NJ Transitbus 507 running before schedule time

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Bus 507 between Ocean City & Atlantic City runs before scheduled time by about 10-15 minutes.
To day 5: 29 time at Shore and Essex Ave, I drop someone at 5:14 PM and still bus did not arrive.
Last week also 6:07 and 7: 09 bus did not arrive from 10 -12 minuutes waiting. Previously also
had similar incident. Do we need to go 30 minutes earlier to get bus? So, then what is the use of bus.

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      Apr 17, 2012

    Similar complaint about the last bus 986 from Summit this morning, scheduled to leave at 9:14. I arrived at 9:12, while the bus driver was trying to leave. I pointed out that he was leaving early; he claimed that his analog watch said it was 9:14. I double-checked my iPhone clock, set via the network, and asked all the passengers if any of their phones disagreed; none did. (AT&T does not always have accurate time, but its alarm was within a second of my home computer's this morning, and I just checked it against my internet provider's time, which also agreed to within a second.) The driver still insisted on leaving at 9:13; I took a phone from the bus, with timestamp 9:13 and a GPS fix, if anyone is interested.

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