Nokia 5300unlimited issues


I have bought a phone from nokia on 9th december 2007. Model number: 5300. This phone has been giving problems from the time I have bought it. 1 week after I bought the phone the display had gone, I could listen to music, click pictures receive. Make calls however could not see anything on the screen. I sent this to nokia repair center and much to my relief got a replacement phone which was unpacked. Now after only a week I got this new *replaced phone, the loud speaker stopped working and I directly called the nokia repair center and they assured a quality check on the phone. After repairing this issue it worked fine for about a month and guess what now again the loud speaker is not working again and the music player is stuck to updating library and doest play!! I know for a fact I will think twice before buying a nokia phone. I have been nokia user and a loyal customer for last 7 years and I am really disappointed now!! I am planning to file a case against nokia the cell has been with me only for about 3 months rest has been in repair and I have wasted my money!


  • Ro
    ron yan May 02, 2007

    With in 30 days purchase the screen had a black spot making it unreadable Tmobile or Nokia will not warranty it. It was not dropped as they are claim. The screen is a poor design the plastic cover over the lcd is to thin.

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  • Ra
    Rahul Goyal Jun 04, 2007

    I have purchased an nokia 5300 last month. But the sound quality and the photo quality of the phone is very poor. I show that phone on the nokia service center, they change the software od the mobile, but still there is no improvement in the mobile.

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  • Am
    Amidd Jun 21, 2007

    Maybe you just have bad luck or something... I actually LOVE this phone THE features are great!!!... Did you buy your phone to be used as a camera??!!! Well HOW much quality could you expect... THAT'S why there are things called DIGITAL CAMERAS... BUT LIKE I SAID I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS PHONE!!

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  • Ja
    Jamie T Jun 30, 2007

    I'm a Nokia owner, in fact I swear by them... until now. I've NEVER had a bad Nokia phone, and I've owned nokia's since my 2160 back in the mid 90's. I purchased a 5300 on April 4th, and by June 29th, I had returned FOUR of the 5300's due to manufacturing defects in the microphone, speakers and slider. I don't know what Nokia did this time around, but they did something wrong when they released this phone. This phone does NOT represent Nokia quality!

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  • Ra
    Randy Barnhart Aug 15, 2007

    Bought the phone afternoon of Aug13, 2007. Screen no longer works on Aug 15, 2007. Phone was not abused. T-Mobile store in Southlands Mall, Aurora, CO would not replace (says it is not covered by 12 month warranty and they say simply carrying the phone in your pocket is abuse). T-Mobile customer service rep was very nice... but not clear if they will stand by what they sale. Nokia 5300 screen appears to very flimsy.

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  • As
    Ashwin Mukund Sep 22, 2007

    Battery back of Nokia 5300 is very less. Gave it for service and was replaced with new battery but problem not solved. Gave again for service they said it is serviced but still problem persists. When I called up customer care they told to give it again for service.

    I am not sure why they don’t want to replace this piece when it has so many problems. They want the customer to struggle for purchasing Nokia product.

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  • Sa
    Saurabh Sharma Oct 29, 2007

    My name is Saurabh Sharma.
    I had given my cellphone on nokia service centre for some repair works as my phone is under warranty period. After due date, when i go to take my cellphone back, what i saw that there are a lot of scratches on my handset. What can i do now. Is there any policy or rules against mishandling of handsets.

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  • Tr
    Trey Oct 30, 2007

    I bought the Nokia 5300 right before i went away to college. after having the phone for not even a week the screen turned to all light colors. When I called a service provider in my college town they informed me I would have to take it back to the store I bought it from and it would be replaced if it was within two weeks from when I bought it. I was unable to make it home due to class schedule with in the two weeks and now Im stuck with a phone that is worthless. You can buy replacement LCD screens but your more than likely better off to just buy a different phone.

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  • Je
    Jeremiah Anelo Nov 12, 2007

    My nokia 5300 has mini receive game file screen display and I can not be heard whenever I make a call, I have change it flexes and mouth piece yet it doesn't work. Please help me with a solution.
    Thank you!

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  • Ro
    Ronald Langat Dec 01, 2007

    The cover locker on my Nokia 5300 came out and it is not because i misuse it. The way i n which the cover locker is made is really bogus it cannot withstand may times of opening, since the spring which provides holding force is thin and rubbery. May someone help me because T mobile say warranty does not cover it.

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  • Ke
    Kellie T Dec 13, 2007

    My Nokia 5300 keeps having problems w/the loud speaker as well. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't. I've already had one replacement and now a month later, I'm about to have another for the exact same reason. Other than that, i absolutely love my phone! I just wish the speaker system was dependable. I rely on phone for an alarm and sometimes the speaker won't make a sound and i oversleep. Very annoying!!!

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  • Sc
    ScottyK Dec 14, 2007

    What a piece of junk this phone turned out to be! Within 2 weeks I break the LCD screen because I had the phone in my pocket. Ok, my bust, I should have taken better care of the phone. I spend the $100 to get the phone repaired and pressed on.

    A couple of weeks later, the music library and media player start to act up. In the music player, it would take 1.5 minutes to 2 minutes to switch between folders. Sometimes the phone would reset itself trying to switch to the music folder. according to the folks at T-Mobile this is a warranty problem, and they agree to exchange it.

    New phone arrives one week later with the music player working perfectly. I happily go about life, until last week as I have the phone in the special phone holder that I bought for it attached to my belt, I happened to lean against a door frame and crack the LCD screen again, resulting in the blob on the screen.

    I liked the idea of an MP3 player and a phone all combined into one, but this phone is just too fragile for daily life. I'm not going to bother repairing this phone again, because according to the various reviews on the internet, it won't be long until something else happens.

    Meanwhile the Motorola V360 I got two years ago is still trucking along. I'll dig that back out and press on.

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  • Vi
    Vince Tassone Feb 09, 2008

    I have purchased two Nokia 5300 and within a few months the screens cracked without any misuse. The phone is very difficult to open and impossible to close properly. There is a serious quality control issue with this phone.

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  • Jo
    josh Apr 23, 2008

    Hey ive had 3 of the phones and im having the same problem with the one i have now. Sometimes the external speaker doesnt work, that means the alarm, speaker phone and music player are all un opperational. I also use the phone as an alarm and this feature is not working at times as well. the customer reps have been understanding and helpful, the good service cant make up for the same problem hapening FOUR times! I really love the phone other then this reaccuring problem, too bad Nokia screwed up with the 5300.

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  • Ch
    chris Jul 14, 2008

    I had the same exact problem with the sound. T-mobile was kind enough to do 3 exchanges within 6 1/2 months (of course charging for shipping and handling everytime). I got fed up with the phone, purchased a different make, so I could ACTUALLY USE the phone that I carried. Phone sat on the counter for 2 weeks and I decided to send it to Nokia (paying for s&h again), got the phone back and it was slightly better. I did what anyone else would and gave up on it. So now it is six months later, and no longer using it (although I LOVED everything except the speaker issue), I decided to sell it, but first I gotta see what the problem is. I tore it completely apart and found the speaker had no sound cone in it. Said Hmmm, that seems odd... Took a small piece of scotch tape and covered the speaker.. HOLY COW!!! It works and actually sounded fair. I decided to take it to the next step and apply some tape on the speaker grille, (located below the battery, under the cover) Now I have the best sound ever from this phone.
    It appears to me that Nokia REMOVED whatever speaker cone material that WAS there. On the repair invoice it stated "made mechanical adjustment" for the repair. If futher instructions are needed, go to after 7/15/08 and I will have directions and pictures posted there.
    Good luck, it's a nice little phone other than the speaker!

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  • Ar
    Aramis Aug 04, 2008

    I have this Nokia 5300 XpressMusic.. I've had a crack on it and nothing appeared 2 happen.. Then a couple of months later, I think i laid on it while it was in my pocket and maybe it made it worse.. After that, I seem to have this big grey colorful spot on it and i cant see what im doing on my phone.. Im able 2 do everything except see what im lookin at and my vibration 2 my phone is broke as well.. I want 2 get a new screen and get it repaired without getn a new phone.. Am I able 2 do that and if so, how can i do so?

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  • Pr
    Pritika Singh Sep 16, 2008

    Respected Sir,
    Well i am a student, doing my engineering.I bought nokia5300 in the first week of may.The cell showed some kind of sound problem.I gave it for repairing to the Nokia priority centre at bhopal.My cell is under waranty.The address NOKIA PRIORITY:Plot no.135, MalviyaNagar, Bhopal-03(M.P).phone :0755-4078728.The staff handed over my cell almost after 15 days, saying that my cell got replaced.But it was sad to see that they had given me someone elses used cell.I hope you will surely take some kind of action or the consumer court doors are always open for us.Its a shame for such a renouned company to have a branch like this.
    thanking you.
    Yours faithfully,
    Pritika Singh.

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  • Od
    odhane Dec 02, 2008

    my mic aint working?? i replaced my mic twice and mic keep on going bad!

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  • An
    Any Nomous Jun 29, 2009

    they have anight mode for videos and pictures but it doesnt do crap it just slows down my phone and when you zoom in on the video you can see all the mega pixels but barely can see the picture

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  • An
    anilk Aug 15, 2009


    Your name: ANIL KUMAR
    Address: 439, HIG PHASE-I, BHEL, RC PURAM, HYDERABAD -32
    Phone model: NOKIA
    Make: 5300 SERIES
    Last used No.: 9908833211
    E-mail for communication: [email protected]
    Missed date: 15.08.2009
    IMEI No.: 355550013399527

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  • Di
    dist Oct 30, 2009

    The phone keeps on discarding Configuration settings for GPRS saying that the memory is full even when the memory is empty.

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  • Dh
    dhrrv Nov 26, 2009

    my mobile phone is stolen between ahemdabad to abu road

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  • Vv
    V V Rajan Feb 10, 2010

    Stolen in my mobile on 02/02/10 and i am sent to mail [email protected] along with my mobile details. Still i am received any responsible for the same.
    So pls check & give me a solution or explanation and please trace my mobile

    Mobile model: Nokia 5300
    Imei No: 358059015799251
    email: [email protected]
    Contact No: 9871117204

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  • vini Coltin Roy Dec 23, 2010

    Dear sir / madam, somebodies theft my mobile

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