19th and that I was to receive, read, sign and send back the payment by October 26th; which is technically impossible. Since this time I have been trying to find out where they were sent, and to have them redo them and send again to my secure e-fax number. On December 5, I finally got through to someone who informed me that my home was going to be put up for sale on December 7 but he was going to put a rush on the modification docs. FYI I was never notified by mail about this either. I called back on Monday and also checked the website for the status of my loan and it stated that they had received my modification request and not to contact them for 30 days. On December 13th my tenant texted me that someone from the back had been there I was at work at the time. In a panic I called them to ask about the modification they informed me that the bank now owns my property and transferred me the REO dept. which instructed me to leave a message and someone will call me back, and also gave me a email address. I have been doing both since last Thursday to no responses. I have all my emails and faxes to back this up. I am lucky that I know an attorney and although I need most likely a litigation attorney to help me; he gave me an idea to go to the registry of deeds to see if in fact they foreclosed, well so far I don’t see that a transfer has happened; but I still am not getting anywhere

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bad service

My mortgage was transfer from Homeq to Ocwen recently.

I was paying interest only payments + $600 to reduce my principal.

Ocwen send me a bill for a interest charges of 110000.00.

I don't know how are they going to charge me after I've been paying interest only for 5 years? interest after interest? Trying to talk to a rep is a journey. leave message never get a response back from them. sometimes i get a luck talking to the rep. guess what? they are in India. don't know nothing about it can't even understand what they are saying like talking to a computer. i am still trying to get in contact with them. i thought homeq was bad Ocwen is about 1000 times worse than homeq.

  • Oc
    Ocwen Victim Jan 25, 2011

    Ocwen is a rip off
    Join the class action Law Suit talk to attorney's
    Lieff, Cabraser, Heimann and Bernstein

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  • Oc
    Ocwen Victim Jan 25, 2011

    Class Action Law Suit against Ocwen!

    Ocwen is a rip off

    Join the Class Action Law Suit against Ocwen
    check this out:
    415.956.1000, _Litton, _Ocwen

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  • Oc
    Ocwen Victim Jan 25, 2011

    Class Action Against Ocwen

    Tell everyone you know... pass this on
    415.956.1000, _Litton, _Ocwen

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  • Si
    Sick of the Bailout Apr 02, 2011

    they will not let me do a HAMP with my second home; does anyone know of any alternate solutions?

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ocwen screwed another one over

We started with Taylor, Bean, and Whitaker close to three years ago. Never missed a payment - always paid on time and in full. In August of 2009, we attempted a loan modification to reduce the interest rate. We were told our loan was going to Cenlar but to wait until we were contacted by Cenlar - not to contact them. Cenlar took over our loan in September 2009 - we attempted a loan modification through them - we both lost our jobs in the same month and needed to reduce our payments as well. Cenlar kept telling us NOT to make our payments as we were trying for a modification - this went on for 3 months and whenwe do hear from Cenlar, it was to tell us that we were now being transferred to Ocwen. We had to start the WHOLE process over again. Over the time span of a year now, Ocwen has provided us with nothing but lies, misleading information, and no one to hold accountable. We have gone to mostly all of the homeowners modifications functions hosted but told we can afford our monthly payments. We KNOW we can now afford the monthly payments - it is the arrearage amounts we needed help with. Ocwen refuses to accept our monthly payments with a little extra each month - they tried to modify our loan TWICE with a higher monthly payment, no reduction on the interest rate, and extend the life of our mortgage by 10 years. We were served with Froeclosure papers and went to speak to an attorney. We are now filing Chapter 13 in order to keep our home but our credit is ruined and Ocwen is trying to get us to pay more than what we are behind on. PLUS they want to increase our monthly payments indefinitely because our escrow is at zero now. We are fed up and willing to be part of any lawsuit that is out there with Ocwen. Please contact me directly at [protected] and put Ocwen in the subject title.

  • Hv
    H V Cook Jul 01, 2011

    Amen to that -had same problem and they seem to never be able to find paperwork that has been sent over and over... I finally gave up after 3 years of trying to modify, I'm still struggling to make ends meet but I'm not frustrated or stressed out anymore...

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  • Co
    contractor g Oct 05, 2013

    I am a contractor that has been dealing with ocwen for over 4months now. We done a roof for a customer that had a claim with this company. They kept sending check in the wrong contrctors name. Every time we call there is some paperwork they say they dont have and that soon as they get it they will issue a draw. We send what they ask for then call to confirm they recieved it. Call to check the status and they say there is something else they dont have and so on and so on and so on. The process keeps repeating itself. Everyone needs to get together and sue this company. They will judged to pay out EVERY draw owed and that will force them to close their doors permanently.

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fraudulant charges/poor customer service

Never do business with this company.

Ocwen decided to lose evidence of property tax payment; subsequently, the opened an escrow account without permission to pay the property taxes.

Ocwen will not realize their mistake; they have now billed us for the principal mortgage payment + escrow charges; they will not close the escrow account.

Ocwen never paid our taxes (Which was confirmed by our township tax department several times) ; however they insist they did.

We have emailed and faxed evidence of the paid property taxes; they lose our submission each time and never have record of speaking with us. We have been trying to resolve the issue for four months.

My family has spent at least 20 hours of time on hold; we have called no less than 20 times. We have emailed and/or faxed evidence of paid property taxes over 10 times. We get a service department in inida; they could care less. Tax/escrow departments also lose our submission everytime.

Better business bureau has a total of 567 filed complaints against ocwen; their bbb rating is "f"

Save what's left of your sanity, never do business with this company if at all possible

  • Ka
    Karen4805 Dec 20, 2010

    Call the FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION!!! 877-382-4357, I called and filed a complaint today...they are going to watch for a pattern on OCWEN...but please call them and any one else that you know who have to deal with ocwen!!!

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predatory lending

Ocwen Mortage has completley hosed my Oct2010 payment and my hands are tied, there is no one to talk to and...

not honoring modification loan

Our complaint against ocwen...

First off I want the make people aware that we have many of the most important conversations with ocwen recorded so there is no we say/they say.

We were offered and agreed to a loan modification from ocwen signed and dated in june 29, 2010. We sent in the down payment/first payment at the end of june per our modification agreement.

On july 16 we received a letter from a local attorney stating that ocwen had referred our home loan to them for foreclosure for a default on the loan. My husband called ocwen and asked them why they started foreclosure and they said that the modification would be entered into their system and the correct information would reflect in our account soon. We replied to ocwen's attorneys office and sent them all the information needed to dispute this error made by ocwen. We them called the attorneys office to see if they had received all the information and they had. The attorney's office told us that they could not reach ocwen and asked us to try to have ocwen contact them. My husband even made a conference call between ocwen and their attorney's office and was told by ocwen that they could see that a mistake was made and they would get it resolved.

We have a screen shot of our account online taken on july, 19, 2010 showing a message that our modification and payment had been received. The screen shot shows the information about our loan before the modification but shows the next payment due according to our modification.

We made our aug. Mortgage payment over the phone in aug. 2010 and it was accepted. We made our payment in the form of a personal check for the amount due according to the modification in september. They sent the check back claiming it wasn't enough to satisfy the default. We called ocwen and the claimed that we did not have a loan modification with them. My husband again told them that we have in our possession a loan modification agreement with them. They conveniently found our modification agreement in a matter of seconds after we gave them that information. The home retention specialist told us to wait a few days before sending the september payment back so that the same thing wouldn't happen. He called my husband back like he said he would in a couple of days and said that everything had been straightened out.

About two weeks later, my husband received a call from their collections department stating that they were trying to collect a debt and that the september payment had been rejected again. It was the collections department again having no knowledge of the modification. He asked to be transferred to the home retention specialist. The specialist then said he didn't know why the payment was rejected again and that he would again call back after he had figured out why this was still happening. Again, he called my husband back a day or so later and said that he could then send in the payment again, but that it needed to be certified funds. He also advised that my husband wait a week or two before sending in the october payment so that it wouldn't be confused with the september one.

On november 1, 2010 I found a notice of trustee's sales set for december 1, 2010 taped to my front door. Since, we haven't received any payments back, as of today, november 2, the september (Certified funds) payment has still not been accepted/cashed nor has october's payment. We have been calling ocwen all day long and can not get a hold of our home retention consultant.

Ocwen has left us no choice but to get an attorney and fight them. Ocwen is foreclosing on a home that they have no legal right to as we are not delinquent on our home modification.

  • Ht
    HTNeves Nov 15, 2010

    Update... So Ocwen LLC is now claiming that they have not entered our Loan Modification into there systems yet.

    Are you kidding me!!! It's been over 4 months. OCWEN offered US the modification which WE signed, dated, had notarized and sent in our payments. To which they accepted and makes it a legal binding contract, yet they are still going forward with the auction of our house Dec. 1, 2010 because OCWEN has not entered it in their systems... They even ADMIT on record that it is their mistake...Oh Ocwen... What are you doing?

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  • Ht
    HTNeves Nov 29, 2010

    Update... Ocwen has pushed our auction date to late January. Ocwen is now claiming that we did not send in our modification on time. Again, we have a screen shot taken on July, 19 that clearly states our modification and payment has been received and will post to our account in 2 business days. Our lawyer is not concerned and has gone up against Ocwen many times and has won. We meet with him on Dec. 1.

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  • Tr
    T Ry Jan 16, 2011

    Were you behind in any mortgage payments when you tried getting a modification? We just went to their website and they congratelated us on being approved. They gave us a amount of 600.00 less a month on our feb payment and said the docs will be sent out. We never missed a payment and I am bit skepktical about them.

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  • Ht
    HTNeves Jan 17, 2011

    We were behind, but it's wiped out once the mod. is complete. You should be skeptical. Make sure you document everything and record any conversations they have if your state allows it. Hopefully you escape the Ocwen horror...

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  • Tr
    T Ry Jan 18, 2011

    Talked to a lswyer today and once we get the paper work I am gonna let him go over it just to make sure there are no loopholes. What I don't understand is that ocwen lowered our february payment even before we got the paper work.

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  • Wi
    Wiz Bef Mar 14, 2011

    T Ry, Did you ever get the paperwork? Through the mail or through email? Did the modification go though? I'm in the same predicament. We submitted the modification paperwork via the email address they provided, and can see a "congratulations you're approved" notification with a lowered payment for May 1, 2011. We are anxiously waiting for the paperwork... and are terrified with each passing day.

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  • Tr
    T Ry Apr 08, 2011

    We just finished our last trial payment and they have all our signed for the past 2 months. Now we are just waiting for the usual 45 days to pass to get the signed paper work back to us. We actually had spoken to someone in Florida who told us the paperwork was on it's way. We were paying our own taxes and insurance and ocwen opened a escrow account for us which is included in the mtg. payment. We never did anything thru email strictly U S mail that way we sent back our notorized (2) copys back to them over night mail with signature required upon recieving mail. The paperwork has to come thru the mail because it needs to be notorized. I don't know if you were ever behind in your mtg payments, but we never missed one in 11 years and our trial payments were recieved by ocwen on the first of every month. I hope they don't screw us, but I have a good feeling that things will work out other wise they will have more empty houses that they can't get rid of.

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  • Tr
    T Ry May 07, 2011

    Ocwen just approved our MOD as of 5.5.11. Principal was reduced from 289, 00 to 157, 00 and payments were reduced from 2036.00 to 1407.35 which includes property tax and insurance. Maybe we got lucky I don't know, but I can only hope that other folks get the same help as we did. Maybe living in Nevada helped where there are so many homes that are empty and 70% of the home owener are underwater. Best of luck to all who read this. Praying helps also.

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modification scam

Ocwen scammed us by sending us a letter a few weeks ago stating if we send them $1, 560.00 that will be our new loan payment for an approved loan modification to start oct.1 2010. Well we sent the moneygram with the full amount and faxed the signed paperwork by the date requested. Called them last tuesday to make sure everything was a go. They said they got the money but not the signed documents so therefore we are not eligible for the home loan modification because we passed the due date of oct.1st.

unathuorized payment raise

They let me sign a paper that my mortgage would be 720 .00 for 3 years but raised my payment to almost a thousand dollars in 2 years. i was in a bankruptcy for 5 years and payed it through them but now after 10 years i owe more than i owed from th beginning. for 4 years the never sent me tax statements and i would call and they would tell me they would email them to me but never did.i checked with irs and they have a copy but i don't.i hpe that someone can figure out whats wrong with this company. tell me what is wrong with these ocwen people.

  • Cj
    CJMB Aug 23, 2013


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foreclosure letter

Ok my patience are wearing thin and yes I agree there needs to be some kind of lawsuit to ocwen. I was recently transfered to ocwen in sept. Previously I had made payment arrangements with my previous lender and evertyhing would be caught up and up to date december 1, 2010. Woo what a relief... However, ocwen purchased my loan in the meantime. They told me that they are not required by law to accept the previous lenders payment arrangments. Gggrrr what am I to do??? Well I tried for a modification however, every time I sent it in something would come up missing then they sent a letter to me dated sept. 29 certified. Stating that I had till the 29th of october to bring my account current.In the same letter it states to call before sending the money. So I did and indeed they included more fees but I was like whatever and sent in all the money. They called me today to inform me that they had received my payment woo hooo!!! Everything is good right??? Well 4 hour later I get a phone call from ocwen stating that I now owe a reinstatement fee of 396.43 in addition to the monies I already sent. When speaking with a supervisor they stated that they were late charges and shortages etc. I asked to be transfered to someone that spoke fluent english and they told me its against the company policy to transfer calls. Rofl now I have contacted the legal aid system here in oklahoma. Filed a complaint with the attorney general of florida and I will be contacting the florida department of financial regulation tomorrow. I'm sick and tired of having 20 phone calls a day especially now that I have brought everything current!

  • Ht
    HTNeves Nov 03, 2010

    We were told at the beginning of our trying to modify that they would not help us because our home was worth more to them at auction and yes we have them recorded saying that.

    Ocwen has our home set to sell at auction on Dec. 1, 2010. We have a legal loan modification with them that they are not honoring and are trying to foreclose based on our prior to modification loan. We have so much evidence to support our case against them that it is not even funny. Ocwen basically tells you want you want to hear and before you know it your house is up for auction. Make sure you record your conversations with Ocwen, it's hard to deny thing said when it's there on a recording for the world to see. There is a massive class action lawsuit.
    Here is the website

    We need to all ban together and put this company in their places. My husband and I have a strong solid case against them. So it can be done, and I will let the anyone who wants to know the out come. Email me at [email protected]

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  • Ht
    HTNeves Nov 15, 2010

    Update... So Ocwen LLC is now claiming that they have not entered our Loan Modification into there systems yet.

    Are you kidding me!!! It's been over 4 months. OCWEN offered US the modification which WE signed, dated, had notarized and sent in our payments. To which they accepted and makes it a legal binding contract, yet they are still going forward with the auction of our house Dec. 1, 2010 because OCWEN has not entered it in their systems... They even ADMIT on record that it is their mistake...Oh Ocwen... What are you doing

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short sales/foreclosure

I am a realtor and I have a couple of short sale that i am negioating with Owcen Bank . what this bank is doing to people is wrong . they have employee that works for that do not have no one best interest at hand . I think that every state Attorney office should be investigation this Bank and how they are getting away with bad buisness practice that violate people all over .

please if any one is filing a suit against them . I have plenty to share in writing from their own employee's . please send me a email or a call.


My mortgage went form taylor bean to cenlar to ocwen all in one year. Every time I applied for the " make you home affordable" obama plan my mortgage would be sold. Ocwen started off my returning checks saying they had to be certifed, the charging me late fees because they wouldn't except my check, then they raised my monthly bill $343.00 for an escrow account saying I was behind on my taxes. I proved time and time again through emails, and faxes my bills were paid for the year. I even called them with our senator only to be told everything would be fine. Then they continued not cashing my checks, even the $8, 000.00 check I wrote to catch it all back up. When I demanded to know where my uncashed check was they said" just send another one and we will throw this one away " this company is in india. Today I received foreclosure papers because ocwen won't take my checks, wont talk with me and they are crooks.

foreclosing our home on us with no reason.

We started out with refinacing our home, and we were put with Taylor, Bean, and Whitaker. We were with them for about eight month, before being put with Ocwen. This was in July of 2009. I was not contacted by Ocwen till August. At this time I contacted them after recieving a letter of the change in the mail. A man from India, told me that they wanted July, and August payments. I told them, I had sent July's in to T, B&W. He became very demanding, and wanted the money now. I wasn't happy talking with him because, I had just found out about all this. My fixed loan, had been raised to another amount. I sent my payment in, and recieved a letter that they had recieved the T, B&W July payment so all was well. Well, on our end every month since then, I was being called, and harrassed wanting their payment, even before it was due. This was all people from India. When I would call, I could not get anyone on the phone. The company would hang up on me too. I tried the main office, and no one would return my call, and answer me. I was tired of the phone calls, and I was not late. They also changed my insurance on me with out my permission, and I had insurance already. They sent papers to me saying they never recieved my payments. Which we got charged with threats of forecloser. We were not late at all each month. I began to send Money orders, and they didn't want money orders. I sent in proof over ten times of my payments, and they said they never got them. I sent them to the number they gave me. I payed all payments to May. Then they sent my payment back. They would not accept it anymore, because they put us into forecloser saying we never paid for nine months, which wasn't true. Even though, I had proof of all payments, and I prooved it to them they would not accept them.

Now it was turned over to Heurfano county to sale in November of 2010. They also said, that I owed them over $15, 000k. I only owed them from when they wouldn't accept the payment in May 2010, so it was around $4, 800k I owed that when they accepted my payments again. Ocwen turned it into a Lawyer in Denver, and the Lawyer wants to charge me more, If I fight this forcloser. Heurfano county coarts made me pay money to fight the forecloser. That was 9-2-10. We had a coart date, and no one showed for it. The Judge, and the county had never had a forecloser faught over before so they don't know what to do. I keep being told that the jude will decide on the on [protected] because of being 30 days. That came, and went. Then it was 10-14-2010 and still nothing from anyone. Then I was told on 10-20-2010 when I called that Ocwen wants the house to move forward, and sell. Now the judge, they said still hadn't viewed the file even though it has been on his desk all this time. I was told that he will get to it when he has time, but this is not his priority. Now the county won't make long distance calls, so they will not contact me about anything. I have to make all the calls.

Now this lie, and all this hold up, had distroyed our credit, and made it hard on us. My dad had cancer treatments, at this time, and I his daughter have had to spend a lot of time trying to make it right for him. Ocwen wants the full loan of $160k, and we made the payments, and they were never accounted for the principal. So it too never went down. I feel Ocwen needs to lay off, and not take homes from people for the wrong reasons. We made our payments every month they were the ones in the wrong, and we have to suffer for these professionals, that are not acting as professionals. Bring our work back to America. I am tired of these people in other countries making mistakes that we have to pay for.

  • Cg
    cgadd Dec 23, 2010

    My husband and I are in the same fight with OCWEN and we have taken it to the media. We are looking for people like us that have been taken advantage of to come fight with us. Please call us to talk. I even have information we can share with you. My number is 724-557-6267 and my email is ([email protected]) or ([email protected]) We are going forward with a class action lawsuit.

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payment dispute

I have duplicated payments in November and the people from that company stated that they have no policy to return my double payment and I am paid up till December. In turn I explain I accrued overcharges over $800.00 and they still don't care about my financial issue.

I can't believe how this company can be so insensitive when they bought my loan from Saxon which has always treated us so well.

I will also be writing to their President Bill Herby if it will make a difference.

  • Mi
    Michael L. Smith May 04, 2013

    This company is the same as our Old Mortgage Company 'Saxon' which is I believe closed now? imagine that! They all work out of India and can't speak English very well, they read from a script and if you come up with a 'strange' question...well it's not on their script...just like I asked what the 'Inspection Fees' of $10.50 for 2 mths, then a fee of $320.00 - well it is Property Preservation at 866-9756. They can tell you...well I called them - the poor lady on the phone was an American and said 'we only handle foreclosure properties'...'we don't have your house'...what???? so I asked her to hold on while I do a 'three way call' - wow was that a big impact on the Indians in India...they were pissed off...and said no u misunderstood - it is a fee that we sent someone to ur home to take a picture to make sure u were occupying the house????? WTH...they have my land line number, they have my email, they have never called here without me answering????? we have never been late with our now I guess they figure they will put some 'crazy charges on our acct'...Oh hell not - this is pure insanity!!! Do they think the American home owners are idiot's????

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Company is unwilling to assist with modification process. They will call and say they do not have
Information that has already been sent. They will have you on hold and then transfer you to multiple
Departments. I spent 25 minutes on the phone before I got someone who half knew what they were talking
About and then that person even had to offer to call me back after more research. They are rude and
Unwilling to assist you. The offered to modify my mortgage for more than the payment is now which is not
Helpful. We have a second mortgage that is basically a phantom mortgage because the house is worth less
Than the first lean and they have not addressed that issue.

File a complaint with the attorney general. If no one takes action things will never change!!!

unauthorized charges, incorrect reporting

This company is affecting my life in negative ways that I have trouble comprehending. i believe they are operating with the intent to ruin customers' credit scores so that they can never refinance thereby securing the mortgage loans for the entire 30 year life of the loan and 100% of the interest accrued. 4 years ago when my adjustable rate loan was set to rise, they offered me a modification in order to keep my business. They now report both of my loans as "partial payments" each month which has tanked both my husband and I's credit scores by over 200 points each. All of our credit cards have either been closed or the rates maxed out at 30 percent as a direct result of Ocwen's incorrect reporting of the loans. Now this month they processed my payment for 200 dollars over the monthly payment amount, what I wrote the check for. They say that it is my responsibility to prove that the check was for the correct amount; They discard the checks after they are processed. Someone hit a 5 instead of a 3 and now my bank account is overdrawn and no one will help me. I really believe that this is another indication of their malintended plan to ruin my credit so that I can NEVER get away from these loans by refinancing. I HATE OCWEN. When I speak to their representatives they treat me like my story is always a lie and I am an idiot. It can NEVER be their mistake and they have no procedures in place to handle complaints in any way. if anyone has any advice or action please recommend it to me.

  • Oc
    Ocwensucks Dec 28, 2010

    I HATE Ocwen as well. I called Ocwen to see if I could make my Dec. payment in 2 payments and the guy said yes. You aren't set up that way but go ahead and make your first payment and I will document when you are sending your payments. I made my first payment and then my second payment 2 weeks later and both were received prior to the 15th when payment is due. I then get a phone call saying my payment is LATE. I then get a letter showing my 2nd payment being applied to my mortgage bill but my 1st payment is in a holding account and I now need to pay the 1st payment amount plus late fees. I call and get a guy that tells me I need to get my dates straight and basically too bad, you are set up to pay that way so oh well. I ask to speak to a supervisor, get a voice mail, leave a voice mail and get hung up on. The supervisor calls me back in the morning and proceeds to tell me that he will have to pass this on because he can't change the account either. Mind you he tells me he sees where I called and the guy documented my payment request. Then asks me if the guy got authorization to let me do this!!! I HATE this company and I will be filling a complaint with the Attorney Generals office as well.

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law suit

Good news! I have mgc and ocwen backed into a corner with a four federal allegations. Court date (Again) is set for the end of this month. My lawyer believes they are not prepared and are ready to settle. Only took three and half years!

My overview. I had ocwen fsb as my primary loan for about 10 years. I filed a ch 13 bankruptcy. Paid everything off as the plan dictated, and was released from it. Ocwen decide the $3911 they got wasn't enough, so they sent me a post bankruptcy bill and a letter to sign to agree to pay or they take the house.

That went straight to a lawyer (Took a lot of calling around, but lawyer will usually recommend other lawyers, so stick with it). It cost me 2/3 of the settlement, but all I was out was $100 in filing fees up front. We sent ocwen some letters, they responded, admitting to their crime (Federal offense which I got a call from an federal investigator, who then called my lawyer). We soon as we filed suit in federal court, ocwen sold (More of a transfer since they didn't own the note) to mgc mortgage.

Mgc got real nasty real quick. Taking my mortgage payments and adding them to this arrearage. Added their own made up fees.In a few months, my $388 mortgage went to $1200. Not that I cared, because I had a good lawyer. I called them (Many many times before I got though) , and told them the story with owen and the lawsuit, and how they just joined it. They wanted the lawyer's name and number. The guy completely stopped the hard noise dead beat collection attitude right away, and said he'd look into and give me a call back. He didn't, but all nasty grams, and auto calls stopped (They still had two mortgage payments not applied).

So now we keep setting a court date for which they (Both mgc & ocwen) keep asking for a continuance. They are being sued for violation of respa, fdpa, bankruptcy violation, and something do to with unethical business practices. Basically they're in it deep, and they know it.

I've already sold our house and bought another, so i'm out of their hair anyways. Mgc screwed me at closing too of course. Charged 300% interest for the 21 days of closing.

Now I get sit back and enjoy while both of these so-called mortgage companies pay out the butt for these lawyers to mitigate these problems.

To comment on class actions lawsuits. It’s important to understand that they’re like winning the lottery but splitting it 1, 000 ways. The lawyers get their piece, and you all split the rest and then take taxes out of it. A million dollar settlement ends of being not a lot of money in the end. And to make it worse, if the mortgage company loses a million, that is enough money to make it worth to them to appeal of the case. They will drag out a huge amount for a very long time.

  • Wa
    wantfairness Sep 17, 2010

    My mortgage was just transferred to Ocwen by Homeq. I only found out when I called Homeq to make a payment and got a recording with numbers of all the companies who now held their mortgages. I had not received a letter from Homeq nor from Ocwen.
    It was near impossible to get an operator at Ocwen...I called more than five times and had to listen to all options (except talking to an operator). Still am not sure how I finally got a live operator. Here's the rip offs they will offer me: $12 charge to make pymt by automated phone. $19 charge to talk to a live person and make pymt. Must pay between 1st and 5th of month or be charged $10 to make payment on their Web site. On my first call, their computer had crashed due to all the transferred mortgages and people trying to make payments. If they were professional, they would have been prepared for it. Ocwen is headquartered in Florida, but has operations in California and Carol Stream, Illinois. First impressions are that they are a rinky dink, hard nosed servicing company and probably just as rude and uncooperative as Homeq. Charging us to make payments should be ILLEGAL.

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fraudulent foreclosure

Welcome to the world of predatory lending and it looks as though it is here to stay. Hmm. Wonder where obama and his make my home affordable plan fit into this scheme? Make my home affordable... For whom? The predatory lender? I too have fallen prey to these outright crooks. They are foreclosing on my home in just a matter of weeks because we missed some phantom payment of just a few hundred dollars somewhere down the line. They won't let me pay the mortgage, so naturally i'm in arrears now and they've tacked on thousands of dollars worth of fees to my mortgage. My advice to you if you're thinking of buying a home now or ever - don't. If you think what happened to me or thousands of others can't happen to you, think again. Just google ocwen and be prepared for a long, long sit as you wade through the countless complaints and articles speaking out against these pirates. As long as predatory lenders like ocwen are allowed to run rampant on main street with barely a passing glance from any government watchdog, I will never buy a house again. We can fight this filth. We can fight back. It's time america grew back its you-know-whatses. Here's a message to the white house: fix this foreclosure fraud mess or you can sit forever on your stinking pile of unsold homes.

  • Cj
    cj28 Dec 10, 2010

    read your complaint, i am currently filing a class action lawsuit against ocwen for their discriminatory practices and would like to know if u would to become part of that if so pls email
    [email protected] and leave your name a brief description of your problem and contact information

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  • Oc
    Ocwen Victim Jan 30, 2011

    Ocwen faces class Action Law Suit
    4 ROBO Signing Documents, and Fraud...etc.
    Go To:
    It's FREE to join!
    Spread THE word!!
    Let's band together to fight this Giant

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fraudulent foreclosure

Welcome to the world of predatory lending and it looks as though it is here to stay. Hmm. Wonder where obama and his make my home affordable plan fit into this scheme? Make my home affordable... For whom? The predatory lender? I too have fallen prey to these outright crooks. They are foreclosing on my home in just a matter of weeks because we missed some phantom payment of just a few hundred dollars somewhere down the line. They won't let me pay the mortgage, so naturally i'm in arrears now and they've tacked on thousands of dollars worth of fees to my mortgage. My advice to you if you're thinking of buying a home now or ever - don't. If you think what happened to me or thousands of others can't happen to you, think again. Just google ocwen and be prepared for a long, long sit as you wade through the countless complaints and articles speaking out against these pirates. As long as predatory lenders like ocwen are allowed to run rampant on main street with barely a passing glance from any government watchdog, I will never buy a house again. We can fight this filth. We can fight back. It's time america grew back its you-know-whatses. Here's a message to the white house: fix this foreclosure fraud mess or you can sit forever on your stinking pile of unsold homes.

  • Rn
    rnjetc Nov 23, 2011

    Always go with a local bank or credit union. They don't usually sell their loans and try to actually work with customers.

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