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Nokia Australia / poor customer service

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read for yourself:

Feedback on nokia website:

ME: Hi, I have phoned customer support twice today and i am a little annoyed. I bought your n95 because of the GPS and nokia maps.

Heres what you say advertise

Which features are free in nokia maps?

******Find address***********, (several million points of interest) or an own Landmark.

Q: To Nokia helpline:

No matter what i do i cannot find addresses.

I live in australia and downloaded the australia maps for eastern and western australia.

I can search by name and find mcdonalds for instance, i can search by catergory and find mcdonalds as well as other places in my local area.

What i cannot do,,, is do a search for address, no matter what address i put in it results in " No results found"

I know its free maps, but you do advertise it with this and with the capability of searching local streets in 150 countries.

My question is why is it not working on my phone?

I would like to talk to someone who actually knows this phone and the capabilities you advertise. I am sure it is supposed to work but its just not.]

Nokia Answer:

Dear Mr. Williams,

Thank you for emailing Nokia Careline.

With regard to your email, I suggest **searching by the street name** instead of the full address. Kindly revert back to us if you still encounter any issue.

Kind regards,

Kay Z.
Nokia Careline


Hi, I tried queen st.

It says "search requires at least 3 characters of a city name as well. So your suggestion of "just searching by street name" goes against the ability of the software. Are you qualified in this product? as it seems you do not have any answer. Can you please pass this problem onto someone who would have an answer.

Kind regards

Nokia Answer:

Dear Mr Williams,

Thank you for emailing Nokia Careline.

We value all constructive feedback that we receive. This gives us a gainful insight towards developing and providing greater technology, products and services to our customers. While I can appreciate the dismay expressed in your correspondence, I can assure you that Nokia prioritise and understand the support required by our customers.

Pertaining to your enquiry, unfortunately the mapping system through Nokia N95 ***does not narrow down and specify the street names****. It is best to locate via the main street or search via the nearest main location. The reason being the particular street name you searched for may not be listed in the maps. The best option is to determine the nearest main location of the street name you are searching for.

Another way to choose a location is by selecting it in the category browser.

Kind regards,

Shazrin Mddin
Nokia Careline

Heres where we are at:

So the 2 telephone answers lead me nowhere.

Email they told me to narrow down to street name only. After I told them their software doesnt allow it they suggested it does **not narrow down to street name. Pretty good at stating the obvious i would say at this point.

dismayed by all this I googled the answer and wrote back to Nokia after i tried the solution and found i could infact do an address search after all, as I thought i could. And as they had advertised.

this is part of a bigger problem globally unfortunately. People just don't give a rats anymore and customer service is something you have to have for good looks. Heaven forbid there is still a few companies left out there that take your mighty dollar and offer back what used to be called service.

Half the answers you recieve from these companies are pre written and totally irrelevant tot he individual. Ah well one day the world will discover they can actually make more money by investing a little back into the customer.

Heres how i felt at the time:

I hope you feel embarrassed, because that is how I would feel if I had a multi million dollar company and could not answer a simple question posed by a customer.

And I truly hope you take on board this "gainful insight" into your product.

I have been through 4 Nokia careline "specialists" and you know what? I gave up and googled the answer myself.

As stated on a forum found on google

YOU need to be connected via WiFi or 3 g to do a search by address. Theres my answer. It’s a HUGE pity you couldn’t provide it. Give this to your boss and let him have a laugh at your own incompetence.

Good Day!

I will never, ever view your company any other way after this distasteful, embarrassing, disgusting experience.

Don’t bother apologizing because I know the apology is already pre written just like your useless answers. You should be ashamed.


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  • Ch
      2nd of Jul, 2008
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    Dear nokia
    When i put in the PUK code then it comes up with enter new PIN code then i put what i want and then press ok then it comes up with confirm PIN code i enter the right code that i did before and press ok and it comes up with code error if this complaint has happened before and you figured it out and they were happy please tell me the exact answer that you gave them please reply.

    Thank you
    From Mr whitson

  • Ak
      11th of Nov, 2011
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    Nokia Australia - Bad Nokia Phones
    Nokia Australia
    New South Wales

    If you ever think about Buying a NOKIA mobile phone...THINK AGAIN !!!...I have had 7 months of problems with my Nokia N8 with the phone continually losing it's settings and then not being able to send or receive sms, mms, I lose the internet..and then they come back on again after several hours. in short, it's a very unreliable phone with all these problems. The phone seems to have a mind of it's own and works whenver it feels like it. My phone has been repaired twice, replaced once and yet the same problems happen again. When I tried to tell Nokia about this, they said that I need to take the phone back AGAIN to the service centre to be assessed. CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS ?????...they sell dud phones and then frustrate the customer by asking him to continuely return the phone to be assessed and repaired. If you write a complaint, Head Office will get some guy from the Philippines and he will try to manipulate you inot believing that Nokia really cares but all he's been sent to do is to frustrate you into doing what Nokia what you to do and that is...Keep returning the phone back to the service centre over and over and over and over's never ending...then when the warranty runs out ...BEWARE...they will make sure they stress that your warranty is out and "we can't do anything"...Keep well away from NOKIA...they don't make good phones anymore...

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