NJ Transit — 72 bus driver who drives 9:25am bus saturdays

I have been taking the 72 bus for over 17 years and this year is my 2nd complaint. The 72 bus driver who picks up on Saturdays at 9:25am from Paterson bus terminal was late on April 29, 2017 making late to a job I just started. May 6, 2017 the same bus driver had the 72 bus parked on the side at the bus terminal. I as well as other customers watched him board the bus before 9:25am but did NOT pull up to the boarding area until 9:38am. As I boarded the bus, I asked him what time does the bus pick up and he reacted in very negative, disrespectful manner, telling me to keep it moving without answering my question. I responded saying he was late again. As I was leaving the bus I told him I was going to report him for making me late for work 2 times.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Paterson, NJHe responded to say for me to do what I got to do. May 13, 2017 me and a friend got into an argument with the bus driver for being disrespectful to me and inconsiderate to people having to get to there destinations on time. He became irate, offered to fight my friend, called someone on his cell phone and said that because of the disagreement he was not going to work. My friend left the scene. The bus driver threatened me saying that I will never ride the bus he drives again. The lady attendant came out to interviene, but didn't listen to my side. So she took sides with the bus driver, let everyone else get on the bus and blocked​ me from getting on. I told her if she let me on, I will not say a word to the bus driver, I just want to get to work. She said NO. I had to get an Uber to work.

May 15, 2017

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