NJ Transit / bus #123

United States

The date is October 21st and the time is 8:05pm. I am just now boarding a bus and stood in line starting at 6:55pm. Three buses were suppose to come from 7pm to 8pm...only 2 showed up. To top it off they came back to back so the second bus driver did not pull up to correct gate after the first bus loaded. Instead like an insensitive jerk he pulled up to gate behind and ALL the people who had not been waiting nearly as long in line onto the bus first. It is not as if both buses started loading at once either. The first bus literally was pulling away as he pulled there was NO reason for heartless and cold decision accept for the fact that this person clearly does not care about doing the right thing. So needless to say...I made neither bus inspite of the fact that I was 3 people short from the cut off on the first bus that pulled up. This is a disgrace and it ALWAYS happens on a Sunday!!! Either more buses for us who live in this neighborhood or at the very least could you train drivers to do the right thing and practice gate consistency?

Oct 21, 2018

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