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Nokia Service Center - Ghaziabad / n70 battery stolen by service center people!

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My Nokia N70 phone caught a virus and the software had to be reloaded. The phone was submitted to the service center at Ghaziabad on 11/Sep/06. The software was reloaded and the phone given back on 25th Sep. 06 but there was no battery in the phone.The battery was stolen by the authorized Nokia service center people (Ghaziabad).

The service center people did not tell me that the battery was to be removed from the phone while submitting and neither did they include the battery number on the job sheet. Also it was no where mentioned that the phone was submitted without battery. Be careful!

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  • Su
      7th of Jan, 2007
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    I purchased this set N 71, model, in Dubai some 8 months back. I'm facing severe problems with this instrument. The phone gets hung-up at least 15-20 times in a day during the course of conversation and shows - connection error. It has never happened with other mobile phone instruments with the use of same sim-card.

    Secondly, my phone is forever low on power. This is right from the day one. The battery doesn’t last more than 12-14 hours and every night it has to be kept on charge. The Battery is of course brand new that came with the set and I replaced the same with new, thinking that problem may have been with the battery. But the results are the same. The new battery was also purchased from the Nokia sales and service center at Mumbai. These days, we have hand sets in market that last for nearly 3 days in-spite of extensive usage with one charge of Battery.

    Thirdly, the front glass panel and the keys have developed very obvious scratch marks as though after the flap is folded the glass touches the key pad hence the folded flaps of the phone don’t sit squarely. Your obvious reaction/answer to this would be that the glass must have actually got scratched in use. No! nothing of that kind has happened and the phone has always been used with care.

    I contacted the local Nokia sales and service centers in Mumbai but they all say; they cant do any thing about this, first the warranty is not applicable outside of Dubai and secondly they don’t stock any spares for this Model. Their own feed back is that this Model is a failure in the Market and they are not able to sell a single piece from their retails. And they also stated that this particular Model has inherent problems. I need help! I have purchased this unit at a price of approx 450 US$ and I have not been able to use it for a single day without a problem...leave aside using the other special features. Even a 5 mins uninterrupted conversation is rare. I did this exercise of writing to Nokia as a feed back (what I'm doing now) a month before but no body from Nokia has responded. I filled up the feed back on this problem, twice, to seek Nokia’s help at your following site,,28161,00.html , but to no avail and ironically the printed wording after submitting the feed back in the end says, “Thank You for sending your feedback form. Our customer service staff will respond to your query”.

    I have picked up your mailing address from your site as I had no other option but to write to the Head office. Other than the Service center contacts, there are no E-mail addresses and/or contact provided in your Web site where customers could address their issues, if they’re not being attended-to/handled to customer’s satisfaction at the service center level.

  • Am
      15th of Oct, 2007
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    I handed over my 6131 model to Nokia service center in Chennai, I submitted it on 4th August 2007, and it is almost 2 months they say a very stupid reason that some component has not come. And in the same they gave my mobile in a good condition but the very next day there was a blank display in my mobile. And again I have submitted I think it will take another 20 days for my mobile, almost a 5 months to deliver a mobile.

    My sincere request that please do not wait for the days for your mobiles to come, better get a new one itself.


  • Pu
      24th of Oct, 2007
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    I do have a nokia 6681 phone. It has the problem of reseting. I have take the phone to the noida service centre twice but still it is having the same problem. The warranty of the phone is expired now but this problem is still arising.

    The technical person is not able to find the problem.

    The after sale service is very bad.

  • Ag
      1st of Nov, 2007
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    1. TALK using a NOKIA 6300 with someone and as you pass the 10th minute of talking you will notice the mobile unit getting Warm and which will be the completion of the first step and Entitles you as a participant.

    2. as you pass the 15th minute of talking the real signs will start to SHOW as the mobile unit will get much Hotter and you will feel NOISE OR EAR IRRITATION.

    3. most of the players give up after the 15th or 20th minute as the heat causes terrible irritation and some times leads to Headaches which could prevail for many hours and so many Of them go To nokia Agent with complains but nokia cant do
    Much As the unit is designed for same. So if you give up you are
    Out of the Game with only consolidation prizes. (headaches/ Ear aches)

    4.but if you are brave enough to push further and keep on talking For long hours then your chances are very bright as you will Be success in killing a few brain cells or become partially deaf Or even be the luckiest to meet the

  • Ag
      1st of Nov, 2007
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    I write this letter with grave concern as so many people who are un-knowingly using the above phone which can cause serious damage to their health which is sold in Asia and the Middle East

    I was much lucky to have detected the fault early as my wife got ear infection due to the aforesaid mobile phone which is widely sold here by the agents and also promoted by Dialog Telecom on easy payments scheme The biggest worry is that this particular model is not suitable at all for long conversations as it gets extremely hot, loud and has no voice filtering, therefore could cause damage to ear drum and also damage brain cells. Surprisingly it has passed the test of Sri Lanka Telecom Regulatory Standards and the only reason I feel it got through the test is that the said model becomes hot only during long chats, therefore I appeal that it should be re tested before it could cause any serious damage to many.

    I have also learnt that many have complained to the agent but were not satisfied of their responses even after efforts made by the technical team trying up grading the software of the phone and also have evidence that in one occasion a phone was returned for the 3rd time by the Nokia Phone Care (Soft Logic Repair centre) to the customer assuring him that they have fixed the problem but unfortunately the customer still complains and they just can’t stop the phone from getting HOT.

    Thus, it’s a pocket time bomb slowly to explode human life.

    I hope the matter is taken seriously; also I have informed Dialog Telecom and the Nokia agents in Colombo-Sri Lanka, but they are unable to answer the “General Question” and since they have ignored to take any action in this regard I have no option to be left with but to go ahead with same making people aware by net and sms until and unless I get proper response otherwise I will have to extend this GLOBAL WARNING to all the users of this particular phone that LIFE IS PRECIOUS than all.


  • Ku
      19th of Nov, 2007
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    My Phone model is Nokia 7710 and last week it suddenly got switched off.

    Now when I gave the phone for service at the NOKIA CARE, they say that they stopped manufacturing for this model last year itself..

    Hence they may not be able to service the phone as they don’t have the software and spares. Since the phone warranty has expired, a option for replacement is also not available.
    I bought the phone for 22 k in Nov 2005.

    When I called the nokia care line customer service, they also don’t have an option. So my phone can’t be serviced nor be replaced. What is the value for my money?

    Good to Great!!

  • An
      4th of Dec, 2007
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    Dear sir

    Kindly Request Nokia Care Centere. I want to service centere in
    Firozabad in Agra in U.p.

    Anil Jain ( Software engineer)
    56 New radha Nagar Balkeshwar (Agra)
    Mob 09897432979

  • Du
      24th of Sep, 2008
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    Dear Sir,

    My Mobile was stolen last month having

    IMEI No. 353081020467380

    Make Nokia 3110c Black [0025430]

    May please be disconnect.

    Thanking You,

    Dushyant Jain

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