Nikeemployee arrogance

10 minutes before the store closed down, I entered the Nike Clearance Store in Valencia, CA. I went to the women's section and I saw this pair of air force 1 shoes which my daughter really liked. There was an employee in the aisle where I was and I asked for an assistance to locate a size 7 or 7.5. She pulled her device to scanned the box of the shoes and she told me that there was a size 7 "somewhere around." Excited I started looking for the pair of shoes.

While I was looking for the shoes another employee came and told me - almost in a yelling manner, that "the store was closed. "I told her that I was just looking for the shoes I want and I am gone. She asked me which shoes was it and I handed her the box and she again scanned it. She told me that there was no size 7. I told her that one of the employees just told me based on her scanner that there was a size 7. She replied: "She was not being accurate with you." I said, "So you are telling me that your co-worker lied to me?" She said: "I apologize on her behalf". I reminded her that it was not nice to talk bad about another worker. She then replied: "If you have any issues I can call the manager. "I said sure. She then told me, "Will you come with me in the front so you can talk to the manager". I refused. I told her, "Tell you manager to come over here". She then replied, "They cannot come here because they are busy.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Valencia, CA" I told her, "Why are you contradicting yourself? Why do you want me to talk to someone who were busy? She then replied in a loud voice: "Do you have a problem with me? I said yes! She then said, "Do not come close to me because you are threatening me! " I was approximately two feet away from her when we were talking and she continued to be disrespectful to me. All I did was take a step forward because she was already yelling at me. If she had only agreed to my request nothing further could have escalated.

There were two customers and an employee who witnessed our argument, However, none of them saw her demeanor towards me nor heard how she disrespected me as well. Let me enumerate here arrogant and disrespectful behavior:
1. When she reminded me that the store was already closed. Her voice was already loud and her tone was as if she has to kick me out of the store even if I was about to get the merchandise I want. As far as I know, they have to honor and respect my presence there because I came in before the store hours closed.
2. By calling her co-worker a liar.
3. By giving me conflicting statement about getting the manager on the floor where all of them were busy.
4. By asking me if I have a problem with her.
5. By not treating me with dignity and respect as a customer. My understanding about workplace violence is that you have to avoid confrontation. If you are faced with a difficult client, do not take it upon yourself to diffuse the situation. Respectfully leave the area and call your manager. She did not do any of those. Instead, she tried to confront me by asking me if "Do you have a problem with me" Statement. Those are considered threatening words to me.

Nov 25, 2018

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