Nj transit bus 186 / not letting waiting passengers in

United States

Today 12/15/15 at 6:05 pm, I ran to catch the 186 bus going to nj. The bus doors were closed and the driver refused to open the door even though there were only 3 people left waiting and anyway the bus had left the GWB terminal yet or even moved from its spot where it had been letting passengers in. The bus was not full or overflowing and had plenty of room for more passengers. Now since the terminal is not organized, we have no clue where the next bus will stop... At stop A? B, C, D???? Seriously unfair to those passengers who have been waiting at the beginning of a line who cab suddenly end up at the end of the line if the bus stops somewhere else!! You charge so much money yet treat passengers a crap even though we riding the transit lines are also what gives you all jobs... How unfortunate that this behavior happens always even through the holiday season. Yesterday my colleague and I were forced to drive to work because the 186 refused to stop even though my colleague was at the corner waving him down right next to the stop ( s Washington ave and elm street) . I get on at the armory and really wanted to give a peace of my mind to the driver who ignored my colleague at the elm st stop but I didn't... Thinking what good is it going to leave me with ? High blood pressure? It's so sad that the system is so awful and we have to pay so much for crappy service. All the mean drivers all I wish for you is the same courted you bestow on others. Happy Holidays!

Dec 15, 2015

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