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Like everyone says its too long to put here. I applied for a modification in May and was approved. They said we will send agreement, sign and return etc etc.No agreement sent. I called to inquire but time was expired on that agreement, so I applied again and was denied. I called to resolve situation and ask for resolution to this matter, they said reapply. I reapplied and was approved...NO agreement sent again!! May, June, July, August, same story. The last one was on Aug 11, no agreement sent for me to sign. Today I got the notice that my house was sold at an auction. Time to move out, is this right or what. Do I have any legal stand here, or do I just "take it"?? Anybody anywhere have reliable information I would deeply appreciate it.

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    neoblueyes Dec 06, 2010

    My experience with Ocwen is similar. Voicemail hell and the right hand not having a clue what the left is doing. I would consult a realtor you can trust. They will have the ability and/or contacts to confirm if your property is indeed in foreclosure, foreclosed upon, and/or sold. I got plenty of scary bogus letters and varified via same plus other resources that most of it was not: Find the best BANCRUPTCY lawyer near you for INITIAL FREE counsel regarding your rights. Trust me, it will amaze you what you will learn. MAY WANT TO REFER TO THIS SITE AND ALSO DISCUSS PROBABILITY OF A CLASS ACTION SUIT. COUNT ME IN IF THAT IS THE CASE! [email protected]
    It took me a year of due diligence via phone, repeat applications, a journal docuimenting all of my efforts, and emails to get my HAMP agreement after I was refused once and sent an in-house bad deal whihc I refused. I talked to an ombudsman along with several different alleged Ocwen departments, 2 lawyers, and several realtors to aquire info regarding MY rights. I finally got my agreement, it is noted as rec'd (certified and on web) but all other info is skewed. So good. DO NOT LET THEM SCARE YOU. Defend yourself in all ways imaginable! Best Wishes, Britt

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    DARLA BOMBOY Aug 02, 2011


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    Ocwen Helper Aug 08, 2011

    Dear Darla:
    I would not recommend a class action, as Ocwen is doing nothing illegal (at least nothing that can be proved). Fighting Ocwen is a case to case defy. One has to be patient and be correctly advised. Otherwise, you will think you're doing something, while digging your grave deeper each time.
    Best of lucks with Ocwen, and should you need any further advise, please contact me to [email protected]

    Best Regards,

    Ocwen Helper

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    RCGSAT Apr 18, 2012
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    a verified customer
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    My experience with Ocwen is one of frustration ! I fell behind on my payments due to loss of job. I'm now working again and have been make double payments when I can to catch up. Of course something else has to suffer due to this, so I went a couple of months sending in only one payment. All this started September of 2011. it's now April 2012 and without any notification to me they refused 2 payments that were made via Moneygram and didn't notify me. With that said, I call to make sure the payments have been received and posted to my account and I'm notified of this and that my house is in foreclosure !! Really nice communication. I retrieve my payments from Moneygram. I'm talk with an Ocwen rep on the phone ( from India) and he tells me the MINIMUM payment required to bring my account current will be this amount. I ask him for a direct number to speak with him again, he tells me anyone that answers the phone will be able to assist me. I told him to please note this and that I would make the payment in 2-3 days. I called today to verify the amount and let them know I'd be making said payment to satify the arrears. The rep on the line say "no, you need to make this amount of payment to bring your account current". It was $3000.00 more than we had agreed on. i told him of my conversation 2 days ago and he said there was nothing he could do. So now i'm having to scamble and borrow moneis to satisfy these clowns ! All I can say is as soon as my credit heals itself and I'm back on track with a good score, I'm kissing these idiots GOODBYE !! I've had enough of their BS !! What goes around, comes around and REALLY HOPE THEY GET THEIRS !!

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Who knew Ocwen would be such a blood sucking company i have been struggling lately to make my mortgage payment they offered me a "Cash for Gold “offer you send in your jewelry and they appraise it an then apply it to your mortgage. I was shocked not only are they failing to communicate with me in regards to my Modification they have lost my paper work 3 times. I have filed with AG and the BBB and I found out they have thousands of complaints. ANY OUT THERE WHO IS HAVING PROBLEMS PLEASE COMPLAIN. It is the only way they will be audited. they have bought a company in California HomEQ Servicing that does mortgages and they are planning to fire all the people because there jobs are outsourced to India. A lot of people are mad about these companies taking all the monies for fees and interest and failing to get customer info detailing theses charges. I am for sure that this company is looking out for its Shares and not its Employees Nor customers i know because of the way THEY TREAT CUSTOMERS IS AS IF YOU ARE LOWER THAN THEM. So PLEASE ANY ONE OUT THERE HAVING ISSUES WITH "OCWEN SERVICING OR ANY OF THERE SUSIDARIES PLEASE DONT WAISTE TIME MAKE COMPLAINTS ON BLOGS, OFFICAL SITES OR TO THE COMPTROLLER.

mortgage statement

We did'nt get a mortgage statement for August.and NO -one returned our calls for assistance...we sent it...

fraud, lies, deceit, foreclosure

Ocwen took over our loan in November '09. From the first day they took over the loan they stated that we were behind on our mortgage which we weren't. We faxed all of information from our bank showing we were not behind but they never got it. In January '10 they put us in pre-foreclosure, we called only to spend 2 hours on hold then finally someone picked up speaking some foreign language once he realized we spoke English he began speaking somewhat understandable English. We told him that we faxed proof of all payments and "poof" suddenly appearing in front of him was all the paperwork we faxed them so we thought it was all taken care of. In February '10, we got a $700 bill from Ocwen for property insurance because they said we didn't have homeowner's insurance. Again, after spending close to an hour and a half on the phone we got that taken care of. We hadn't heard anything for a couple months. In May '10, we received three bills from Ocwen telling us we had 30 days to pay our property taxes, again in June we get another letter demanding we pay our property taxes, now here's the funny thing. Our tax bureau sent us a receipt dated July 1 showing Ocwen paid our taxes, however the letter Ocwen sent us which was dated June 30, told us that we had 30 days to pay?! So they took it upon themselves to pay our taxes before the end of the 30 days. On June 3, we began applying for loan modifications, the first time they told us we had negative income but they refused to count all of our income. July 8, we reapplied for a modification, this time they told us all of our income would be counted, but still we didn't qualify because they didn't receive all of our paperwork. July 15, we refaxed everything and sent the same paperwork certified. Here's where it gets interesting: We got two letters from Ocwen dated the same day, July 18. The first one says that they cannot do a home modification under the HAMP because it would change our terms. The second letter, dated the same day as the first, said that we have negative income so they can't modify the loan. So how on one do you have all our income but the second you don't? Yesterday, we again received pre-foreclosure papers because they are saying we are two months behind (which we aren't) and that we owe $1600 in tax advances. Our property taxes that they paid were only $865, so were is the other $735 coming from? They also let us know that they are raising our payment by $150, but they won't send us any information on why they are raising our payment not have we received anything showing that they paid our taxes and where this extra $735 is coming from. We are both laid off and receiving unemployment, there is just no way for us to come up with all this extra money to pay them. We are at our wits end and I truly think this company is out to ruin people's lives.

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    neoblueyes Dec 06, 2010

    My experience with Ocwen is similar. Voicemail hell and the right hand not having a clue what the left is doing. I would consult a realtor you can trust. They will have the ability and/or contacts to confirm if your property is indeed in foreclosure, foreclosed upon, and/or sold. I got plenty of scary bogus letters and varified via same plus other resources that most of it was not: Find the best BANCRUPTCY lawyer near you for INITIAL FREE counsel regarding your rights. Trust me, it will amaze you what you will learn. MAY WANT TO REFER TO THIS SITE AND ALSO DISCUSS PROBABILITY OF A CLASS ACTION SUIT. COUNT ME IN IF THAT IS THE CASE! [email protected]
    It took me a year of due diligence via phone, repeat applications, a journal docuimenting all of my efforts, and emails to get my HAMP agreement after I was refused once and sent an in-house bad deal whihc I refused. I talked to an ombudsman along with several different alleged Ocwen departments, 2 lawyers, and several realtors to aquire info regarding MY rights. I finally got my agreement, it is noted as rec'd (certified and on web) but all other info is skewed. So good. DO NOT LET THEM SCARE YOU. Defend yourself in all ways imaginable! Best Wishes, Britt

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    Tisherself56 Jan 08, 2011
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    This is an exact duplicate of our story. Our attorney has been contacting Ocwen since before thanksgiving, 2010. We are now in January, 2011 and still no help. They said we were in foreclosure, but never sent us any notices. The ombudsman gave us a name and number to a specialist in their home retention department and she wont return call from myself or our attorney. They received millions of dollars from the government to modify loans and all they are doing is taking peoples homes away. How do they get away with this?

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rip off

I have been sending more than my payment ever month, instead of them applying it to my principal account they put it in a suspended file and at the end of every year wipe it clean. My account does not show my extra payments and this has been going on for years. I have called and emailed but no one can explain where the extra money went or what a suspended file is .They have also billed me sometimes 5 or 6 times on the same day for the same thing.(property inspection fees)and(certified mail fees)Rip Offs

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tax fraud

Ocwen has been over charging me in my escrow account for years and same as others they tell me I am behind in my escrow payments and wanted $137 more each month this year for taxes when mine actually went down to veteran's exemption! There were numerous occassions where they forgot to pay the taxes forcing a lein on my property. The att general in ct had to intervene. This year they asked me for $1000 more when I had an over-payment this year. I have been trying to get a mtg pay off amount and they keep refusing to send it to me!

My statement at end of year has been incorrect twice claiming they paid the town over $8400 when they really paid $5770. I am asking the ag in ct for a full investigation!

home modification

Saxon transferred my loan to ocwen loan servicing and it has been a nightmare. I created an online account so I could log in and pay my bill, two months later ocwen locked me out of my account, I called and I as told there as technical difficulties with website and to mail in the payment. I did. Ocwen did not inform me that they had increased my loan re-payment amount. I contacted to assist me with a loan modification. I was told they would assist me. They did not so I hired the financial law center to assist me. Ocwen has my may 2010 payment on hold and has not applied it to my loan for $9400.00, then returned my check #1638 amount $9600.00 with a letter stating I as in foreclosure. I called ocwen and ocwen informed me they would not work with me. I talked to sylvester at ocwen and he informed me that they would not modify my loan. I need assistance with this matter and I really would like my loan to be with another company that is ethical and honest.

  • Cg
    cgs Aug 17, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    same thing about saxon selling us out to ocwen for some reason we did'nt get a mortgage coupon for august...I sent a check in anyway...I do'nt know what happened to it...It has'nt shown up at our bank...I am unable to make any contact on the phone with ocwen i need a valid phone # and e-mail address.. everything I send by e-mail comes back undelivered...maybe ocwen has been sold you know anything about this? Thanks

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  • Mi
    Michelle Reese Aug 19, 2010

    I have tried contacting ocwen in regards to my loan modification and get no help i can't even reach them by phone if there is anyone that can help me please contact me via email at [email protected] or phone me at 570-244-7641 please if anyone has any info and anyone i can contact

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  • Cg
    cgs Aug 21, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Ocwen has no good info for contact on their website...If you need to make a payment it goes to Carol Stream for Ocwen loan svcing for other info...they are extremely hard to connect with...

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do not process payment correctly

In august 2009, our loan was transferred from taylor bean & whitaker to cenlar, then to ocwen in nov. 2009. Some checks might not be processed on time due to the transferring process. For example, our loan was transferred to ocwen on 11/16, but the payment was due on 11/16. We had to send the payment check to cenlar before the payment due on 11/16, when our loan was still with cenlar. Ocwen applied our september 2009 payment to august 2009, and so on as shown in the letter from ocwen. I called and written to the cenlar, taylor bean, ocwen and the freddie mac and sent the proof of the payments (Copies of checks and bank statements) many times. Ocwen never clean our credit report, which caused a lot of trouble in our refinance..

devil's workshop

Ocwen..dishonest and by far the worst mortgage company we have ever dealt with..leaving them behind very soon.cannot contact them, cannot get a payment coupon, trying to charge us for a payment we have already made, fees they charge to pay by phone, no grace period after due date, the list goes on and on..oh and not to mention talking to foreigners and rude very rude people who dont care.I advise anyone to find another mortgage if you can and i think Ocwen should be investigated..they will reap what they sow.I will have a few choice words one day when the timing is right!!

  • Ne
    neoblueyes Dec 06, 2010

    My experience with Ocwen is similar. Voicemail hell and the right hand not having a clue what the left is doing. I would consult a realtor you can trust. They will have the ability to verify what the status of your account is with the courts. I got plenty of scary bogus letters and varified via same plus other resources that most of it was not: Find the best applicable lawyer near you for INITIAL FREE counsel regarding your rights. Trust me, it will amaze you what you will learn. MAY WANT TO REFER TO THIS SITE AND ALSO DISCUSS PROBABILITY OF A CLASS ACTION SUIT. COUNT ME IN IF THAT IS THE CASE! [email protected]
    It took me a year of due diligence via phone, repeat applications, a journal documenting all of my efforts, and emails to get my HAMP agreement after I was refused once and sent an in-house bad deal which I refused. My orignal loan was sold 3x in 6 months! I talked to an ombudsman along with several different alleged Ocwen departments, 2 lawyers, and several realtors to aquire info regarding MY rights. I finally got my agreement, it is noted as rec'd (certified and on web) but all other info is skewed. So good. DO NOT LET THEM SCARE YOU. Defend yourself in all ways imaginable! Best Wishes, Britt

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Ocwen took over our home loan from saxon mortgage services after almost 7yrs. We never had any issues with...

modification loans

I have read numerous complaints from Ocwen homeowners subject to lose their homes and I have joined their numbers.

After complying with their request to completing the necessary forms, you later find out that the forms submitted
is incomplete per their automated system. So what forms are incomplete? The majority of homeowners cannot
even talk with anyone at Ocwen. If they are lucky they will get a person who speaks very little English.

Since thre are so many complaints, is there anything that can be done thru the Complaints Board?

foreclosures/loan modifications

Folks, ocwen received a $659 million dollar grant from our government to modify your loans. Call the gao, your state offices which oversea financial issues and make complaints. There is also a lawsuit being handled by leif, cabrasser out of ca. Call and write to all the media outlets; someone is bound to take notice. Also, it's possible that if the mtg.Co. Or servicer, does not have the original note, they may not be able to foreclose.

bad lender

Ocwen reported me as 150+ days past due, when I only skipped two months to get approved for the home remod. I never hit 90 days of not paying my mortage so they could not foreclose on my home. I was approved for the remod, but they are reporting my credit like I just didn't pay them for that many more months. I was expecting the 60 days past due, but the 150+ is rediculous.

I also dread calling them because I always get someone in india. Can I please speak to an american or someone who speaks clear english??? I would go to another lender if I could, but I am stuck.

  • Ho
    House Hill Apr 08, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    OCWEN finally got what they wanted from house! After years of fighting and their so called 'help you' tactic, my rates went up, their Mod. Plans didn't fact they increased my monthly payment saying we can help save your home. Just one load of ### after another, one desception after another. Hard to contact...MY GOD! If it wasn't them constantly putting you on hold, it was their incompetent "tech support" staff from India or Pakistan or some other ### middle-eastern country that couldn't speak or understand english. They consistently placed late fees on my account when it wasn't late. They say they will help with a modification plan...which in fact made it worse because they required upfront money to initiate the plan. This is EXTORTION!! This company's actions is criminal. I requested information and the required documents needed for a Deed In-Lieu of Foreclosure...the idiot I spoke to sent me paperwork for a home modification plan. I called several times demanding they send the correct paperwork to no avail! They are not in the business to help homeowners. They are a collection company! Their main sourse of revenue is from late fees and servicing fees. They couldn't give two -### about you or me.

    I urge all current and future OCWEN customers to call their local state representative and demand an investigation.

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  • Hi
    Hihop Apr 09, 2010


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no way to pay mortgage

I had my mortgage with Taylor Bean and had set up an automatic withdrawl from my checking account in August. Online info said it was confirmed, but nothing was taken out. Then I learned of the bankruptcy and kept trying to get information. Finally received one letter from Cenlar saying use the payment coupon, but there wasn't any payment coupon. I called them repeatedly and asked them to send me the coupon book and instructions on how and where to pay my mortgage - nothing came. I finally got thru to Cenlar and authorized payment for two month to be taken out of checking - asked again for instructions and coupon book - nothing came.
Several months later I accepted an 800 call(usually don't answer toll free numbers or numbers that i don't know - too many scams out there) and they were transferring mortgage to Ocwen because they handled their collections with troubled accounts. I asked again for instructions and payment book and they said they would make a note in my file. I've accepted about 4-5 calls from their account representatives in Mumbai and paid another two month's worth, asked for instructions and coupon book - nothing happens. My mortgage is dated May 29, 2009 and I've received one letter from Cenlar, nothing from Ocwen, and I still don't know how to pay my mortgage. I'm going to have my lawyer get involved before my 700 credit score is down to zero.

loan modification

After reading all the complaints about Ocwen, I can relate because everyone's story is exactly the same as mine. I am trying to modify my mortgage for months now. I have faxed and emailed the same docs too many times to count with customer service telling me they have not received them. You have to speak to someone in India who has no clue. VERY FRUSTRATING TO SAY THE LEAST! These idiots are screwing with your home and could care less. I don't think they really want to help. You cannot speak to anyone in the US who has a good grasp of the english language. Something needs to be done and we should start a class action lawsuit. If anyone has any ideas please contact me. HELP!

  • Ve
    V.Elaine Apr 04, 2010

    You are not alone. I just lost my job. Requested the loan modifications papers form from Ocwen and I did receive.

    However, I am going thru the same process you are. Ocwen informs me they have not received all the forms I faxed to them. 43 pages and they tell me they have not received and cannot process my loan because it is incomplete.

    I tried calling to talk with someone to find out what papers do they not have. I cannot reach a live person only pointless information from a computer voice system and when I do reach the modification loan dept automated voice system again. This voice mail informs the caller they will return calls within 24-48 hours. It has been 3 months and I have not spoken to any rep in the modification loan dept. as of today. Another thing, their call base is located in India. There is a language barrier to discuss anything with their reps in another country.

    I am at whits end! President Obama needs to know we paid tax dollars to bail out the rich for corporations and businesses. Homeowners, don't stand a chance to try and save their homes.

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  • Be
    Beth in Florida May 06, 2010

    HAMP ISSUES WITH INSTRUCTIONS AT THE BOTTOM: My husband has a mortgage he took out before we were married. He always paid early with an automatic bank draft and for more than what was due. He had never been on government assistance in his life and had perfect credit. After unexpectedly loosing his job in June of 2009, we found out that we qualified for HAMP. We started out with TB&W and sent in “verified” information to qualify for HAMP. 3 trial period payments were sent in to TB&W who shut down during the trial period process. At the advice of Freddie Mac, my husband put his credit on the line and was told that it would be cleaned up in a few months once the payments were capitalized on and the final was complete. Cenlar took over TB&W’s loans and held our file for 6 months. During this time, they cashed our trial period checks and claimed they never received the money. They would not return phone calls. They threatened foreclosure even when we were paid up on the trial period payments. Cenlar lost all of TB&W’s paperwork. Cenlar asked us to send our copies of the paperwork 5 times (documented). Freddie Mac told us they would escalate the matter and sent paperwork to Cenlar on our behalf.

    Freddie Mac finally told us to ignore Cenlar and that Cenlar did not handle HAMP files. Why then would Freddie Mac ask us to send our HAMP paperwork to Freddie Mac to escalate the matter for us? Why would Cenlar ask us to overnight, mail and fax the HAMP paperwork to them 5 times if they did not handle HAMP? Why would CENLAR cash clearly marked HAMP checks? We also sent emails, letters, and made phone calls to all parties involved. We tracked down a skeletal crew for TB&W and got the tracking numbers of the information that TB&W had sent to them.

    Freddie Mac told us not to pay Cenlar that they had found a servicer named OCWEN to take over our loan. We were told by Freddie Mac that OCWEN agreed to capitalize on the payments and bring us current in January of 2010. There was just the legality of sending over our file from CENLAR. It is May and no one has our file. I again sent copies of our paperwork to an onsite Freddie Mac rep at OCWEN who did not give our paperwork to the correct parties. This new Freddie Mac rep also lied to us stating the our file we sent was being looked at by underwriters in India. Then when we checked back with him the file was being reviewed by the Treasury. Then the file was up the chain at Freddie Mac. He lied and is now working for a bank in California. When we called Ocwen, Ocwen said that this was all up to Freddie Mac to decide. Freddie Mac claims it is all up to Ocwen to decide.

    Here is the long and short of it. Any chance of my husband finding a job in the line of work he had performed in the last 26 – 27 years is over due to following the advice of Freddie Mac. In his line of work he had to have great credit. Freddie Mac reps knew this all along. We would have not chose this path had we not been guided this way. My husband has a 401K that does not come into consideration when applying for HAMP because it is his retirement. We could have bought some time and put the house on the market by using this money. We did not want to lose our home, which is what HAMP is made for. We used my small salary which would be enough to pay the modified payments on the home. Remember, I am not on the loan and they all knew this. According to HAMP guidelines, I can contribute part or all of my income.

    First Ocwen states that we did not send in the proper documentation. This I proved not to be true. I also showed them that the person making the decision is confused as to who is on the loan and who is not since I, a female, continually am addressed as “he” in their interoffice memos.

    They then tried to blame Taylor Bean and Whitaker saying TB&W signed people up illegally only using “stated” income and that was how we got signed up. I then had to prove that TB&W went overboard with me and made me send in “7” pay stubs as opposed to the “2” that is standard and my pay was “verified”. By the way, at the time we qualified, “stated” income was allowed and really should not matter until we do the final mod just to verify my income is still the same. I also told them TB&W used 2 negotiators instead of one to come up with our payments. I then asked where all of the original paperwork was at to clarify the issues since TB&W used Freddie Macs worksheets to come up with our payments and to qualify us. Our paperwork is still lost.

    Now all of a sudden, Ocwen is saying that I can not contribute but 50% of my income and that is not enough money to pay the payments they claim. They did not alter the loan to the 2%, they did not stretch the loan out for 40 years, and they did not do the NPV to adjust the principal. These are all listed as steps they are supposed to do. We had to tell Ocwen and Freddie Mac what the guidelines stated because they have no clue or they are playing dumb very well.

    From what I have gathered, all of these loan servicers are conveniently losing files. I wished there was a way to file a class action law suit for missing files. I know that there is a protocol that has to be taken for the storage and care of people’s financial information and I have been told there are 100’s of thousands of files missing! People are being disqualified after being qualified for HAMP for trumped up reasons like all of a sudden “not enough income” or “missing paperwork”. A lot of people are giving up and walking away. Others are taking stands. The Urban Justice Center in NY 646-602-5600 has filed suit against a large bank JP Morgan or Chase I think, for 3 people who were lied to. The National Consumer Law Center in Boston has filed a Class Action Lawsuit also.

    If you are going through the same issue, here are some things you can do:

    File a complaint with your State Attorney General (states are gathering complaints)

    Contact your representatives and congressman

    Contact your States Financial Regulations department and file a complaint (states are gathering complaints)

    Keep documentation – I have recorded phone calls and emails from Freddie Mac with their guidance

    There are a few lawsuits going on across the Country

    Go to and do research to see what fits your criteria.

    Read the directives at the HAMP website. Q1222-01 is a great one!

    Call Freddie Mac’s corporate number and when it asks for a person’s name, ask for the CEO.
    File a complaint.

    Send a complaint letter to Freddie’s Mac’s CEO

    Address complaints to the loan servicer on your loan’s President of the Company (in some instances these are the only ones that get through)

    Ohio’s Attorney General is filing a class action lawsuit against some servicer regarding HAMP (maybe your state will follow soon if enough complaints are made)

    Go to YouTube and check out the videos by attorney Englett from Orlando.

    Go to the HUD website and look at some of their videos to get help.

    Contact HUD for help

    Get a free consultation from the attorneys KEL (Kaufman, Englett & Lynd) from Orlando 407-513-1901 ext 7120 (Greg Pull client counselor) So far, to us, this was the greatest hope we got through out the process.

    Remember, you are not alone.

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  • Wh
    whispers May 14, 2010

    Try this guy. We recently had our mortgage "refinanced" and he wasn't all that helpful, but get to him and if annoying enough - he will go to the top. Some lady is his boss but I can't remember her name.

    Joshua Coykendall
    Specialized Home Retention Consultant
    407-737-5285 phone
    866-779-8080 toll free
    561-682-8160 fax

    Email: [email protected]

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  • An
    ann1111 Oct 04, 2010

    I did a modification with Ocwen went through the same thing. In the end I did get my Mod. It was the best day if my life. It took 7 mounths.
    Now I have 2% for 5 yrs 6th year 3% and 7 year 3.5 year 8 I have 4% to the end of the loas which at that point will only be 12 years. Please hang in there and it can work. My home was in forclouser twice during this time and each time the STOP it.

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  • Ge
    Get a clue! Oct 16, 2010

    While most who are commenting do not participate in loan modifications on a daily basis they should still do a little research prior to making comments and sounding ignorant. I HATE Ocwen as much as everyone else on this board, I mean how can the gov give this company taxpayer dollars to pay some robot script reading reps in India and Uruguay! What people do not realize is that there are many more guidelines for HAMP than the gov leads borrower's to believe. Examples... If you have a Freddie mac loan and are less than 60 days past due you have to pass their imminent default test>>> good luck! if you are paying why would or should they give you a mod! If you have equity in your property why should your lender give you a mod when they can foreclose and make more money? Everyone thinks their lender is REQUIRED to take their salary and give them a payment of 31%... Here's a hint, use your gross year to date and divide by your last pay date, this gives your true average monthly income which is what they use... guess what... if you owe 300K and make less than 3k a month you will not pass the NPV test... learn what the NPV test is. Do yourself a favor and do a little research prior to applying for a program you know nothing about! PS unemployment does not qualify for HAMP or FM.

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  • Xt
    xtrem36 Jan 10, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have OCWEN for my loan proceesor. They are a joke! For months they kept telling us we could have a modification to get us out of a adjustable rate & lower our mortgage payment. I would send them all the necessary paper work & the other person did not know what the other one was talking about. This went on for months! My husband went from working 7 days a week to 1 or 2. Talk about a BIG pay cut. We then were heading to forclosure. I contacted KEL Attorneys in Orlando Florida. 2 years & $ 5000.00 later we still have not resolved this matter! They now are telling me it is time to renew our contract. Wanting another $ 2500.00. I very seldom hear from any one from KEL, you can't get a phone call back, only emails that don't give you any answers. Has any one used KEL Attorneys & did you have this problem or was your home saved? Please let me know any answers. Do you have any other attorneys you would refer to? [email protected]

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did not pay my taxes, for starters

I can't even express how much I hate owcen. Sadly, since I didn't even know about them until they bought my loan, most people getting loans may not know about them either, until it's to late.

For starters, the first year they had my loan, they didn't pay my property taxes and reported them paid on my tax statement. Then I got a check from them for an over payment in my escrow account. Not a concern since it was a new loan and figured they'd figured to high on the escrow withholdings.

Next year, property taxes are reported to me as paid. Shortly after I got a late statement from the county that I owned 2 years taxes. Called owcen and after much fighting, they finally admitted they didn't pay them, paid it and charged me the short in the escrow account.

Then they got the required insurance declaration and took it upon themselves to pay my premium without my consent or knowledge. I’d been making my payments with auto pay on my checking acc for years. They not only paid my one year policy amount, they paid it twice. At least they deducted 2 years from my escrow account, but the payment to my ins co indicated that they paid 2 yrs less the one month i’d paid into that year on my auto pay. They could never provide me proof that they paid what they claimed, so I was just screwed out of the month’s payment. My poor ins agent tried so hard to make them straighten that out and get me my money. But, owcen just could see fit to fix it.

Then last year I made a payment on line on the 15th, with the 16th being the last day before my payment was due without a late fee. They recorded my payment as being made on the 17th, like 5 minutes after midnight fl time when i’m in oregon (3:05 am, yeah, i’m up making online bill payments!). After 3 days of fighting, they finally did refund the late fee.

Now, due to the screw up on the ins pmts, and the ins co refunding the money to me, 2 yrs ago and so I agreed to let them cover my shorted escrow account by adding it to my balance, they have since then been reporting me to the credit bureau as payment on time but & ldquo;paying under a partial or modified payment agreement”.

Anyway, that's most, but not all of the issues i've had with this company. And, did I mention that I really hate them? Good place to stay away from!

mortagage nightmare

I have been dealing with them for years and still don't have answers to my questions. I am tired but up for a group fight. Anyone want to join?

help? really?

Okay.. There has to be something that can be done about this company. Last year, they "helped" me get my loan back in order... Hey, thanks. During the 3 month catch up, we were paying as agreed.. And they forced us into forclosure. When I called the forclosure lawyer in cleveland, ohio, his secretary would not let me speak or make an appt and rudely hung up. Then, when I called ocwen, they stated that after the one more payment of the agreement, they would cancel the forclosure. Only to charge me over $4, 000.00 for the forclosure process.. So, now, I have owned my home for 5 years and I owe more than 6000 more than I originally did. Now, everytime I am late, I get over 200.00 worth of misc. Charges. When I call and want the printout of everything they are charging me for... I get placed on hold or disconnected.. And.. They can't even explain them! The denied 2 payments because they wanted the following month as well... Well, guess what, beat them at that! I sent a check usps with delivery confirmation.. Wow, they had no problem cashing that one! Most of the time, my checks never reach there, then I have to use thier 12.00 online bull. Oh... And president obama stated no more charging for online payments??? Well, tried to make my feb. Payment thurs, friday... And today it takes it... (10.00 charge). The deal is, I have been unemployed for 2 years. I buy and sell things to make money and pay my note until things open instead of close around here. This is a family home that my grandparents bought in 64, passed away in 96, that I bought back in 05. How are we supposed to make the houses nice?? How are we supposed to afford things to make the home worth more? And they also were charging me $2000 a year for insurance because I could not get the home insured because of the garage on the property. I fixed the garage and now, they call everyday several times a day since I had new insurance put on the house (481.00 per year). They refuse to reduce the housepayment. My housepayment started at 414 per month, which is affordable... But now... 709?? I thought getting insurance that low would give me the ability to basically afford my home, but they won't stop taking out 197.00 per month for their insurance! I have written to the atty gen, heard nothing back... This company has to be stopped! I can not call there and speak to anyone anymore. It's too frustrating. I'm going to end up having a heart attack for the love of god.

horrible comapny

I have been an OCWEN Loan servicing company since 2005. I have had nothing but horrible service from them. The company has a very confusing and misdirecting phone tree that leaves incomplete options, and when you do get a human being, they are in india, unable to assist and unable to direct you to a supervisor. Apparently there are no live american associates in the company who you can direct your frustration too. They have a horrible bbb record with numerous complaints and do not seem very responsive to their customers. If I had to do it all over again, I would never have used a Mortgage broker who ultimately sold my loan to the wretched company. As the economy continues to falter, I have no choice but to ride this out until I can successfully make a change to my mortgage holder.

  • Da
    david noci Jan 27, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i have same situation.

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  • Da
    david noci Jan 27, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    por comunication problem phon lines and castumer service no help for rifinancing or modification i would never make bisnes with them but i m stock and i dont have choise is any one hwo can help me im losing my hom. david noci 6178182959 [email protected] thenkyou

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  • An
    Anca smaranda Feb 10, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    ever since ocwen took over for homeq, our lives have been a nightmare. They changed our numbers when applying for the Hamp program and when questioned about this they said they always deduct or add certain figures that we submit. we were denied because we were over because of this. But we were approved for their in house program that was almost double. They then said they had other loan mods they approved us for and we had to wait 30 or 40 days because it was in review. I kept asking about a foreclosure date that my attorney said was real while they said no such date existed and said we are in the review process and they dont foreclose in this period. What a shocker when we were told 3 days before they are foreclosing and they were sorry for any inconvenience. All the time dealing with people from India who i barely understood. We filed bankruptcy a day before to stop the sale, then received a mod offer after filing. The offer was incredible but the date on it was already expired. We were told to sign it and send money and not worry about that expired date. Even though the contract said if not received by that date the deal is null and void. Whats going on here? Can we do anything? Can anyone help?
    ANCA SMARANDA, PUNTA GORDA. [email protected]

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  • An
    ANNA E Sep 17, 2011


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trustee fee's after reinstatement

My loan was was brought current october. I have a copy of my reinstatement quote and wire transfer. I have made every payment on time since. Now on my march payment they are coming up with trustee fee's over $ 650.00 due on the 1st. For fee's they should have charged my on the reinstatment quote, almost 4 month's later. To me this is a way to get me in forclosure again. I owe $200, 000 on a home that still apraise's over 350, 000. I feel they will do any thing to get my house, there is too much equity for these guy's not to try and stell my home

  • Ar
    Arrrrgh Dec 17, 2010

    How has this worked out for you? I am currently in contact with my Congressman and the Banking Commissioner to report this company and to get back to my original modification agreement that came from my last mortgage company. Please email me at [email protected] if you'd like to correspond. Thank you. Best of luck and success.

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  • D8
    d85296 Feb 04, 2011

    My husband and I are about to loose our home on 2/7/2011 because of the mismanagement of Ocwen. We had been in a modification with Saxon then our mtg. Was sold to Ocwen where we continued our payments then out of the blue we were informed we were in foreclosure. We spent months trying to straighten out this mess and we finally gave up and engaged an attorney from CC Brown. It looked like we were going in the right direction then we informed Ocwen won't approve a modification because we never went through a trial modification for 3 months. We did successfully with Saxon. Ocwen said they couldn't validate my is that possible, I have been lucky enough to be with the same company 6 yrs.? Ocwen then verified my income but said I made too little. We are confused, if you make too much you don't qualify for a modification? How is it we were in a modification one minute then out the next?? We need help!!

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