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I bought my brand new Nokia phone (6270) on 9th july 2006. It has a one year warranty. Within six months of use, it got conked off. I submitted it to the Nokia Care Centre at Sector 2, Noida. Since it couldn't be repairable and there was a huge fault with the handset,they replaced me with a phone of the same model from Head Office which too had problems. Within two months of its use, it started misbehaving completely (keypad problems,display problems,phone switching off on its own). I again submitted my phone at the same Nokia Care mentioned above on 5th May, 2007, of which they have given me a manual jobsheet (Jobsheet number 165). My expected delivery date mentioned in the jobsheet was 9th may. When i called up on 9th, i found out that they haven't even maintained a copy of my jobsheet and they couldn't even trace it. I rushed to the center and i was told by the manager that its been send to Head Office and it has a component problem and it is expected to be delivered on 15th may,which obviously they didn't. Its 24th today and i still don't know the status of my phone as they continued to lie to me about the status. I am a television producer and its impossible for me to function without a phone! I regret to say that my faith on this brand has been faded away and i will now be forced to go to consumer court.


  • Ni
    nitinsantoliya Aug 07, 2007

    I am from India and I lodge a complaint about my Nokia-3250 GSM Handset with having the problems camera clarity, mmc rejected, fm not working, display blank on 16/05/07. After that I so many times visited your Nokia care (East patel nagar in New delhi in India ) center to ask the position of my Nokia-3250 handset end all in vain.

    I further say that overall the swapped mobile Nokia3250 issued to me with the serial no. 357933000185083 on 04/07/07. As I received the swapped mobile I inserted the my hutch/idea chip, the mobile gives no network connection. I further complaint the same and they have booked the complaint with job sheet no.1300105839 till today it has not been repaired.

    Did issued swapped mobile before checked? If not then why has been issued? Till 7th august 2007 your Nokia care centre in India have neither repaired nor given me a swapped mobile.

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  • Na
    narayan Aug 22, 2007

    I dont understand, what is this site about. Are the complaints made by nokia customers are answered???

    I have a complaint to make to nokia , how can i post a complaint. My nokia n71, has been taken by service centre people 2 months back and they keep lieing that i will get my mobile back in 10 days a week like that. I lost hope and going to sue nokia for damages.

    Nokia is f*cking damn waste of sh*t in india.

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  • Pr
    Prashanta Dey Aug 22, 2007


    I have gone through many complaints posted on this website. It's really sad to know that customers using Nokia cell phones have to go through such grievances. But I would like to ask one thing to them, given a chance will they go for Nokia again or any other brand. Be honest while you answer this. You trust Nokia and thats why you expect world class service from it. I agree in some cases there are some loopholes but that doesn't mean that Nokia has lost its place in terms of quality and after sales service. Its still the leader and leader don't give up neither do they compromise.


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  • Dr
    Dr. Rakesh Kumar Sharma Sep 11, 2007


    Product Advisory: Nokia BL-5C battery
    Battery identification number: 0670400363563N065322805030

    The status of the registered delivery is presented in the table below.

    Date Status
    2007-08-16 Serial number added to the system.
    2007-08-19 Address information analyze initiated.
    2007-08-22 Replacement battery is in delivery.

    Till date I have neither received the battery nor any formal communication from NOKIA.

    Can anybody advise Whom to contact and how?

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  • Dh
    Dharmchand Pagare Oct 27, 2007

    I brought Nokia 3230 phone worth Rs 8,251 rupees on 8 Jan,2007 & serial No. 352740017984845 from the reputed shop "SUR SANSAR ELECTRONICS, KOTA".
    In May-2007 the phone was automatically switch off & on in 5 minutes regularly.

    Then I go to Nokia Care on 29th Aug 07 the phone was under warranty period they said that the phone was dumped and not repaired & replaced.

    On my request they take my phone for repairing and they said that the phone was repaired with in a week or 2 weeks. The nokia Care did not reply about my phone.

    So, My question is are the Nokia company not concerned about the goodwill of its products in the market.

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  • Bh
    bharti Pal Oct 28, 2007

    I am really frustrated with Nokia services. I had been using Nokia since 2000. I bought NOKIA 5300 with IMEI Number 354554011881370 on 02-Feb-07. Same started giving problems with signals within 2 months of purchase. but by August it completely stopped getting any signal. I gave it to Dexter Nokia Care centre, Rohini Sector-3 on 6-Sep-07 for repair. after many rounds to service centre finally on 8-Oct-07, I was told that the phone is beyond repair and on 16-Oct-07 i was given a swapped phone with IMEI 354554012495741. On getting it when we started charging it, it wasn't getting charged and getting heated up. so we got it back to service centre where they checked the instrument and informed me that the instrument is fine but battery needs replacement. I bought new battery from Nokia Service Centre for Rs.800/-. On replacing battery, I am facing same problem. But I don't see any way to get out of this problem. Nokia doesn't care about it's after sale service. And If Nokia doesn't look into matter, I am never going to buy any Nokia Product in future. If I am paying money I expect to get a good quality product. Understand products could be faulty some time but company need to provide service and get it repair. It has been almost 2 months and I am still not able to use my phone for which i paid full money. I think the last option I have is to go to consumer court and get things shorted out.

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  • Ja
    JASPREET May 10, 2008

    Nokia care people are Really Not caring For their Customers, I have a Nokia 6300 and i want its speakers to be changed, first of all instead of replacing the speakers, they replaced my set with a second hand set which itself has some problems. On complaining They refused. They take again my set for 10 dayz and right now when i was going to charge my handset, i jst found that it is not having the port to be charged, They have forgotten to put it back. What a ###, I waited for my set for a month and they have given me such a Fukin handset.

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  • Vi
    Vikash Jun 06, 2008

    i have purchased nokia 5310 and after 1 month it has started misbejhaving such as backup problem, phone restarts, and slow working. i think it is the worst set nokia have made till now. i was really irritated with the set, one day it got suddenly off and does not started again i took it to the nokia care deoghar(jharkhand) 13th may 2008 and they gave the delivery date on 10th june and told that if it comes before the date i will be informed but nothing happened like that on 5th june i went to nokia care and they said the set has come and they didnt even informed me and when i got home back and switched on it it worked for 1/2 an hour and again got switched off. means the same problem. Again i gave there and they said after 25 days. Tell me one thing that does warranty means that u just keep on visiting nokia care with problems without even getting solved properly. i just wanna know what nokia care is doing.
    please improve your service

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  • As
    ashish rastogi Jun 07, 2008


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  • Vi
    VIJU Jul 05, 2008

    Toaday I had a very bad experience with K.N services (Authorised Nokia Care) E-1/6, Malvia Nagar, Delhi - 110017. My phone was caught up with moisture issue. I had submitted by cell phone yesterday with them who assured that after replacement of Key Pad mobile will start functioning.They asked me to sign their job card where it was written return of SIM, Memory & Battery. I overlooked battery since they were in hurry to close the counter since it was lunch time. They handed over SIM & Memory Card.Today when i went to get my cell phone back they asked me for the battery.I told them that this was not handed over to me.They said then why did you sign the paper without receipt. They said it is your mistake & its not their responsibility for the loss.

    Person named Manish in the counter has accepted my Mobile who refused about the battery loss. I got frustrated after a long argument & ended up in saying "you keep the cell phone also". They were rude and instructed theiranother junior to return back the sim & keep the phone in their possesion.

    Finally after lot of request they agreed for 50 % waiver.

    My point is I had a trust in Nokia Brand & thats why i signed that Job Card confidently without reading the contents.But as result I faced all this frustration with this service center.

    Again when I enquired i fount that person sitting in the counter Manish has only 2 months experience who don't have confidence in dealing with customer, customer care attitude is Nil.He is more interested to close the counter during lunch hours even the customer is partly attended.

    Would like to suggest that pls place well trained educated people in the counter who can atleast understand the problem of the customer & take action accordingly.

    I have already passed on this unsatifatory service to couple of my friends who will never turn towards your services ( atleast K.N services in Malviya Nagar)

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  • Rb
    R. BASKARAN Jul 18, 2008

    I given my handset nokia model 6085 to below addressed NOKIA CARE for speaker problem. After late servicing they changed my set to other customer. They given to me a different IMEI No. set. I found many damages and different IMEI NO. and returned the set to NOKIA care. They told set is changed to other cusotmer and assured to get my set on 14-07-2008 (Monday). But still I am not getting my set. Today is friday.
    JOB SHEET NUMBER :2518 DATE 27/06/2008

    Nokia Care
    Simtech computronics (p) Ltd.
    No.83A, Arcot Road
    email id :[email protected]

    I visited many times to above nokia care centre. But they told many useless reasons. They told me they will make a call to me . But so far I am not getting a single call from them.

    I seen many customers struggling with above NOKIA CARE

    I made many call to above nokia care land line phone number 044 -45550038/45550039 to many times. But nobody pick the phone. If doubt, please make a call to this number.

    I also registered the complaint in nokia customer care. Complaint number is 2-371fu5.

    This message also put in nokia care website.

    MOBILE NUMBER:9884014990

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  • Ni
    nikhil kishore Jul 24, 2008

    i bought a nokia 6500 from nokia priority dealer on 22/07/2008 from surat in gujarat.the priority dealer has given me a used mobile in place of a fresh one.
    this is such an offence which was not expected from nokia priority dealer.

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  • Ma
    Manoj Saini Jul 31, 2008


    My wife baught 3100 classic around 10 months back. A Month back phone stopped caching the

    network. So we went to the Nokia care in Sector-35, Opposit Khukrain bhawan, chandigarh. Since

    their system was down so they gave me the mannual Job sheet- 10382 on 30th June.After 5 days i

    got the phone back in working condition. To my surprise phone's display goes off the very next

    day. We again went to the same Nokia care. The engineer their opened the phone's front cover

    very harshly and without any tools, during the course he cracked the front body cover. On asking

    he said it was already broken. This time they gave me the online job code - 077434038/080707/28

    on 07 July. After two days when i called them to confirm the status, they replied that it would

    take a week because they do not have some spare part available. Then after a week when i called

    them again they said it would take a week since the part has not arrived yet. After 10 days i

    checked it in the nokia site where it showed that the status is "Ready". When we approched the

    nokia care on 30 July to get the phone they said, the phone is "not ready". Replying to my

    querey that on Nokia site its showing "ready" status, they said the phone was ready so they

    closed the ticket but the very next moment the display again gone bad so we send the phone to

    the head office for repair. Then i asked them to change the status on the site, replying this

    they said it can not be changed. I said then open another job sheet, to that they said since we

    have send the phone to head office on the same job sheet so we can not provide you the new one.

    I said why did not you called me before sending the phone to the head office. they said they

    called me. I said i have not received any call, to that reply from Nokia care was "You are

    lying". I am really shoked with such a behaviour. I dont know from how may days the ticket is

    closed, Nokia service center might have closed the ticket to save their SLA. Now I dont have my

    phone with me for the past 1 month. Nokia site is saying its "ready" but the service center says

    its "Not". I dont know whome to believe. I opened a case in Nokia call center case no - 2-384AKL

    on 30 July. But I must say my experience with Nokia care was pathetic and i am loosing my faith

    and trust in Nokia. They even dont know how to talk to a lady, they were not only rude with me

    but also with my wife. If this is the way to behave with the customers then i suggest Nokia to

    shut down their Nokia care centers.

    Manoj Kumar

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  • Su
    sumit Aug 12, 2008

    hi my name is sumit i by n95 orund 9 month back but thear is some pro in my phone i went nokia cear center thear is some pro in disply i got my phone back after 18 days and agen after 8 days the same pro comes agen i went nokia center now allmost 28 days left still wating for my n 95 and the nokia cear center ic close . i ask from gard whear is all staff he said sir u have to go other center and ask obut ur phone is realy bad servies wat shud i do now plz tell me some thing...

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  • Pr
    pranab Sep 18, 2008

    I bought a NOKIA 6300 six month before. It has 1 year warranty. All of sudden before one month the mobile was switched off. I went to NOKIA care Malleswaram Bangalore. They told me there is some problem in hardware, it will take –10 days. Till that date I have following up for my mobile. But every time the NOKIA care people (Mr. Kameswaram and Ms. Priya) are saying we will deliver the mobile next week. Every week I am calling them but they responding the same way and extending for next week.

    I have never expected such kind of bad service from Nokia and I do not know till how many days I will suffer.

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  • Ne
    neeraj kumar Sep 23, 2008

    hi i m neeraj. i m from ambala district(india).i bought nokia 6500 from noida. my set nokia 6500 have some problem in reading memory card and i repair it from ambala nokia care centre two time. but still this problem was not remove from my set . now i want the mail id of india nokia head or the phone no. of india nokia head.because i cant satisfy the service from nokia care. so please reply me soon and do something for my set nokia 6500. please do something soon otherwise i have last option...?

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  • Ka
    kantilal.g.jain Sep 24, 2008

    Once Again We Remind You That This Mobile Hand Set Nokia 3120c-1c Graphite, IMEI: 353101023722043 Is 8 Days Old Only

    As we have given the Mobile to Nokia Care Centre at Bangalore after having problem as ( mobile was kept for charging & after some time we found that mobile was not working and was Complete Dead & for which we gave the mobile to the Nokia Service Center Detail & address fallow, Bright Caree, # 25/1, Srikanta Mahal, 1st Floor, 1st Cross, Sampige Road, Malleswaram, Bangalore 560 003, Under Service Job Sheet no 140434038/080902/36, Dated 02-09-08,
    As till today we have received only one answer & replay as we have sent the mobile to Head office & Answer (still we have not received the mobile from Head office) replay to wards this as several calls made on this Ph no 41281846,
    For which we hade called several time to the fallowing no’s also (30303838 / 1800-425-3388) to now the states. &for which we have received the complaint Docket no (- -3CHVL7 on 15-09-08) & after 48hours the answer is that mobile has been sent back without repair to Nokia care Bangalore on 17-09-08,
    So for which we called to Bangalore Nokia Care, &, Answer was that we have sent back to Head office for repair as it was not repaired by them (Head Office) & as for Hand Set to Be Repaired We have sent back to Head Office on 18th Sep 2008 and it will take some time,
    So once again we had called to this no 080 30383838 on 22nd Sep 2008 & asked for Replacement as this mobile is 8 Days old & Under Warranty, but for which we have been issued new complaint Docket no (2 -3D7HIX on 22-09-08) and we must call back after 48 hours to now the states of Hand Set Complaint Docket no (2 -3D7HIX on 22-09-08), contact nokia care on 29/09/08 is the answer by the nokia india ph no 30303838

    Once Again We Remind You That This Mobile Hand Set Nokia 3120c-1c Graphite, IMEI: 353101023722043 Is 8 Days Old Only
    So We Request You To Replace With New Hand Set As A Replacement As Purchase Bill Xerox Copy Attached With This Letter, And We Hope That The Needful Towards This Will Be Done Immediately Without Further Delay,

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  • Ra
    rakesh Oct 25, 2008

    i am completely agree that in india Nokia has only established because of good battery life, else there is no after sales service or anything like this. i have a N73 model which i bought in just one year ago. and till date, i give Rs. 3000 to the damm nokia care center of gurgaon. the mobile works for one or two months and again need for repair, while it is used only by me and never drop or anything like this. the nokia care person never pick the phone and always demand money by showing some technical defaults and told that is not under guarantee.
    i am just fed of the nokia and i always tell my friends that never buy any nokia phone.

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  • Ud
    udibhai dave Oct 30, 2008

    i have purchase nokia 3500 dt 13.9.05 and vibration mode not woking, and send phone to nokia care dt 18.oct 08 my service2job sheet 298343506/08/1018/15 it is under warranty period what is the staus of my phone please give me reply i am not satisfy with your nokiacare service because now is responsible in your job center now one give proper reply

    please do need full

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  • Ps
    P.S. GHOSH May 20, 2009

    i have given my nokia phone for repair to a nokia care centre .they have told me that i will get it back after 15 days but after 1 month also i have not got it back. i am forced to go out of station without a mobile. it is the worst service of the world

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  • Jo
    johnyatif Jul 08, 2009

    hello sir,
    mere pass nokia 5220 model hai abhi 2 month pehle hi karidha tha...lekin aaj uska ringer kharab ho gaya...jab mai dhik karane gaya to customer care walo ne muijhe 1 ganta bitha kar rakha...or jab unhone mujhe dhik karke diya to maine dekha ki mere set ke original ringer nikal liye..mujhe pta aisay chala ki jab maine song chalaya full volume par to awaaj ki unhone aisi taisi kar di matlab itni bekar awaaj aa rahi hai...maano mera maan to kar rha THA ki maio apna set wahi faikh kar aa jao...jab maine unko problem batayi to...wo bhadak uthe or kehne lage jao yaha se or mera set dubara lene se inkaar kar diya plzzzzzzz sir...plzzzzzzzz kuch to jarur karna...mai ambala cantt mai rehta hoo...aap mujhe call bhi kar sakte no, is 09729050255

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  • Ra
    RAVINDRA.R Aug 21, 2009

    hello nokia i hav given ma N81 phone to bangalore nokiacare on 06august for some keypad problem but still i didnt get back ma cell today 21august plz sent back ma phone has soon my service job sheet number 514465550/09806/21

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  • Kk
    K.k.c Aug 21, 2009

    दीअर सर,

    मेरा नाम कौशल कुमार है और मेरे भाई का नाम वीरेंदर कुमार है, मेरे भाई ने एक नोकिया 3110 CLASSIC फ़ोन खरीदा था. ESN/IMEI NUMBER IS 354862025144424. AND PRODUCT CODE IS 0550573.जो पिछले कुछ महीने से ख़राब चल रहा है जिसे मेरा छोटा भाई बार-बार नोकिया केयेर पर बार - बार ठीक करवाने के लिये ले जाता है कुछ और नोकिया केयेर वाले रख लेते है औरदो तीन दिन बाद बुलाते है और जब मेरे भाई जाता है तो कहते है आपका फ़ोन कंपनी गया है दस पन्दरा दिन बाद आना और फिर मेरे भाई दस पन्दरा दिन बाद जाता है तो फ़ोन ठीक होता है और घर जाने के बाद कुछ टाइम बाद फ़ोन में फिर वही खराबी सुरु हो जाती है.फिर उसे दोबारा नोकिया केयर भेजा जाता है और फिर वही प्रोससीजर आपसे अनुरोद है की कृपा करके मेरे छोटे भाई का मोबाइल रिप्लेस करके न्यू नोकिया 3110C भेज दे आपकी अति कृपा होगी . इस मेल के साथ में आपको सर्विस सेंटर JOB SHEET की कार्बन कॉपी भेज रहा हूँ कृपा चेक कर लेना.
    1.फस्ट जाब सीट खो गयी है जिसका नंबर है 106433527/09/0703/14 और तारीख है 10/06/09. 2.दूसरी जाब सीट जिसका नंबर है 106433527/090723/16. और तारीख है 23/07/09. 3. तीसरी जाब सीट जिसका नंबर है 106433527/090813/43. और तारीख है 13/08/09.

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  • Pa
    patil prashant Dec 03, 2009

    my nokia 3500c can not apply any theme pleas give me sugetion

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