NJ Transit / disgruntled and unprofessional fare collector

Hi there,
Hope this finds you well. I am currently on the nj Transit northeast corridor train which has left New Brunswick station at 8:01. When my fare was collected I had my Ticket out for inspection. I normally travel from dunellen so my ticket is dunellen to nyPenn. With an attitude, your female conductor raised her voice demanding my ticket. I showed her my monthly pass which was situated in my hand. SHe told me I owed her $2.00 and some change. Surprised to me since I distinctly remember nb commuting as less expensive than dunellen I kindly asked for the cost of the one way ticket from nb which she blew off, demanding I pay the fee. I paid the money to which she had to give change. She simply held her hand out with my change not making an effort to lean forward so I could easily grab it (across another passenger seated next to me) I had to lean forward and grab like any person would. this is when she told me "you don't have to snatch it lady" I commented that I was leaning over. She gave me the receipt in the same manner without making any effort so I had to lean again. She comments again " you don't have to snatch. You're so rude". As a paying customer for the past 5 years of NJ TRANSIT I expect for your workers to treat your passengers with my respect and kindness. Her behavior was unacceptable and I will Be escalating this complaint as I do not feel safe nor comfortable knowing you are employing workers who are calling your paying customers rude - and trying to teach a lesson when they are in the wrong. Greatly would appreciate a response at your earliest.

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Nov 15, 2017

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