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fraud, breach of contract, you name it, they are it

I am writing to agree with all ocwen customers that have had horrid experiences with them. Got my mortgage in...


The entire customer support structure is inadequate and inefficient. One customer support center is outsourced to india so that they can promote a 24/7 customer service center. However their internal business processes are so inept that it jeapordizes the loan servicing, foreclosure and short sales for their customers. I'm in the final stages of a short sale.. The buyer is holding on and ocwen, the junior lien holder first agrees then refuses the buy out amount offered from the first lender. This entire process takes ocwen 2 months to get through. Now that the buyer wants to offer the difference for ocwen's buy out amount, we have to go through the same process all over again yet every customer service rep and manager spoken to regarding the account gives a different set of information which has delayed the closing processes. We are now at the stage where we are still awaiting for a settlement letter from ocwen now for 2 weeks and the buyer has signed all the loan docs and needs to closer by end of business tomorrow. Ocwen management has promised me a settlement letter within 30 minutes and I have not yet received it. The sad part is that ocwen prides itself on "helping" their customers with loan modifications to eliminate foreclosure however that is not true.In my situation, the buyer will lose out on purchasing their dream home and I will be faced with a foreclosure on my credit all at the hands of ocwen.

  • Ap
    a parent who cares Aug 03, 2009

    Ocwen is nothing but a big scam company. My daughter has been trying to work with them on her loan since her and her husband both lost their jobs last year. In October she tried to get Ocwen to work with her on her payments, they kept asking for information that she had already given them, she had her fax confirmation sheet to prove what she had sent them. She sent payments only to have them refused due to it not being the full amount due. It is now August, 10 months later, hours on hold, trying to talk to people who don't fully understand english, or getting one of their loan "SPECIALIST" (what a joke they are, and two even agreed that they could not believe the way Ocwen does their customers). Today my daughter is filing for bankruptcy in order to save them from selling her home. How can a company, in these times continue to perform such stupid, ignorant, and such lowdown practices. The government should shut them down and send all of them from the top to the bottom to prison. I am appauld that Americans have to go thru pure hell because our government is sooooooooooooooooooo crooked, that they do not see what these companies do in illegal practices, lying to customers and outsourcing to other countries that have not clue as to what the hell they are doing. Screw them all and may they burn in hell...

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  • Bu
    Bulldog1 Apr 05, 2010

    I’m shocked a companies like Ocwen can still exists in this day and age. Their unscrupulous business practices know no bounds. From outright lying to making up fees. Worse still the US movement aka Freddie Mac chooses to do business with them! We had a modification with them and were told there would be no additional fees and subsequently charged 12k multiple in erroneous fees. They will not win my attorney is a bulldog and a close friend. My Dad.

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  • An
    ann13455 Aug 04, 2010

    omg i have been going threw the same [censor] for sometime and i am ready to go to the division of consumer affairs!!

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lied to about remodification

I was supposed to be going through a loan remodification with ocwen since end of march this year. Only to find out today may 5 that my house was foreclosed on by them. I faxed all the documents asked for not once for four times because they either did not get it or it's sitting on someones desk who knows because they sure don't. And to make matters worst when I call I was told you should have called us for what when your systems tells you that your package has been recieved and under review don't worry about late payments or foreclosure biggest lied ever told. They are the worst people I have ever dealt with no one speaks english you have to hold on 45 minutes to an hour to speak with someone you can't understand. So I asked what do I do now since I was under the understanding that if you house is in remodification process the foreclosure process is put on hold until a decision is reach but this is not the case with ocwen well the attorney will send you a letter as to when you have to vacate the property. How's that for an answer to your remodification process. So then I am told to call some lady in the mornign to find out where the house is and see what she can do for me. Now mind you my second mortgage company knew I was in the process so when I called them to let them know what had happen the rep was like what we were waiting on them to communicate with us so we could finish our modification on our end. The rep was apologizing for there actions because it was not right and was like its not over until its over so don't give up. What can you do when you feel like you were ripped off by a no good non caring company.


I want my life back

O. K. So since my last post I have had three lawyers call me I was told I have a good case. I was told it's a slam dunk win. I was told my illegal foreclosure could be revoked. Only if "here it comes" I need to give them money down of the tune of 3, 200.00, the next lawyer wanted 10, 000.00, and the next one said he could get my house back for sure for 3, 800.00 down. Now I would like to no who's getting rich here? Who has that kind of money just laying around? Here's what I do not understand fraud is fraud and it is against the law, so we are victim's right why is it we have to pay anything up front. If I went out and killed someone I would get free lawyer paid for by the state. How can I file anything in court if I do not no what to file? Now I live in the state of maryland and I have been everywhere and I can't find help. Since I have a good case like so many others. Why can't I have a lawyer to go to court and get my life back.

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    00wocwoo May 10, 2009
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My Opinion on Bank Bailouts

    As a victim of a illegal foreclosure I would like to know. Who is going to bail us out? And give use our civil rights back and punish the people responsible for crimes they were a part of. The illegal acts of these company's has made people homeless, pennyless and without hope of ever having a part of the American Dream. I for one want my life back. It is my opinion once you bailout the banks and eyes turn away because it's no longer news. They will start doing what they do best stealing from Americans and Violating our Civil rights once again. These people need to go to jail and be fired not rewarded with Government cash from the very taxpayer they stool from.
    Janet Purdy
    [email protected]

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terrible company

Right now as I am typing I am waiting on Ocwen to modify my loan. I just received my second notice which is my foreclosure date. The date is May 1st 2009. I called Ocwen concerning the notice, but they told me they did not have a foreclosure date. So now I am in limbo I do not know what to do!!! I will be contacting a lawyer to file bankruptcy to see if that can save my home. I went through the whole process of them not receiving my paperwork and resubmitted it 3 times. Then I had to resubmit my paperwork under the Obama housing plan. Has anyone done this yet. Please if anyone have any suggesting on how to save my home. Please let me know I am at the end of my rope.

  • Fe
    Fedup Apr 15, 2009

    I am in complete agreement with you Every time I call in my motgage i speak with some Indian in India. I don't have anything against Indians but when their records don't match mine and my mortgage is 4, 000 a month that really gets to me I'm at the end of my rope and don't know who to call to complain. Just stay in your house. Ocwen is terrible.

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misleading direct mail

If you are one of the millions of Ocwen Financial customers you may have recently received a "Election Form" giving you the opportunity to opt-out of having your information shared with third parties. Here's the gimmick: The instructions read: "Please indicate your choice and mail this form.." Note the use of the singular "choice, " rather than "choices." Now, read on. After providing your loan or account information, there are two check-boxes with the following verbiage: ( ) Choice#1: I DO NOT want my personal information shared among parties that are not affiliated with Ocwen, except as required or permitted by law. ( ) Choice #2: I DO NOT want my personal information shared with parties affiliated with Ocwen, except as otherwise required or permitted by law. Which CHOICE would you make? The RIGHT answer is BOTH. But wait, it clearly says in the instructions "Please indicate your choice..." It does not read, "choices?" You must assume from the instructions that you have to choose just one. WRONG. On page 2 or the 3 page letter, near the bottom, the choices are repeated, expect in this case in the area where 99% of customers would not read to, there is an additional line that reads, "You may select any or all of the above options on the attached Election Form." Unless you read every word of this small-type set letter and form you would never guess that you have the right to choose to restrict BOTH "affiliated" AND "not affiliated" parties. You have to read it all, then you have to mail it back to keep them from selling your name to telemarketers and others. Eyeswideopen Denison, Texas

billing errors

If your mortgage has been recently sold to ocwen loan servicing, llc, I suggest you take a close look at your billing statement. My first billing statement indicated nothing was applied to the mortgage principal and that my interest rate had increased by 1.89%. During my first phone call I was told their data base was incorrect at the time of billing; the correct information was given to me verbally; and their web site showed all the correct data.

I checked the web site, and the information was still wrong! During the second phone call I was told that the billing information was incorrect because they are still imputing updated information into their systems; the correct information was given to me verbally; and I was told that the web site would not show the correct information for up to two weeks. I'll check back in two weeks, but I have a strange feeling that the information will still be incorrect.

I'll wager that there are thousands of people that never check their billing statements, and accept all information as being correct. This could be a huge scam by a company that appears to have a very poor reputation.

What government agency has jurisdiction over this type of mortgage company?

awful everything

My nightmare started on July 28, 2008. I first contacted Ocwen and informed them I was slowly depleting all...


My story, why, how and what happened

I had a home, in the late 80's about 1989 I was going throw some old mail as many people do weeding out what you don't need and I found a statement that just did not seem right it was my mortgage statement so I called the mortgage company that I had at that time. Simple enough that's when life throws you a curve. So I continued to try to fix the problem with my account calling all the time copying papers and mailing them in to the company you would think if you have cancelled checks that would be enough but it's not. Each time I would get to a point where I thought my account would be fix, and my loan was sold and I would have to start over with a new loan company. Again with first calling than mailing or faxing. And the calling was bad enough because you could be on the phone for hours. One time I was so determinate I stayed on the phone on hold for three hours and then transferred and still got know where. As the years moved on and life went forward it continued to take up more and more of my time and my life. I did everything I could to fix what was wrong with my mortgage but the more I dug the more I found wrong and the mortgage company and / or serving company was not going to fix it. Know one cared how many cancelled checks I had and/or any other papers I had they where not going to fix my account. Of course as the years go by your account gets worse and worse. And the letters from the mortgage company that they will be taking your home become more and more and you become scared that you will lose your home. So you continue to fight even harder and you start looking for help. Well let me tell you there is no! Help. If you can't get it done on your own it will not happen. The people in government will not help you they will just pass you along until there is know where else to go for help. You can for get a lawyer because you do not have a right to one the criminals do, but you don't. If you do not have money, a lot of money you will not get help that's how things worked for me. I filed complaints everywhere you could think of and no! Help. The facts of my case are as long and as twisted as a fictional story you read about in a book but its a true story. And there are many things that could have been done to

Fix it but it just was not done. My story is one of fraud, thief, crimes against the state laws and the county laws where I once lived, crimes against the laws of the land, as well as the constitution of the united states, the bill of rights, personal property laws, tax fraud, falsifying records, defrauding the courts, legal abuse of the worse kind and I could go on but lets get to the rest of the story and the facts of my story. After many years and many mortgage company's and/or servicing company's I ended up with owen bank I had know control over who serviced my loan. If given a choose I never would have chose owen bank. You call they hang up on, they will put you on hold if you do get someone to talk to they transfer you around until you are disconnected. And you than start over getting know where this will go on for days weeks and months. The more you try the worse it gets I copied all documents and sent them in and months later I got one sheet of paper back so than I had questions so you start calling again and it takes weeks to get a phone call back if you get one at all. Just to found out you need to send more papers to them. At the same time you are getting foreclosed on and you get scared and start doing everything they ask.In my case I kept trying to work out the problem and I gave owen bank large amounts of money until I had no more money one payment was for 21, 409.00 to caught up my illegal default that I know I did not owe but I was scared and I wanted to keep my home. That did not help owen took my money and still took my home. At the time I had a refinance done and the trustee's office refused to take the money to pay off my home. When a mortgage company or servicer hires lawyer called a trustee it's like a pit bull with a bone that lawyer makes a lot of money and they will do what it takes to help steal your home that's my opinion.In my case the trustee wrong doing very illegal, refusing to take money to refinance my to pay off my debt, no certified return receipt notice not once but twice, holding surplus proceeds for the last 15 months, no notice of sale after auction and possible collusion conspiracy with the bidders I guess some people are above the law. After my home was auctioned the first notice I got was a writ of possession I was not notified by the bidders, the trustee, the court, the servicer or the mortgage company that my home was auctioned. The writ gave me 30 days to move out of my home or go to court. So I went to court when the court decided against me in this matter I appealed to the court special of appeals the matter was stayed, while still on appeal I was evicted from my home along with my family that lived with me at the time, if that was not enough the bidders, david and sharon wuest that bought my home at the illegal auction took 3/4ths of everything that was in my home while the sheriff watched. On june 10, 2008 midday the sheriff came and severed an eviction notice for june 17, 2008 at 10:00 am. He was early and did not look to see if the job could be completed in one to two hours as noted on the sheriff's anne arundel county web page as the sheriff's functions on evictions. David and sharon wuest did not hire to enough movers to do the job and complete it, in the time frame it should have been done in as out lined on the sheriff's web site and know care was taken to remove personal property china was thrown in bags and broken on purpose things where kicked down the front steps, by some of the movers or just never came out of the house, dumpsters where brought in and what the bidders or the movers did not want was put in the trash, one dumpster was placed in the driveway on private property where I was not aloud to go. Six days was not enough time for me to move my property by myself as my son was gone the weekends, I am a disabled widow my mother was 80 years old at time and I have a minor child in the home. With a 26 foot truck in front of the house that was being loaded when the sheriff came I would think I would have the right to get my personally property. I asked david wuest for 24 hours and was told no!!! There was no good reason why I should not have been allowed to remove my personal property as the legally law allows. We were told the moving truck had to be move so they could bring in another dumpster as well as my pickup truck also had to move giving use no choose but to leave while my property was trashed or stolen. The sheriff did not seem to care who did what and let them violate all my rights which the sheriff should have been there to up hold the law just as a officer of the court and/or county. I am a victim of fraud, thief and the system did not work in my case I had no protection at all, I was violated on a personal and a mental level. If the sheriff can not do his job in the manner of the law he should be removed from his post. The sheriff wrong doing was he just watch as they broke, stole, trashed just about everything I had. The bidders david and sharon wuest should go to jail for there crimes of thief over hundred dollars, malicious destruction of private property, violation of landlord tenant laws, possible collusion and conspiracy with the trustee.
That was the day myself and my family became homeless with no money and three quarters of everything we own gone we will never forget that day as long as we live. To this day still some what homeless living in a campground we have moved up in the world from living out of my truck and sleeping in tents to a camper. And the home that was stolen from me is still empty just sitting there. The trustee still has the surplus money from the illegal auction and myself and my family are still some what homeless living some where in the u. S. A. To this day I still have all documentation, cancelled checks and all files that I had to prove my case I kept everything.

Janet purdy
P. O. Box69
Pasadena, md 21123

president & ceo phone number

I have heard that ocwen in on the verge of financial disaster. All caused by their portfolio of sub prime...

fraud, lies, deceit...

Ocwen is one of the most frustrating companies I have ever dealt with. They purchased our home loan from the...

ripped off

Hey Obama! Try and figure this one out! Maybe these "unfair and illegal" practices being administered at ALL unscrupulous mortgage lenders doing business in the Unbited States, need to be looked at first!
This company needs to be stopped! They are not trying to help the American economy by ignoring request for statements and explainations! Only, perpetuating foreclosures!

We spent $20, 000.00 to save our home from the grips of Ocwen. Have made on time payments for over a year with escrow included. Even have proof of all payments made through quicken books. We are trying to refinance through another company to lower our high monthly payment and, surprise, surprise!! Our mortgage broker notified us that Ocwen is reporting us late and that we more than what is due!!!

Fortunately enough, we have the means to hire a real estate attorney. I feel so sad for those who can't afford a lawyer to help them. Unfortunately, i think that it is protocol for this company to push and push, take and take everything they from you, until you hire an attorney. Good luck to all of you being ripped off!

  • Ho
    hooliejay Dec 13, 2010

    that is happening to us. Only OCWEN will get a suprise with our house it is under constructions right now and they want us out by 1/27/11. A month and a half to move 10 years worth of belongings. hey will never get out of our house what we have.

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unauthorized charges

Ocwen federal bank was assigned my mortgage after a forbearance program agreement with hud in 1997. They send us a letter stating that we were going to be on the program for one year to continued paying $668.31 a month at fix rate of 6%.In 2000 they went up to $866.00. Since my property is a town house condo I was also paying $146.00 in condo fees and sending ocwen $308.31 for the escrow account also, the entire mortgage payment was $ 1166.44 which it was more than what I was paying before the forbearance program.

In 2001 I was behind on my condo payments because I lost my job and my wife was the only one working and paying all the bills. The condo association send me a letter advising me that they were going to take me to court because I was behind $900.00 in condo fees, they also a letter to ocwen and after the condo association foreclosure on me ocwen used my escrow account to pay the association and charge me the $2, 800.00 which I put back into my escrow accounts and without knowing I continued paying my mortgage.

In february 2008 I run into another problem and I left my job to care for my 26 year son who was dieing, I fell behind 2 payment and I requested a loan modification from ocwen and they agreed to let me pay them $1540.00 to start and $1, 157.44 for one year, I signed the paper and send them the first 4 payments.

On november 2008 I received a letter from lasalle bank asking me to move out that my lease canceled, they also send me a letter to appear in housing court. I did not know that my property was foreclosure by ocwen in 2001, now that I have a lawyer they agreed to sale me the property back for $140, 000.00 which is about $35, 000.00 more that what I pay for the property which was $109, 000.00 what happened with the 14 years of payments that I made.

Ocwen loan services llc are crazy if they think I am going to buy the property for than what I pay for in the first place.

Someone need to have this people investigated because they are taking property away from people without law involvement. They are thief's...

fraud and scam

My mortgage servicer is Ocwen Loan Servicing. Like others here, my loan is in redemption period and has just...

stay away!

I seem to be having the same problem everyone else is here. I have two payments sent to there so called PO box that they haven't posted to my account as of yet and it is going on 2 months now, when I try to contact these foreigners I can not get a answer to what is going on so they report me as late. I have even e-mailed them and they assure me there online statement is correct which is a lie. The other day I was on hold over an hour and still didn't get to talk to someone. I have had nothing but trouble from the people and really getting sick of it.

  • Sa
    Sam Holey Feb 22, 2009

    My daughter is deaf so I handle the mess with Ocwen for her as relay would never put up with their unintelligible language. They are second mortg with 11 plus interest rate

    Her first mortgage Indy Mac did a modification after she lost second job and finances changed BUT all Ocwen does is harrass and promise They say they haven't received financials then makes mistake and tell me something they would only know if received then oops sorry I do see where we received. But according to their calculations she should be able pay extra $200 monthly Her expenses are higher than income so don't know what program they have in their system.

    They call several times weekly asking same info Nothing ever happens except they add more fees and something they call drive by inspections fees to be sure property not vacant! Where would she go single with 2 kids...paymt over $1300 mortgage monthly.

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  • Ne
    neoblueyes Dec 06, 2010

    My experience with Ocwen is similar. Voicemail hell and the right hand not having a clue what the left is doing. I would consult a realtor you can trust. They will have the ability to verify what the status of your account is with the courts. I got plenty of scary bogus letters and varified via same plus other resources that most of it was not: Find the best applicable lawyer near you for INITIAL FREE counsel regarding your rights (hamp loan, bancruptcy etc). Trust me, it will AMAZE you what you will learn. MAY WANT TO REFER TO THIS SITE AND ALSO DISCUSS PROBABILITY OF A CLASS ACTION SUIT. COUNT ME IN IF THAT IS THE CASE! [email protected]
    It took me a year of due diligence via phone, repeat applications, a journal documenting all of my efforts, and emails to get my HAMP agreement after I was refused once and sent an in-house bad deal which I refused. My orignal loan was sold 3x in 6 months! I talked to an ombudsman along with several different alleged Ocwen departments, 2 lawyers, and several realtors to aquire info regarding MY rights. I finally got my agreement, it is noted as rec'd (certified and on web) but all other info is skewed. So good. DO NOT LET THEM SCARE YOU. Defend yourself in all ways imaginable! Best Wishes, Britt

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  • Kt
    ktyxes Nov 01, 2011

    I was in a 5 yr ch 13 bankrupcy and OCWEN was one of the debtors. OCWEN stated I owed them 18, 000.00 in forbeareance. at the end of my 5 yr bankrupcy, less than 10 days after the discharge, OCWEN stated i was7000.000 behind. My attorney has filed a lawsuit on my behalf. I also contacted my state representative. I refuse to allow this company to steal another penny from me.

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  • Oc
    Ocwen Helper Dec 07, 2011

    Lawyers are usually of no use in dealing with Ocwen. You need a mortgage specialist, instead, to browse all the statements/documents Ocwen must have surelly sent you and get to the thruth.
    Ocwen's biggest problem is efficiently communicating with customers. Should you have any further inquiry about how to fight/deal with Ocwen, please don't hesitate to contact me to [email protected]
    I was a Supervisor with Ocwen some time ago. Believe me, I know them a lot!

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I too have been ripped off by ocwen. There is a law firm in california that is filing a class action lawsuit...

mortgage rip off

I entered into a Forbearance agreement in 2007 after falling ill. They never increased my payment and each...

refinance instead of foreclosure

I recieved a letter to help to keep from forclosure and I called and spoke with customer service and they informed me all I had to do was sign the enclosed packet and fax it to them and then go to money gram and send the money. Well I did that and now we are in jan one month after this agreement and they tell me that the agreement was not accepted because they could not read it and the customer care associate told me I should have called back to ask them if they could read it and when I told him that I did call back to make sure that everything was recieved he stated I should have called back a couple of days after that again to ask if they could read the letter. It seems as if all that kept me from foreclosure was simply calling to inform me that the letter was not legible seem unaccepatable especially when I had called twice and that was not mentioned to me now he states I have no options and foreclosure has been set for feb 3rd we are in tough times and I was trying desperately to keep my home and a simple call back from ocwen could have saved me from uprooting my family espcially when I did call several times to try to get the payments and documents handled
Please assist with this loan #[protected] and I just found out on jan 29 that the money gram that I sent to you all was returned to me and I could pick this up so again there was no communication giving to me even when it was insisted that I should have called numerous time to check repeatedly to see if the loan was approved and it is very upsetting to find out three days before that I have no home

lack of response

Due to the decline in the economy and the increase in cost to feed my family it became impossible to make my mortgage payments. I call ocwen august 2008 asking for consideration in reducing the payment. It was very difficult to actually talk to anyone but after several tries we talked and I filled out a series of papers for them. After sending in the papers I continued to call ocwen for the next 3 months but nobody would help or call back. Know it is january 2009 and my efforts over the last 6 month have failed because ocwen has sent me foreclosure papers. I tried to work things out with them but they simply did not respond and now they are foreclosing. Can any one help?

  • Si
    sixto sanchez Jan 22, 2009

    I do loan modifications for a living, this is a full time job you require a little experience to know what the lenders are looking for and their time frame. Should you need any help, let me know at: [email protected]

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  • Lo
    lou Feb 10, 2009

    I did the same thing, And they would not help me either, I contact some else and now they will not sign off on the paper. I am also in forecloser. I have been working on trying to get a LM for 5 months.

    I am finished with this company.
    Sick and Tryed

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terrible everything

We had our mortgage sold to Ocwen by another company and as soon as Ocwen took over we had problems with proof of insurance and property taxes, after a few months the interest rates started going up every 6 months like clockwork by on whole percentage point every 6 months; till we ended up at 10.25% interest.

We contacted Ocwen about this because our credit rating was fairly good and there was no reason to raise our rate other than greed, we were told at the time that they had the right to raise the rate all the way to 13%; at that time I asked if I should be contacting my congressman about this and was told there was nothing illegal being done, however 2 weeks later we got a letter that the rate was being dropped by 1 percent, down to 9.25%.

We made all of our payments on time, and when the company I work for went on strike I tried to get Ocwen to defer the mortgage to help us out, and was told they do not do that; that they were a debt collection agency and not a mortgage company.

They then gave me the run around when the payment was not made, telling me they were willing to help, but every route we went ended up in a dead end or Ocwen stating that they had not received the financial information that we sent to them.

We are now 6 months late on our mortgage, and now I am going back to work with a rather large payment of over $3000.00 due.

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