NJ Transit / employee

United States

Every morning I take the train from Dunellen to union. This morning (10/30) @ 7:54am when I boarded the train on the 7683 car the same person came to collect my ticket. I had forgotten my monthly pass in another bag at home so I proceeded to buy one off the app on my phone that literally takes 10 seconds to do. He screamed at me saying "you should have done that before you got on the train!" And walked away..super humiliating and unprofessional. As he came back around to check th ticket I bought on my phone my foot was resting in the seat in front of me and said "do you wanna watch your foot?" Again, extremely rude and unprofessional. Every day he has an attitude like this, it's just today that I've had enough.

Oct 30, 2017

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