NJ Transit / fellow passenger rude and refused to make seat available

New Brunswick, NJ, United States Review updated:

Today April 6th 2011 I got the train to NYC Penn station, from New Brunswick at 10.18A.M the train was very crowded, so I saw a vacant seat and asked if I could sit there first the two african american women sitting there pretended they did'nt hear me then they let me sit, and then they were talking among themselves that I could have picked somewhere else to sit, why not on their right or front, but then one of them actually turned to me and said why I picked that spot why I could'nt pick some where else to sit, so I said if there is seat I can sit anywhere and what if the other person asked me the same question, anyway after two or three times of bullying like this I could'nt take it and got up and screamed at them that I don't know why they are so annoyed that I sat next to them, and left, on my way to the next compartment I noticed the conductor and told him that these two women don't want to make the third seat available to me, so he came with me and asked them to make the seat available, upon which these women said well she left on her own!! actually I explained I did'nt leave on my own I only left because of their badgering, since I was only reacting to her when she said that and immedietely the conductor said that he will send me out of the train if I don't sit right then, as I was creating a scene, well I would'nt have created a scene if not for these rude entitled women who thought they could sit in a three seater row and not share a seat with someone and asked me why don't I go somewhere else!
so I felt the conductor was not being friendly to me when I was the victim here, well anyway hope those women had a really bad day!! thats all I can wish for I guess hope people like that will get what they deserveAnd may be the conductor himself being an african American did'nt think I was a victim or even deserved a chance to explain! why I had to leave my seat and go looking for him if those women had left me in peace I would have gone about my business too...

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  • Fd
      Apr 07, 2011

    Maybe Eric Holder was the conductor.

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  • Ha
      Apr 07, 2011

    response to Zachery why should I left them alone I was making a point if not me someone would have taken the seat they don't own the train I would have left them alone I was trying to complaint to the conductor what they were doing to me after I sat next to them, but he just made me sit there meaning well you got you seat now shut up!!!

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  • Hi
      Apr 15, 2011

    OH MY GOD AFRICAN AMERICANS?!?!?!?!??!?!?!!!

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